Maximizing Productivity: 2-Day Advanced Time Management Certificate Program for HR Leaders, Managers, and Supervisors

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Time Mastery: Unleash Your Leadership Potential and Conquer Your Workday

Continuing Education Credits:

  • HRCI – 14 HR(General) Credits
  • SHRM – 14 PDC’s

Schedule: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Eastern Time on Both Days (Detailed Agenda Below)

Tired of feeling like time is your enemy? As a leader in your organization, you know the pressure – deadlines loom, meetings pile up, and your inbox overflows. But what if you could turn the tables? Imagine mastering time, not the other way around. That’s what our Maximizing Productivity: 2-Day Advanced Time Management Certificate Program for HR Leaders, Managers, and Supervisors offers.

Day 1 is your bootcamp in mastery. Unleash your inner time warrior as you dissect your current habits, transform time-wasters into productivity power-ups, and craft bulletproof schedules that work for you. Learn to prioritize like a pro, harness the magic of technology, and banish procrastination with proven strategies. By the end of Day 1, you’ll have a personalized time-management blueprint – your secret weapon for a smoother, more focused workday.

Day 2 is your deep dive into leadership excellence. We’ll explore advanced strategies for conquering complex projects, navigating change like a pro, and thriving under pressure. Whether you’re an HR hero juggling recruitment and payroll, or a management marvel driving team performance, we’ve got you covered with industry-specific solutions. Find your sweet spot between work and life, cultivate mindfulness for inner strength, and discover the power of emotional intelligence in your time management journey.

Our Time Management Certificate Program is an invaluable investment in your professional development and the future of your organization. By equipping you with the knowledge and skills to navigate time management effectively, you will empower your workforce to embrace new strategies and initiatives, fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability.

Join us and discover the transformative power of effective time management!

“The more efficient we become, the more time we have to spend on the important things in life.” – Jim Loehr

Why Attend the Training Program

Our 2-Day Maximizing Productivity Time Management Certificate Program is more than just a program, it’s a transformation. It’s your chance to:

  • Become a productivity powerhouse, achieving more in less time.
  • Slash stress and reclaim your work-life balance.
  • Boost your leadership skills and inspire your team.
  • Develop personalized strategies for continuous improvement.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive: Covers all aspects of time management, from fundamentals to advanced techniques.
  • Tailored: Offers specialized modules for HR professionals, managers, supervisors, and different industries.
  • Actionable: Provides practical skills and tools for immediate implementation.
  • Engaging: Features interactive sessions, exercises, and case studies.
  • Technology-focused: Explores digital tools and techniques for enhanced efficiency.
  • Personal development: Includes mindfulness, stress management, and work-life balance strategies.

Program Objectives

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the complexities of Time Management.
  2. Boost your leadership and productivity.
  3. Thrive in a dynamic world and advance your career by earning a certificate.

Topics Covered

  1. Understanding Time Management: Welcome to your transformational journey towards time mastery! This module lays the groundwork for becoming a true leader of your time, equipped to conquer your workday, empower your team, and achieve your goals. By the end of this module, you’ll have a solid understanding of time management principles and possess a personalized toolkit to tackle your daily challenges with newfound confidence. You’ll be ready to dive deeper into advanced techniques and industry-specific applications in the following modules of our 2-Day Maximizing Productivity program.
  2. The Art of Scheduling: Module 2 elevates you from a time management novice to a maestro of scheduling and organization. Here, you’ll transform your daily chaos into a harmonious symphony of productivity through strategic planning, powerful tools, and effective delegation. By the end of this module, you’ll have transcended the chaos and transformed into a master of planning and organization. You’ll be able to structure your day for optimal productivity and delegate effectively.
  3. Technology and Time Management: Now, it’s time to leverage technology for optimal time management. This module is equipping you to thrive in today’s digital landscape. You’ll be navigating the digital world with ease and using technology to your advantage. You’ll be equipped to maintain cybersecurity awareness, and constantly refine your time management practices. While leveraging technology to your advantage, you will also be freeing up valuable time for strategic thinking and leadership.
  4. Productivity and Time Management: Now, it’s time to ignite your productivity engine and conquer the nemesis of time management: procrastination. This module is your rocket fuel, propelling you to achieve more in less time and reach your full potential. By the end of this module, you’ll have smashed through procrastination, minimized distractions, and cultivated a laser focus that propels you toward peak productivity. You’ll be able to work smarter, not harder, and achieve more with less time and stress.
  5. The Role of Communication in Time Management: Having conquered your productivity, this module focuses on harnessing the power of communication and collaboration to drive time-efficient teamwork and organizational success. This module is your bridge to building a time-conscious, collaborative culture where everyone thrives. You’ll be a master communicator and collaborator, able to lead your team toward shared goals toward time-saving efficiency and cultural sensitivity.
  6. Managing Remote Work and Time Management:  Now, it’s time to conquer the unique challenges of remote work and leverage technology for optimal time management. This module is your remote productivity toolkit. You’ll be a remote productivity master. You’ll be equipped to lead your remote team to success.
  7. Employee Development and Performance: As a time-mastery leader, you understand the impact your efficiency has on your team. Now, it’s time to leverage your skills to empower your team members for peak performance and growth. This module is your team development toolbelt, offering strategies to motivate, mentor, and cultivate a thriving work environment. You will learn how to be an empowering leader who cultivates a thriving team environment where every member is equipped to manage their time effectively and achieve their full potential. Your understanding of employee well-being and focus on development will fuel high motivation, increased productivity, and a positive work culture that thrives on change and embraces growth.
  8. Leadership and Decision Making: You’ve conquered remote work, mastered communication, and built a time-conscious team. Now, it’s time to ascend to the next level and become a truly effective leader, leveraging time management to drive strategic decision-making and navigate any challenge with confidence. This module is your leadership launchpad, propelling you towards peak performance and impactful results. You’ll learn to be a time-managing leader empowered to make swift, strategic decisions, navigate challenges with resilience, and inspire your team to achieve their full potential. You’ll understand the ethical considerations of time management in a leadership role, ensuring your decisions align with your values and drive positive change.
  9. Personal Development: As you reach the culmination of Day 1, it’s time to shift the focus inward. Now, it’s time to harness the power of effective time management to optimize your well-being, unlock your full potential, and sustain your success both inside and outside work. This module is your growth compass, guiding you towards a balanced and fulfilling life. You’ll be equipped with the tools and knowledge to become a well-rounded individual who not only manages time effectively but also prioritizes well-being, embraces personal growth, and sustains success in all areas of life. You’ll understand the interconnectedness of professional productivity and personal fulfillment, allowing you to lead a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.
  10. Time Management Myths and Misconceptions: In this opening module, we’ll shed light on common time management myths and misconceptions holding you back from peak efficiency. By debunking these false beliefs and learning strategies for effective execution, you’ll gain a clear and practical vision for mastering your time in the real world. You’ll be equipped with a myth-busting arsenal and actionable strategies to crush productivity roadblocks, maximize your efficiency, and conquer any task with laser focus. You’ll leave behind the myths and misconceptions and embrace a proven approach to time management that fuels your success in both your personal and professional life.
  11. Advanced Time Management Concepts: Prepare to turbocharge your efficiency with advanced time management concepts and strategies. This module is your productivity vault, packed with tools to optimize your time under any circumstance. You will learn to be a time management maestro, equipped to handle complex situations, navigate change with confidence, and optimize your efficiency in any environment. You’ll understand the power of emotional intelligence and advanced delegation, and be able to adapt your strategies to conquer distractions and maximize your time.
  12. Specialized Topics for HR Professionals: Let’s focus on your specific superpowers as an HR professional. This module is your HR Time Management Toolkit, equipping you with strategies to optimize your time across all facets of your crucial role. By the end of this module, you’ll be an HR time management champion, able to juggle diverse responsibilities, uphold legal and ethical standards, and navigate complex situations with clarity and efficiency. You’ll understand how to prioritize employee well-being while achieving departmental goals, making you a true advocate for a positive and productive work environment.
  13. Specialized Topics for Managers and Supervisors: Let’s hone your time management skills as a leader. This module is your Management Time Mastery Toolkit, equipping you with strategies to optimize your time while building strong, effective teams and driving successful results. You will learn how to be a team-oriented time management leader, able to build a cohesive and productive team, allocate resources strategically, and navigate diverse needs within your group. You’ll understand how to foster innovation while upholding deadlines and become a master negotiator of both tasks and schedules.
  14. Industry-Specific Time Management: This module is your Industry-Specific Time Toolkit, equipping you with strategies tailored to the specific challenges and opportunities of your field. You will learn a time management master tailor-made for a particular industry, able to optimize workflows, prioritize tasks, and achieve organization goals within the specific context of a certain professional field. Remember, time management isn’t one-size-fits-all. This module provides you with the flexibility and knowledge to adapt your skills to your specific industry, ensuring you become a time management champion in your chosen field.
  15. Creatives & Entrepreneurs Time Management: As we wrap up this efficiency journey, let’s explore the unique time management needs of entrepreneurs and creative minds. This module is your Creative Time Toolkit, equipping you to conquer deadlines, fuel inspiration, and build your dream without sacrificing precious hours. Remember, time management is not about fitting into a mold; it’s about creating a system that works for you. This module celebrates the unique challenges and rewards of being a creative entrepreneur, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to build a fulfilling career and life that reflects your passion and purpose.
  16. Program Wrap-Up and Implementation: In the final module of your Efficiency Mastery you will translate your newfound knowledge into lasting action and ensure time management skills continue to evolve. This module is your Time Management Launchpad, propelling you toward a future of optimized productivity and well-being. By the end of this training, you will be more than just a time management practitioner; you’ll be a certified Time Management Master! You’ll possess a personalized plan, the confidence to implement it, and the skills to continuously refine your efficiency as you move forward. You’ll be equipped to inspire your team, champion efficiency within your organization, and thrive in any situation that life throws your way.

In the 2-Day Maximizing Productivity: Certificate Program each topic is designed to build upon the previous, providing a comprehensive and detailed understanding of Advanced Time Management, critical for any HR Professionals, Managers, and Supervisors, looking to advance their career and make a significant impact in their organization.

Target Audience

  • Mid to Senior-Level Managers: Professionals responsible for overseeing teams and projects who need to balance multiple responsibilities efficiently.
  • Human Resource Professionals: HR personnel looking to improve their time management skills for better workforce planning and management.
  • Team Leaders and Supervisors: Individuals in leadership roles need to optimize their time to effectively manage teams and workflows.
  • Project Managers: Professionals who coordinate and execute projects, requiring excellent time management to meet deadlines and budget constraints.
  • Administrative and Executive Assistants: Staff who manage schedules and priorities for executives and need to be adept at managing time effectively.
  • Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Individuals who manage multiple aspects of their business and need to maximize productivity.
  • Freelancers and Consultants: Self-employed professionals who must efficiently manage their time to balance multiple client demands.
  • Healthcare Professionals: Doctors, nurses, and administrators in the healthcare sector who face time-sensitive responsibilities.
  • Educators and Academic Administrators: Teachers, professors, and school administrators who need to manage their time effectively for teaching, administration, and research.
  • Legal Professionals: Lawyers and paralegals who must handle multiple cases and clients simultaneously.
  • Financial Advisors and Accountants: Professionals in finance who need to manage their time for client meetings, analysis, and reporting.
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals: Individuals in fast-paced sales and marketing roles who must juggle client interactions, campaigns, and targets.
  • IT Professionals and Developers: Tech professionals who need to manage time while dealing with complex projects and tight deadlines.
  • Government Officials and Public Service Employees: People working in government or public service roles who need to manage their time effectively amidst bureaucratic procedures.
  • Non-Profit Organizers and Activists: Individuals in the non-profit sector balancing fundraising, administration, and program management.
  • Event Planners and Coordinators: Professionals who plan and execute events and need to manage time effectively to ensure successful outcomes.
  • Customer Service Managers: Those in charge of customer service teams who need to efficiently manage time to address customer needs and service targets.
  • Research Scientists and Analysts: Professionals in research and analysis who must allocate time effectively between fieldwork, data analysis, and reporting.
  • Graduate Students and Academic Researchers: Students and researchers who need to manage their time for studies, research projects, and dissertations.
  • Anyone Seeking Improved Productivity: Individuals across various fields looking to enhance their time management skills for personal and professional growth.


Day 1:

10:00 am – 11:00 am: Understanding Time Management: Definition and Importance

  • Introduction to Time Management
  • The Psychology Behind Time Management
  • Time Management for HR Professionals
  • Setting Professional and Personal Goals
  • Setting Realistic Goals: Short-term and Long-term
  • How to make CLEAR objectives
  • Prioritizing Tasks Effectively
  • Understanding: Urgent vs. Important
  • Prioritization Techniques for Busy Professionals
  • Overcoming Common Time Management Challenges
  • The Role of Discipline in Effective Time Management
  • Building and Maintaining Focus
  • Strategies for Staying Focused

11:00 am – 11:30 pm: The Art of Scheduling: Planning and Organization

  • Creating a Daily Action Plan
  • Mastering the To-Do Lists: Making Them Work for You
  • Strategic Planning for HR and Management Tasks
  • Organizing Workflows for Efficiency
  • Delegation Skills: When and How to Delegate Effectively
  • Techniques for Delegating Tasks Effectively
  • Balancing Reactive vs. Proactive Management
  • Utilizing Digital Tools for Time Management
  • Project Time Management: Tools and Techniques

11:30am – 12:15pm Technology and Time Management The Role of Technology in Time Management

  • Leveraging Technology for Efficiency
  • Utilizing Digital Tools for Time Management
  • Project Time Management: Tools and Techniques
  • Tools for Time Management
  • Time Tracking and Analysis
  • Performance Analysis and Time Management
  • Time Management Tools and Software for Teams
  • Cybersecurity and Time Management

12:15 am – 12:30 pm: Break

12:30 pm – 1:00 pm: Productivity and Time Management: Productivity Enhancement

  • Overcoming Common Time Wasters
  • Identifying and Minimizing Time Wasters
  • Overcoming Procrastination: Strategies and Tools
  • Techniques to Avoid Procrastination
  • The Eisenhower Matrix for Prioritization
  • The Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule) in Time Management
  • The Pomodoro Technique for Productivity
  • Time Blocking for Focused Work Sessions
  • Managing Work Overload and Burnout
  • Coping with Information Overload
  • Creating a Productive Workspace

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm: The Role of Communication in Time Management

  • Effective Communication for Time Savings
  • Email Management Strategies
  • Meeting Management: Planning and Execution
  • Managing Meetings and Agendas Efficiently
  • Time Management in Team Collaboration
  • Team Time Management: Strategies for Collaborative Efficiency
  • The Role of HR in Promoting Time Management Skills
  • Conflict Resolution and Time Management
  • Building a Time-Conscious Team Culture
  • Time Management in Agile Environments
  • Cultural Considerations in Time Management
  • Time Management in a Multicultural Environment

2:00 pm – 2:30 pm: Managing Remote Work and Time Management

  • Time Management for Remote Work
  • Time Management Strategies for Remote Teams
  • Leveraging Technology for Time Management
  • Digital vs. Analog Time Management Tools
  • Overcoming the Challenges of Remote Supervision
  • Establishing Clear Remote Work Policies

2:30 pm – 3:00 pm: Lunch

3:00 pm – 3:30 pm: Employee Development and Performance

  • Time Management in Employee Training and Development
  • Monitoring and Evaluating Employee Performance
  • Conducting Efficient Performance Reviews
  • Time Management in Employee Onboarding
  • Succession Planning and Time Allocation
  • Enhancing Productivity through Employee Well-being
  • Leveraging Peak Productivity Hours
  • Managing Energy for Peak Performance
  • Boundary Setting for Better Time Management
  • Time Management for Career Development
  • Feedback Mechanisms for Time Management

3:30 pm – 4:00 pm: Leadership and Decision Making

  • The Importance of Time Management in Leadership Roles
  • Decision-Making Strategies for Efficient Management
  • Time Management for Strategic Leadership
  • Strategic Planning and Time Management
  • Building Resilience in Time Management
  • Crisis Management and Time Prioritization
  • Ethics and Time Management in Leadership
  • Decision-Making Skills for Better Time Utilization

4:15 pm – 4:30 pm: Break

4:30 pm – 6:00 pm: Personal Development

  • Assessing Your Time Management Skills
  • Work-Life Balance and Time Management
  • Work-Life Balance Strategies
  • Work-Life Balance for Managers and HR Professionals
  • Stress Management Techniques and Time Allocation
  • Mindfulness and Time Management
  • Mindfulness Techniques for Better Focus
  • Mindfulness and Time Management
  • Building Personal Resilience and Flexibility
  • Continuous Professional Development and Time Allocation
  • Sleep and Time Management
  • Diet, Exercise, and Efficient Time Use
  • Personal Development and Continuous Improvement

Day 2:

10:00 am – 11:30 am: Time Management Myths and Misconceptions

  • Breaking Down Large Tasks
  • The Myth of Multitasking
  • Multitasking: Pros and Cons

11:30 am – 12:15 pm: Advanced Time Management Concepts

  • Time Management in Change Management
  • Project Management Techniques for HR and Supervisors
  • Managing Time Under Pressure
  • The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Time Management
  • Advanced Delegation for Time Optimization
  • Managing Distractions and Interruptions
  • Adapting Time Management Strategies in Changing Environments
  • Techniques for Speed Reading

12:15 am – 12:30 pm: Break

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm: Specialized Topics for HR Professionals

  • Time Management in Recruitment and Hiring
  • Managing Time in Employee Relations Issues
  • Time Management for Payroll Processing
  • Legal Compliance and Time Efficiency
  • Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives and Time Management
  • Employee Engagement Strategies and Time Allocation
  • Financial Planning and Time Management
  • Legal Aspects of Time Management
  • Ethical Considerations in Time Management

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm: Specialized Topics for Managers and Supervisors

  • Time Management in Team Building Activities
  • Managing Multigenerational Teams
  • Time Management in Performance Improvement Plans
  • Strategic Resource Allocation
  • Innovation and Time Management
  • Time Management in Project Management
  • Negotiation Skills and Time Management

2:30 pm – 3:00 pm: Lunch

3:00 pm – 3:30 pm: Industry-Specific Time Management

  • Time Management in Manufacturing and Production
  • Time Management in Healthcare Settings
  • Retail Management and Time Efficiency
  • Time Management for IT Managers
  • Time Management in Education and Training
  • Time Management in Sales
  • Time Management in Customer Service
  • Time Management for Students and Academic

3:30 pm – 4:15 pm: Creatives & Entrepreneurs Time Management

  • Time Management for Entrepreneurs
  • The Concept of Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • Personal Branding and Time Management
  • Networking and Time Management
  • Negotiation Skills and Time Constraints

4:15 pm – 4:30 pm: Break

4:30 pm – 6:00 pm: Program Wrap-Up and Implementation

  • Self-Assessment: Identifying Your Time Management Style
  • Creating a Personalized Time Management Plan
  • Implementing Time Management Strategies in Your Role
  • Sharing Best Practices with Your Team
  • Measuring the Impact of Improved Time Management
  • Continuous Improvement in Time Management Skills
  • Final Q&A and Program Evaluation

Throughout the two days, you will engage in interactive exercises, case studies, and group discussions to apply the concepts and frameworks to real-world scenarios. You will also have the opportunity to network with peers and share experiences to enhance your learning experience on Time Management.

This program will give you the tools and guides to build your confidence that will help you be more efficient at Time Management for your professional and organization’s development by:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Time management skills are essential for maximizing productivity. Learning to effectively manage time can lead to completing tasks more efficiently, allowing leaders to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Improved Decision-Making: Time management training helps in prioritizing tasks and making informed decisions quickly, reducing the risk of decision fatigue that often plagues busy professionals.
  • Better Work-Life Balance: Mastering time management enables professionals to delineate between work and personal life more effectively, reducing stress and preventing burnout.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a certified advanced time management expert and elevate your career to new heights. HR professionals, managers, and supervisors should join our Advanced Time Management Certificate Program and transform themselves into a catalysts for organizational success.

Enroll Today and Become an Efficiency Mastery: Advanced Time Management Leader!

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