HR News Break

Congratulations to our most recent participants who passed their Certification Exams!

Robert Parker Jr., MPS, SPHR

Elga’s knowledge and guidance throughout the SPHR preparation process was invaluable. Her understanding of the body of knowledge and her instructional skills enable her clients to learn the material and more importantly, apply the concepts to human resource situations. I would recommend Elga to anyone who is preparing for the PHR or SPHR certification.

Melinda Tipton, SPHR

I would recommend attending Elga’s 1-week PHR/SPHR prep course. It was the perfect way for me to prepare for the test. I was able to escape my normally hectic life and focus my attention on my career goals for five days. Elga was very knowledgeable as well as entertaining. I scheduled my test date for shortly after the class and I PASSED the test!

Blake Brown, FPC, PHR

I took Elga’s week long PHR/SPHR certification prep class and a week later passed my test!!! She is very high energy and gives you a great foundation. Definitely recommend her class to strengthen your knowledge before the test.

Gina Lopez PHR, FPC

I attended Elga’s class in Los Angeles at the end of January 2018. So excited to say I passed the PHR test! Her class provided all the essential tools needed to pass the exam. Elga’s tips and materials prepare you fully to take the test. Her course is easy to follow and entertaining! I found the test not to be as difficult as I thought it was going to be. Due to Elga’s teachings you have all the resources needed to be successful. Thank you Elga!

Shari (Kroningold) Hahn, PHR

I recently attended Elga’s PHR/SPHR exam and recently passed the exam. I would without a doubt recommend her class to anyone looking to take one of these exams. She is a wealth of knowledge and genuinely cares about you understanding the material, doing well and passing. She is very patient and brings a lot of enthusiasm to her class which I really appreciated. While the course was an intense 5 days, she made it enjoyable and was extremely engaging. The classes are small which made for a positive learning environment. I would recommend Elga – she knows her stuff!

Amber Evaro, PHR

I took my PHR Exam just 4 short days after I attended Elga’s Exam Prep Workshop and passed! Elga is an amazing instructor and all around great human being. It is EXTREMELY important to her that others succeed in really anything that they do. I was amazed that she took such a huge body of knowledge and was able to cover and help actually retain the information she was teaching. When I felt overwhelmed, she reassured me with confidence that we would cover all the material needed and she kept her promise! As soon as I began the exam, I smiled, answers were coming to me with confidence and ease. I think the most unique thing about her course is that not only does she teach you the knowledge and concepts, she really helps you understand how to take the exam. I would recommend this workshop to anyone including someone who has very little HR Experience or knowledge. Thank you Elga!! next stop, SPHR!

Nicola White, PHR

Elga, I just took the PHR exam and passed!!! I attended your workshop in Nashville at the end of August and finally felt confident enough to take the exam. The resources you gave to me really helped prepare me for the exam. The process was intimidating, but the exam was not as difficult as I thought it would be, because I was thoroughly prepared! I’m now going to start preparing for the SPHR certification. I hope to make it to your next Nashville workshop! You’re awesome!

Lauren Ryerson, SPHR

I took Elga’s PHR/SPHR course in October 2017 and it was incredible! Not only did I learn a ton, but I felt really confident in taking the SPHR exam after the course. I am usually not a good test taker, but Elga is a wonderful instructor and so knowledgeable in the HR world that she really helped calm my nerves. She will help you in any way that she can and can answer any question. She gives you great tips on what to watch for in the exam, what material will most likely be on the exam that you should focus on, and a TON of study materials to use and review after the course. I had a wonderful experience and I really and truly think anyone who is going for their PHR or SPHR should spend the time and money and take Elga’s course. You will not regret it! I am also happy to say that I passed the SPHR exam in November 2017! THANK YOU ELGA!!!

Veronica Reveron, PHR

Elga is the best on what she does. I participated in one of her 5 days workshop to get ready for my PHR Exam. She not only gave us all the materials and and all the practice exams but she also shared with us all her knowledge and experiences in all the subjects. I’ll definitely recommend her to anyone looking to have the best and more complete PHR/SPHR workshop possible. I passed my PHR test on the first try. Thanks Elga!

Audra Augustin, PHR

I’m happy to say after attending Elga’s PHR/SPHR 5-day workshop, and receiving the training materials to study for my PHR exam, I passed on my first attempt! I would definitely recommend her workshop for those wanting to obtain their certification. She is extremely thorough and knowledgeable because she has real world experience. Elga is also very encouraging and makes the learning experience fun. Thank you Elga!

David Lilly

I have just about completed Elga’s training on employment law. I must say this may be the best training I’ve ever attended. Elga is such a good communicator and she has wonderful presentation skills. She makes the training very interesting. When I was told I needed to attend this training my first thought was I don’t have time for more boring training on employment law. It didn’t take long the first day for Elga to have my complete attention. This lady is amazing, she knows what she’s talking about because she’s lived it. I would highly recommend any training that she is offering. Thanks Elga.

Melissa Evans, PHR

Elga creates a learning experience that is for all types of learners. Her positive upbeat energy is contagious and you will remember information she presents. I had the opportunity to attend Elga’s PHR/SPHR Exam Prep Workshop in October of 2017, and have bragged about Elga’s extensive knowledge of Human Resources to all of my peers practicing HR since leaving her class. I am truly confident in stating I am a Human Resources Professional because of the knowledge and tools Elga shared with me. Most of all I appreciate the passion Elga has for everything she does, she followed up with me after her class to make sure I was studying and keeping a positive attitude. Elga was the first one to call and congratulate me after I received my preliminary PASS results a week after her Workshop. Elga genuinely wants others to succeed and follow their passion in life. I would recommend getting to know Elga, she is an amazing person!

Crystal L.B. (Bagnardi) McBride, SPHR

I highly recommend Elga’s PHR/SPHR course to all HR professionals aspiring to achieve their certifications. Elga’s passion for HR and her ability to relate study material topics to real world HR situations was instrumental in my preparation for the SPHR exam. She has helpful and mindful tips and learning tricks to help students grasp and retain the information presented in her seminar. Because of Elga’s effective teaching methods I was able to pass the SPHR exam (my first attempt) 3 days after completing her course. Thank you, Elga!

Dr. David W. Guess, CDS, SPHR

Rarely would one find a formal written endorsement from me regarding testimonials. I try and only do this when I feel the person is clearly above and beyond in their professionalism and ability to influence others through their leadership.

One such person, Elga Lejarza of Lejarza HR Consulting is a person of influence in the field of human resources. In May of 2017, I attended the SPHR preparatory course led by Elga. I routinely refer to this course as a “Total Emersion Course.”

The course is designed with one primary goal: to successfully navigate and pass the rigorous SPHR exam. You will not have a single wasted moment with Elga, every minute of her workshops is spent with you, the client, and your success. Upon completion of this “emersion experience,” I sat for the SPHR exam in Lexington, KY. one week later. Result: PASS! It is with great pleasure and deserved distinction that I personally recommend Lejarza HR Consulting.

In my opinion, Elga has no competition at her level; there are just other people teaching PHR/SPHR courses.

Thank you, Elga. You represent our profession in a mighty way.
Dr. David W. Guess, SPHR.

Coleen Stelter, SHRM-CP

I took Elga’s 5 day SHPR/PHR Certification prep class in March 2016. Elga is extremely knowledgeable and communicates very well – her method of teaching isn’t just reading she give examples from her vast experience which makes learning so much easier if you can apply to a real life situation. Her passion for the field of HR is addicting. I would highly recommend this class to anyone pursuing their SPHR/PHR Certificate. Everything you need to pass is in this class – and with such a great teacher you can’t fail! I took the test May 16, 2016 and passed! THANK YOU ELGA!

Patricia Jacobson, PHR

Thank you Elga for hosting the 5 day PHR/SPHR prep class. The training and materials you supply were so helpful in passing my exam. You are so passionate about helping people advance their knowledge. If anyone is struggling with studying please check out all the options Elga and Mike offer. They have a program that could fit your schedule like week long class or evening 8 week webinar and more. Again thank you so much.
Patricia Jacobson, PHR (look at those lovely letters after my name😀)

Ray Brewster, SPHR

I recently completed the SPHR certification process, and truly believe the training Elga gave me was the primary reason I was able to pass the test. I would recommend her training program to anyone who is seeking their HR certification as the lecture, training material and practice tests will prepare you to meet the challenge. Thank you Elga. I could not have done it without your help.

Tamara Lawrence, SPHR

Elga, Great news! I am so excited… I passed the SPHR exam on Friday! Your webinars were very instrumental! Your dedication to preparing others for this exam, as well as having a keen interest in our professional development, is outstanding! I will be sure to recommend my colleagues! Thanks again!

Christina Reising, PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP

If you have attempted the PHR and/or SPHR and did not pass, you know that painful feeling—the one that knocks you down and basically paralyzes you with fear of failing again—I experienced that in 2015. I finally decided to try again so I attended Elga’s 5-day workshop in Nashville in March 2018. I could tell very quickly that Elga knew the material, was invested in seeing all participants pass and was committed to boosting our confidence. Elga achieved this by explaining the concepts behind the material and by providing great test taking tips. After the workshop, I submitted my SPHR application. However, I waited until September 2018 to test because I was still scared. A week before my test date, I reviewed all the materials that Elga provided during class and it was as though I could hear Elga right there reviewing the material, giving the tips and cheering me on. Not only did I pass, but I received very high marks on each area. I remember thinking during my test, “this is easy,” and “this wasn’t like the last time.” I believe that Elga’s training and support played a huge role in what I was feeling and why I passed. So, if you’ve taken either test and did not pass—connect with Elga. If you haven’t taken either test and want to pass–connect with Elga. Thanks, Elga!

Laura (Whittaker) Didonna, SPHR

Elga is a top notch instructor! She not only teaches the material but she has no problem pausing her lecture and answering specific questions to make sure you are comprehending what she is teaching. She is a great source of encouragement and support prior to your test and one of the first to Congratulate you when you pass.

Katherine Rinaldi, PHR

I took Elga’s PHR/SPHR training class at the end of July 2018 and sat for my exam two weeks later. Thanks to Elga’s teachings and the materials she provided, I was able to pass my exam on the first try! Thank you, Elga!

Mike Penn, aPHR

How fortunate am I to be married to the best HR Instructor in the industry?!?!  I’m just an ‘IT Guy’ but after sitting through some of the PHR and SPHR Workshops I’ve become an expert in HR!  I took the aPHR Exam and passed with ease and high scores.  I can tell you that everything that Elga teaches and the way that she teaches it is way more effective and far above and beyond ANYTHING I’ve seen from the competition.  Not only that, the care and attention that she gives each and every participant to make sure they have the knowledge and skills to pass their exam(s) is far above and beyond any instructor in any industry that I’ve ever seen!  Thank you Elga for being such a great instructor, mentor and role model not only for the HR Professionals but for all people.

Anabel Saunders, PHR

I have so much to say about Elga. Saying how knowledgeable she is in her field and how wonderful she is might be repetitive (which by the way she really is!) I want to share something more about her. Elga is a real mentor. The type of mentor that we read about in the books but if we are lucky enough we might find in real life. She not only helped me be more successful in all different areas of HR but she always was really there for me. She made sure that I stayed strong in this challenging journey to get my PHR certification. Her classes are the perfect balance of in depth learning and fun.
Elga, thank you truly

Shawn Marie Irula, PHR

I took Elga’s prep class the beginning of August. I took what I learned and the study materials she provided and studied for the next three months. I took my book and flashcards everywhere with me. It all paid off! November 1 I took my certification test and passed on my first try. I credit that to Elga! Thank you so much for your passion for HR and your dedication to helping HR professionals, like me, earn their Certification. Please excuse me while I go change my name and add my PHR credentials!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Jill Alarcon, SPHR

I attended Elga’s PHR/SPHR workshop in DC this past August 2018. She is not only extremely thorough in helping her students prepare for this certification exam, but she goes above and beyond to ensure you are prepared. She was personally invested in my success, providing me with video recordings, practice exams and even taking time out of her busy day to prep me by phone. I would recommend Elga 1000 times over to ANYONE interested in obtaining their HR certification or attending any of her other training offerings in the field. Outside of the course and preparation for my exam, I have found Elga to be an incredible mentor in the HR industry. Aside from her insane expertise, she is a captivating story-teller. Her path to success one I’ll take with me and I plan to stay in touch with Elga on her journey, both professionally and personally.

Thank you, Elga, for being my instructor, cheerleader, supporter and (hopefully) forever mentor!

Marybeth (Wittekind) Sharpe, PhD

There is no better teacher and coach of the HR Body of Knowledge than Elga. Elga has an unbelievable understanding of HR and how to apply it and teach it (she uses real life scenarios and provides the “why” behind laws and policies so that you comprehend and remember them). She is committed to ensuring that her clients and students truly understand this body of knowledge and have what it takes to pass their HR exams (PHR, SPHR) with flying colors. When you take a course from Elga, you are not just signing up for a course – you are signing up for a coach/mentor who will coach you outside of course hours and well after the course. With Elga, you will have a HR coach and mentor for life! Thank you so much Elga for coaching me and enabling me to pass my PHR with confidence!!!

Rachel Cantrell, SPHR

Today I passed the SPHR certification exam on the FIRST time to take the exam. I could not have done this without Elga’s workshop, instructions, and continual care that she gives each one of her students.

Thank you so much Elga!!!! You are the best!

Michelle Vidal, SHRM-SCP

Today I passed my SHRM-SCP certification on my first try. I have been taking Elga’s on-line courses for the last 10 weeks and she did an amazing job of preparing me for the exam. Her classes have been engaging and filled in all the blanks I needed to know to pass the exam. I highly recommend her courses for anyone seeking a professional certification in HR!

Michelle Vidal SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Just a few days after wrapping up Elga’s on-line course, I passed my SHRM-SCP on the first try and 5 days later, I also passed my SPHR on the first try! I cannot thank Elga enough for her support and guidance. I learned so much from her on-line classes but in addition, she also spent several hours on one-on-one sessions with me in order to ensure my success. I’m very grateful for her dedication and again would highly recommend her courses for anyone seeking a professional certification in HR!

Diana Darty, SHRM-CP

Elga, I want to thank you once again for the fantastic preparatory course that assisted me with successfully passing the SHRM-CP examination today. Your workshop materials, coursework, one-on-one sessions, skills, knowledge and expertise were noteworthy contributions to my success! Kudos to you and your entire team! Diana Darty, Director of Support Services, UTLA

Dan Perkins, SPHR

I took Elga’s 5 day prep course for the SHRM exam in mid December 2018. I felt it was especially helpful to drill down in the specifics of union regulations and laws that were unfamiliar to me while also revisiting general employment law as a refresher among other topics. I also appreciated her insight into how the exam was structured and some tips on how to successfully anticipate the exam’s approach to evaluating knowledge. Elga’s training style also helps a participant remember the material because she interlaces humorous stories from her HR experience and provides memory cues, that combined with repetition, was helpful to me. She has an amazing energy level and she exhibits care for participant learning and mastery. I give her credit for helping me thoroughly prepare for (and helping me pass) my exam utilizing her study materials and classroom instruction. I highly recommend her to you if this is your objective.

Tawnya Hall, PHR

If you are looking for a comprehensive, knowledgeable, in depth trainer with a personal touch, look no more, Elga & is for you. Elga and her team want you to succeed and the effort they put forth proves that true. I took Elga’s 8 week PHR/SPHR Exam Prep Webinar. After the initial webinar, I was thrilled whenever Elga offered for us to join another webinar if we felt the need to. I wholeheartedly appreciated this and took full advantage of it. Elga provided me with her wealth of Human Resources knowledge along with online resources, a manual, flashcards and personal one-on-one sessions leading up to my exam which fully prepared me to pass my PHR Exam on the first attempt. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Elga and her team. Thank you so much Elga & Team! Tawnya Hall, PHR

Diana Darty, SHRM-CP, SPHR

Elga, I cannot thank you and your team enough for the magnanimous manner in which you supported my success on both the SPHR and the SHRM-CP. The materials were delivered quite proficiently. I was impressed with the registration process, materials, and follow-up from start to finish. I would also like to reiterate the importance of the one-on-one sessions. The personalized coaching is unheard of in most industries. Your passion, knowledge and follow through were greatly appreciated. Although, I am a veteran HR professional, your “associations” and the manner in which you presented the materials resonated with me throughout the testing process. Appreciatively, Diana Darty, Director of Support Services, UTLA

Jordan Phillips, SHRM-CP

Elga took the time on a Friday evening to call me right before my SHRM-CP exam. Several of the items that we discussed at a high level were on my exam. I can only imagine had I reached out sooner how much more prepared I would have been. Not only did we cover material, but she gave me a confidence boost that I needed to hear. Would recommend reaching out to Elga to discuss your future plans for certifications. Thank you Elga.

Franki Coulter, SPHR

Elga is an amazing trainer. She is passionate about learning and ensuring that her clients have everything they need to be successful. She sincerely cares about each of her clients and is proud of their achievements. I took Elga’s 5-day course to prepare for the SPHR Exam. As someone with a demanding job, I appreciated the compact days and the study tools to utilize after the course. I had everything I needed to be successful, and most importantly I passed on the first try! Thank you. Elga!

Lydia Cruz, PHR

I can not find enough words to express my gratitude to Elga and her team for preparing me take and pass the PHR exam. Elga is very knowledgeable in the Human Resources field and provides top notch training. I highly recommend for any HR training needs. #investinyourself

Brandy Lee, PHR

Elga, thank you again for all of your support in accomplishing myPHR. You went above and beyond to ensure I had all of the resources to pass! I look forward in watching your business grow. XoXo Blee

Sandra Medina, PHR

Today, I passed my PHR Test. It would not have been possible without the help and dedication of Elga Lejarza of HR Training Sometimes things in our life get in the way of us succeeding. I did not pass my first time around due to life getting in the way but Elga worked with me the next time around to make sure I passed. Without paying additional monies, I was able to sit in on the eight week webinars and she met with me and drilled me for the last six weeks before I took my test. I am indebted to Elga, Mike, Carmen and Annabel for their hard work and making learning fun. Elga’s stories of the different ideas she gave us to remember something were very helpful. Thank you, Sandy

Romaine Scott, SPHR

Elga is a true subject matter expert! With her unique gift of personality and presentation, one is sure to leave her session elevated in knowledge as well as confidence to not just pass the exam, but be a better HR practitioner!!


Update:  As of May 14th I’ve also passed my SHRM-CP!

Update:  As of March 21st I’ve passed my SPHR too!

Wow!!! We always joke around that I’m ‘Just an IT Guy’ but today I’ve become a ‘PHR® Certified IT Guy’! There is no doubt in my mind that you ARE the best HR instructor especially when it comes to preparing people for their HR Certification Exams! I’ve listened to many other speakers, both in the HR field and in many other fields and without a doubt, you will not find a more dynamic, charismatic, engaging, intelligent, effective and passionate speaker as you Elga! Thank you for all that you do and thank you for all of the knowledge that you have imparted on me that has enabled me to pass this ‘monster exam’ called PHR!!!

Shane Sixsmith, PHR

I was told while working in the HR Department that it was time to go out and get my PHR certification. At first I was lost, not knowing where to look or where to go. Then I met Elga and HRTrainingClasses,com. Elga is a one stop shop for anything that you or your company needs for HR training and/or getting prepared for HR certifications. I joined Elga in a PHR training seminar in Nashville and was shocked at the little content that I actually knew. However, Elga was there with all the answers and support that I needed to pass the test. I cannot recommend the seminars enough, Elga has a way of making the content easy to relate to, and provides real life examples so that you actually comprehend the content. Now I have passed my PHR exam and owe a lot of it to Elga and her team.

HR Certification Exam Prep Classes like the one Shane took

Celita Boursiquot, PHR

Elga, You told me that you want to make people the best version of themselves by passing the exam. I’m happy to say I passed my exam 😁thanks to you. Your energy is contagious; weird to say this but I listen to your lessons so much I can hear your voice all the time. The materials you provided are on point, so I didn’t have to look elsewhere for details. I’m so happy to have taken investigation as well as the PHR classes with you. Thank you so much, Celita Boursiquot

Brandy Jinks, PHR

I attended Elga’s 5 day PHR certification class in Miami and her expertise and knowledge is top notch! She makes learning fun and I remembered specific examples of her training when I was taking my PHR exam, which I passed in February 2019. Thank you for being so passionate about what you teach!!

Nancy Zapata, PHR

Hello everyone just wanted to highly recommend Elga for her amazing services and expertise on Human Resources. I have attended several of her training’s and workshops to prepare myself to pass the PHR exam and with her help and experience everything has been so much easier. Today, I finally took my exam and I’m happy to announce that I passed my PHR exam. Thank you Elga for all your help and support.

Taren Hall, PHR

The PHR exam seemed incredibly intimidating, but Elga’s training made it easily attainable. The training Elga provided was spot-on to the questions and subjects of the exam. And the one-on-one sessions were tailored to my specific needs, which proved again how much Elga wanted me to succeed. If you decide to take any HR certification exam, you MUST seek out Elga to help you prepare. That was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career! Thank you, Elga and Mike, for your tremendous support. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!

Tanuka Mustafi, PHR

I met Elga on Linkedin when I was anticipating taking HR certification. I was particularly impressed by some of the very genuine recommendations she had on Linkedin.  Being a recruiter I had very limited HR Domain knowledge. Elga helped me to master the concepts. She has a brilliant way to make her students understand the concepts, whether they are laws , benefits administration or business strategy principles. Her breadth of experience in HR and teaching them for so long, gave me the edge on what to expect in the exam and master the more important topics. Anyone who is seriously considering to take up any HR Certifications should get in touch with her and won’t be disappointed.

Khoi Evans Luevano, PHR

I’m excited to announce that I passed the PHR today and it would not have been possible without! Elga has a wealth of practical HR knowledge, is supportive, funny and truly an amazing facilitator. If you are looking for boost in your career or perhaps a brush up on your HR knowledge, then offers boot camps, webinars as well as one-on-ones! Highly recommend it.

Toni Garrett, BA, PHR

If you are seeking your HR certification, I would highly recommend Elga and her team. Elga is very very knowledgeable in all aspects of Human Resources. Not only will she provide you with enough tools needed to prepare for the exam, she will provide personal support until you take your test. She and Mike are amazing and I couldn’t have done this without them!! Thank you Elga and Mike!

Char Spring, MBA, PHR

I cannot say enough good things about Elga and her Team. I found HRTraining classes and attended a free seminar on preparing for my HR Certification. I knew before the seminar finished I needed to join her online course, best decision I made. Elga is knowledgeable and has been supportive through my journey. Thank you Elga for giving me the tools to prepare for my exam.

Stephanie Kohler, PHR, SHRM-CP

Elga’s dedication and commitment to her student’s success is beyond measure! The entire team at was always available and helpful. The classes were thorough and training materials were perfect for all learning styles. I passed on my first attempt, thanks Elga!

Matthew Kong, PHR

I had the privilege of enrolling in Elga’s five day PHR exam prep course in Washington DC. Elga went over all of the important topics that are relevant to the HR world. After her class, I studied her materials for one week and passed the PHR exam with ease. I highly recommend visiting her website and enrolling in one of her classes.

Daniel Duckworth, SPHR, M.A.

Elga is AMAZING! I truly cannot say enough good things about her, and her unique approach to teaching human resource professionals. I took Elga’s 10-week Online Exam Prep to prepare for the SPHR certification, and I passed it on the first time! Beyond receiving the meat and potatoes, Elga provided me with scores of helpful hints to retain information, and more importantly, synthesize it. I cannot thank her enough, and I offer up my highest endorsement.

Delaney Hedrick, SPHR

I cannot say enough positive things about the expertise of Elga as my mentor!! For the last few months she has helped me prepare for the SPHR exam. I passed my exam today and am ecstatic!! I’ve been in human resources over 15 years, but without the tools and resources provided by her and her team I really do not believe this would’ve been the reality. Her vast knowledge, supportive style, and motivation to succeed and help others to succeed are priceless! Thank you so much Elga!! I will never forget it!!

Kassy Franz (Buccilla), PHR

I recently was lucky enough to attend Elga’s PHR/SPHR Training Class in Columbus, OH. I went into the class not really knowing what to expect but knowing that my main objective was to leave the class with enough information and tools to successfully pass my PHR Certification Exam. Elga seriously blew any expectations I might have had out of the water. Her class was enjoyable, very informative and was one of the main reasons I was able to successfully pass my PHR certification exam yesterday. The PHR exam was no joke, one of the hardest things I have ever taken and I will be forever grateful to Elga for setting me up for success! Thank you for everything – I highly recommend Elga’s training courses to anyone!

Tiffani Japec, PHR

Great training program! This class covered everything needed to pass the PHR. The classes were perfect, efficient and affordable.  Elga made the classes entertaining and informative!  Thank you Elga!

Maribel Manos, SPHR

I can’t say enough great things about Elga and her team at Lejarza HR Consulting. Elga is so much more then just a facilitator of an HR certification training class. She is a coach who will give it to you straight when you need it and will push you to do your best. Elga’s training is especially fun to experience because her passion for HR shines through in every subject matter that she discusses. Elga and her team at HR Consulting are an amazing champion to have by your side if you are looking to get your certification in HR. Everyone on her team goes above and beyond to make sure that participants have the tools needed to pass the exam on their first try. Thank you Elga! -Maribel Manos, SPHR

Emily Linch, SPHR

Elga did an excellent job providing a comprehensive overview ofeverything HR in 5 days. This is a knowledge base that I will nowhave for the rest of my career and I couldn’t be more grateful. Elgais an inspirational leader and helped prepare me for the SPHRexam- which I passed on the first try.

Gianna Haughton, PHR

Took my PHR and passed! Highly recommend the entire training process with Elga, very comprehensive and exceeded all expectations. Wonderful and well rounded teaching style, explaining concepts with realistic applicability. Outstanding customer experience. Thank you, Elga!

Maribel Manos, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

If you have been in HR for a while and would like to get your SPHR or your SHRM-SCP Certification, and pass it on your first try, I recommend taking the exam prep course through  Elga and her team do a top-notch job in providing you with everything you need to pass the course including, comprehensive materials, fun training sessions and personalized one-on-one sessions. I couldn’t be more pleased with the training provided. Thank you Elga and everyone at!

Dominique Fruchtman, SPHR, DTM, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

With only three years experience in HR, I knew I needed a sure fire way to pass my SPHR exam on the first try. I was so fortunate to discover Elga at I took the 5-day boot camp in person. Now in July 2019, I have my certification and I’m elated! Elga takes a personal interest in all of her students. She boosted me up when I got discouraged, gave me the tools I needed to succeed and told me the exact steps to make it easy to succeed in one of the biggest challenges of my life. If you really want to pass, don’t wait – take the leap now and join Elga’s family of successful graduates.

Bettye J Hill, SHRM-SCP

Elga thank you for all the study information you provide for taking the HR certification tests. It is extremely helpful. I got so much great information from your 5 day boot camp. Thank you for everything! Bettye

Manica Jain, PHR, MBA(HR)

Elga is a very passionate HR professional. I took her training course for the HR certification and no surprise she effective training skills helped me clear my exam. Her training delivery skills are her niche and this makes her stand out as best from the others. She gives multiple yet simple examples from common situations, and the way she explains, gets registered in minds for a long long time. She is dedicated and committed to her profession and her trainees and I am glad I made the right choice. She never left me in my journey through my certification and kept motivating all throughout. Elga is a true professional and a very nice human being. Thank you for all your help Elga. Wish you good luck in all your ventures. Stay in touch!

Thanks, Manica

Jeremy Tyler, PHR

I could not have achieved the PHR without Elga’s help. My background is in Talent Acquisition/Recruiting so I had a steep learning curve for several areas of the exam that are outside of my expertise and experience. The one week training session, study material, and the 24/7 access to webinars made a huge difference. I listened to the webinars over and over again. Elga makes it her personal mission to help you prepare and pass your exam. Her commitment to your success is second to none. Thank you again. You are the absolute best at what you do!

Amy Mikan, SPHR

Elga’s 5-day Training In-Person class was incredibly comprehensive, informative and fun! We had the perfect class size and were able to bounce questions off of each other. I wouldn’t have been able to pass the SPHR for the first time without Elga! Thank you, Elga! You’re truly an inspiration and I would highly recommend taking the course to anyone that is thinking about taking any of the HR certifications.

Cornelius Bryant

I would highly recommend taking the 5 Day Boot Camp coursewith Elga! It was an intense, fully packed 5 days but wascompletely worth it! The material Elga provides, along with her training abilities, fully prepared me for taking the aPHR exam.

Renee McDaniel, SHRM-SCP

With the guidance and limitless support from Elga during her 5 day workshop I was able to pass the SHRM-SCP on the first try. However, this is not the main reason I want to recommend taking her class. As an experience HR professional, the amount of relevant information she delivers during the class is priceless. She not only helps you pass the test but provides you with valuable knowledge needed to continue your growth within the HR profession.

Gabriel Bolinsky, aPHR

Elga is a true professional and expert in her field. I would highlyencourage anyone interested in HR certifications to attend one of her many available courses.


Elga, thank you for the excellent certification training. The 5 day boot camp was extremely helpful and all the other extensive tools you provided. I successfully passed on my first attempt both the SPHR and SHRM-SCP.

Thank you!

Catherine Chapmin, SPHR

Thank you Elga so much for your support and guidance in preparing me for my SPHR exam. I could not have done it without you! If you are looking for preparation for any of your HR certification exams, I highly recommend Elga at HR Training Classes. She is an expert in her field and helps you understand concepts that you cannot get from studying alone. She is so invested in seeing everyone in her class succeed, I never felt like I was alone on this journey. Both Elga and Mike are responsive, gave me the tools I needed, answered all my questions and gave me the encouragement & knowledge I needed to pass this exam. It is true, if you want to pass, take this class! Thank you Elga!

Alisa Hoskins, SPHR

Wow! I Passed my SPHR on the first try… Thank You Elga, for all your hard work, dedication. and for making it your mission to make sure I passed the SPHR. I am forever grateful, I have never met a training instructor that is this passionate about their work and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you understand the content and pass. You are amazing! I will definitely be recommending you and taking all my follow up certification classes from you. Again, Thanks!! Oh and a huge shout out to Mike for the awesome IT work because without him I would not have been able to take the class live from my own home. It went great without interruptions I felt like I was right there with everyone else..

Heather Cope-Borger, PHR

I’m so thankful to have worked with Elga to prepare for my PHR exam. Not only is Elga a master in the knowledge base necessary to sit for the PHR/SPHR or SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP, she is passionate about your success and empowers you to feel confident about the exam! Working with Elga was like having my own personal PHR mentor that was as invested in me reaching my goal of PHR certification as I was. With Elga’s teaching and coaching, I was able to pass my PHR the very first time! I look forward to working with her in the future as I work towards my SHRM-SCP and SPHR. Thank you, Elga!

Garima Parikh, PHR

Elga , I am so thankful for your commitment and willingness to help me pass my PHR certification in first attempt. Your motivation, encouragement, and support constantly inspires me. The Certification prep boot camp was very well designed, practical (discussing real time scenario/examples) and valuable for anyone who wants to Pass the HR Certifications and also to enhance their expertise in Business HR, Employment laws and Labor/Employee Relations.

Edward Nunn, PHR

I passed the PHR exam today!!! I couldn’t have done it without the tools, dedication and resources provide by Elga and her team. I took the in-person 5-day bootcamp, online recorded sessions, Friday study group sessions, and 1:1 sessions. The attention to detail, professionalism and customization to your learning style is unmatched. I’m proud to be her latest graduate and couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you, Elga!

Tyler A. Baldonado, PHR

Words can not describe how thankful I am for you and all you have done for me ! From the minute I signed up for the 5 day boot camp, I have felt like I was your only client. Your passion, enthusiasm, and HR knowledge are all truly world class. I have no hesitation recommending you to anyone looking to take an HR certification course. Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader these last few months! I am grateful our paths have crossed.

I appreciate all that you have done to help me pass my PHR on my first attempt!

Karsen Kincer, aPHR

Elga is an expert in the HR field and is dedicated to helping her students pass their exams. She truly takes the time to understand how individuals in her course learn and where they are in the learning process. Thank you for giving me the confidence to take the aPHR exam, I would not have done so well if I hadn’t taken Elga’s course!

Kandice McFadden, PHR

Elga’s class was great! I took my PHR test one week after finishingthe class and I passed on my first try! I highly recommend her ifyou’re looking to get your certification!! Thanks Elga! I couldn’t have done it without you!!

Dennis Himes, SHRM-CP

I had an opportunity to attend one of Elga Lejarza-Penn Employment Laws certification programs. Going into the program, you are never sure what to expect. I have to say; this was one of the best programs I have attended. The class consisted of about six individuals, it was through a webex/skype type meeting, and you had to participate. This interaction with the instructor and other attendees made the two-day program feel as though I gathered more, got my questions answered, and was able to here other questions from attendees I wouldn’t have thought about. Elga is extremely knowledgeable in her field and provided so much insight into the various laws: ADA, FMLA, FLSA, ADEA, Etc. I am now able to bring this knowledge into my everyday work environment and share this with my colleagues. If you are looking for a great program, I would highly recommend going through training with Elga.

Colleen Coco, PHR

Today I passed my PHR exam on my first attempt! Elga’s program works!! She creates an incredibly encouraging atmosphere and is very thorough in her coverage of all the topics you need to know for the exam. Between her training webinars and the Friday night study sessions, if you commit your time to studying and reviewing her material, I believe you have all the tools you need to successfully pass the exam. She will give you tips and tricks and ways to remember information that comes in handy when you’re sitting in the exam room. If you want a surefire aide to passing the exam, sign up with Elga and commit to studying. It is worth every penny and then some! I know I said it before, but I will say it again, this program works!!! Thank you Elga!!!!

Renee McDaniel, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

I Can’t thank the entire team at HRTraining Classes for all the ongoing support during my journey in passing both the SHRM SCP and SPHR. Their program is amazing THANK YOU!

Christine Wilson, PHR

I’m so thankful to have crossed paths with Elga and! Elga helped me to find the confidence I’ve been lacking and helped me in preparing for my PHR. The amount of time she’s offered me and her other participants is immeasurable! Do yourself a favor and if you’re interested in obtaining your HR Certification, partner with Elga and her team and you won’t be disappointed!

Wendy Jaros, SPHR

Today I passed the SPHR on my first attempt!! I can not recommend Elga and her training program enough. Elga provided comprehensive training to ensure that her students fully understand all aspects of HR in order to pass the test – and to apply these tools to be better in our everyday jobs as HR professionals. With a full-time job and as a mother of two, the evening online courses provided me with the flexibility I needed. Elga is extremely dedicated to her students’ success and provided personalized one-on-one sessions to ensure I was ready, and confident to pass the test on my first attempt. Elga, I am forever grateful not just for your training and expertise, but also for your patience, support, and encouragement! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lynn Flanagan, aPHR

I started preparing for the aPHR Exam on my own at first and quickly realized I needed something more to keep me focused. I found Elga’s training class and enrolled the day it started. Once the class started I knew immediately that I made the right choice. Elga is engaging, smart, and very knowledgeable in all that is HR. There is no way I could’ve done this on my own…thank you. I look forward to starting the PHR classes tomorrow!

Amy Trujillo, PHR

If you are looking to expand your knowledge in Human Resources and get you aPHR, PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP, SHRM-SCP contact Elga will take you under her wings to make sure you pass. These exams are not easy but because of her, I passed my PHR and now I plan to pass my SPHR. Thank you, Elga and Mike, you both are awesome.

Judith Griffin, SPHR

Elga, I am so happy I took the 10-week online class with you! I felt like I was not only preparing for the SPHR exam, but receiving information that was relevant to my everyday responsibilities. Your tips and ways of instruction were very helpful. Both you and Mike were accessible to help anytime. I highly recommend your course to anyone interested in pursuing their HR certification. Thank you!

Stacy Davis

This week I participated in a 2-day webinar on FMLA, ADA and PDA. This is not something I was looking forward to, as most of these are very basic and I seldom feel like I am learning anything new. Elga made this not only tolerable to listen to for 2 full days, she is extremely knowledgeable as well as helpful and eager to research anything she is not sure about. I do believe this was money well spent in training and would be open to more training with Elga. Thank you so much for your time Elga.

Cortney Bean

Elga has an insurmountable gift of teaching. I have recently completed the FMLA/ADA Certificate Program and I can honestly say that those 2 days were not only informative, but they were fun as well. Im now taking the aPHR classes and I am learning more than I ever imagined I could. Elga also mentored me at a previous job and I am now a (Self-proclaimed) Workers Compensation expert. She took the time because she genuinely cares about people. I believe that’s why she’s so good at her profession. If you need continuing education or if you are just looking to expand your knowledge Elga is absolutely the one you should choose!

Jennifer Campbell aPHR

I took one of the 5 week aPHR exam preps online and passed my exam on the first attempt. Elga is amazingly knowledgeable and cares about helping her students succeed. I highly recommend Elga when preparing for all HR exams.

Ray Waite

I just completed the 2-day FMLA/ADA/PDA certificate course with Elga in St. Louis, MO. I originally went into this class thinking that it would be very dry and that I would have a difficult time staying attentive. Wow, was I wrong! Not only did I come out of this class with a wealth of knowledge on FMLA/ADA/PDA, I also have the confidence to manage those difficult situations we all face from time to time. There was never a dull moment in this 2-day course and Elga is incredibly knowledgeable on the subject. It is obvious that she has a passion for teaching and I highly recommend her courses as I am certain I will attend more!

Grace Duy, PHR

Where do I begin! I came to Elga in a panic after registering for the aPHR exam and realizing I had to schedule my exam in 120 days or I would have to pay extra fees. This was the best decision I ever made! I have zero experience in HR and in only 3 months I was able to pass my aPHR. The material can seem overwhelming but Elga explains everything in a way that you can actually comprehend the material not just memorize. If you are preparing to take any HRCI or SHRM exams and do not sign up with Elga you are doing yourself a huge disservice! Thank you, Elga for instilling confidence in me to go for my goals.

Jodi Giordano, aPHR

So glad I took the aPHR with Elga , shes a great teacher and highlyrecommended taking any of her certification classes. All her knowledge prepared me for my exam.

Lisa Le

I attended the live FMLA/ADA/PDA 2-day session remotely. It was great!! Elga is not only super knowledgeable in the FMLA/ADA/PDA information, but is also open to being a resource after the session is over. This approach shows she cares & goes above & beyond, and is passionate about her service. Wonderful experience all around & highly recommended!!

Mandy Clyde, PHR

I took the 10-week exam prep course and passed the PHR exam today! Elga is enormously knowledgeable in HR and very thorough in her presentations. She provides you with many resources to assist in your learning of the material. The exam was not easy and I feel that her course was essential to my success in passing. Money well spent!

Jade Gutierrez, BA, PHR

I took Elga’s exam prep course and passed my PHR certificationtest. The on-online course and study materials were extremely helpful!

Elizabeth Torres

I recently took the FMLA/ADA/PDA certification course with Elga and found her to be extremely knowledgeable in her field. She is engaging and gives lots of real world examples which are very helpful. I took the course online and felt very much a part of her class. Elga is enthusiastic and has a real passion for teaching. She genuinely wants to share her vast knowledge of the HR world with you, and her support continues even after class has ended. I would definitely recommend her course!

Demi Bohr, SPHR

I would highly recommend ANYONE to use Elga (HR Training Classes) for HR Prep! Elga was truly amazing to work with and exceeded all of my expectations. Thanks to her, I passed the SPHR on the first try which is very difficult to do! She knows her stuff and shares everything she can to help you succeed. In addition, Elga is there for you every step of the way including as many 1:1 sessions you need to prepare, sharing other sessions, and giving you any and all prep materials you could ask for. I have never experienced anyone so dedicated and passionate to ensuring her students succeed. THANK YOU ELGA!

Matthew Phillips-English, PHR, SHRM-CP

Elga is a phenomenal and dynamic instructor. I recently took her 5-day boot camp in preparation for my PHR certification test and found her methods of instruction, guidance, and support to be most effective. I owe much thanks to successfully passing my certification to Elga and her confidence in me. You can tell she loves what she does by her devotion to helping so many succeed. In the past, I have tried other various means of studying content, but was not able to feel as confident and secure in my approach without the extra push that she provided along the way. I went from un-confident and unsure of my instinct at the start of the course to eager, enthusiastic, and a whole new person when I walked into the testing center 7 days later. I’ve felt a transformation and owe credit to how Elga has reshaped my perspective. I can’t wait to continue on my professional journey and hope to take future courses provided by Elga & HR Training Classes. Much Thanks!

Lynn Flanagan, aPHR, PHR

Elga, once again I can’t thank you enough for your knowledge, words of encouragement, four hours of study session help, and confidence you gave me to pass the PHR Exam. You truly make a difference in people’s lives. I couldn’t have passed without you….thank you!

Stephanie Major, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

Wow, is an understatement in describing Elga and her company HR Training Classes. I recently attended the 5-DAY SHRM-CP, SHRM-SCP, PHR/SPHR Exam Prep that took place in Atlanta and was amazed at how engaging Elga can be. There is a lot of information to learn and she broke it all down in a way that was relatable to real life work situations which was extremely helpful when it came time to take the SHRM-SCP exam. Not only is she supportive in class, she is there for you after hours as well. She is honest, knowledgeable and compassionate. You can feel her sincerity when she says her success is helping others achieve their certifications. The test was challenging in every way imaginable and with the help of the exam prep and her study materials I was able to pass the test on my first attempt. I can only assume that the other courses that are offered are just as engaging. I highly recommend Elga and encourage others to at least reach out to her if interested in getting certified.


I attended Elga’s boot camp for HR Certification. It was an incredible learning experience. I was able to prepare for the exam and refresh my knowledge in all functional areas of HR. Elga is an expert with the material and is passionate about helping her students to be successful. She continued to study with me even after the completion of the class and was with me every step of the way. Not only does Elga provide the information needed for the exams, she instills confidence in her students. I highly recommend Elga’s training and specifically this class for certification prep. I passed, and I’m now a SHRM-SCP! Thank you, Elga!!

Felicia E. Nelson, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

I just passed my SPHR exam and will take the SHRM-SCP later on this month. If you are considering taking one of Elga Lejarza-Penn’s classes, stop procrastinating and DO IT NOW! Unlike many courses which get you to memorize test answers, Elga shares real-life stories so you understand the concepts. That’s what you need to understand the material and pass the exams. Elga is there with you from beginning to end…..she’s the last one you speak with before the taking the exam and is the first you speak with when sharing your great news! Elga gives you the empowerment to be confident. I highly recommend Elga Lejarza-Penn and her HR training curriculum!

Grace Duy, PHR

2 for 2! These are monster exams and Elga equips you with all the knowledge you need to pass. I can’t believe I passed the PHR in only 3 short weeks of passing the aPHR. You cannot memorize for these is critical thinking and understanding of the material. Elga has a way of explaining the topics so you can comprehend fully. Thank you, Elga! I look forward to continue to shoot for the stars with you!

Tequila Grace, PHR

Wow…just WOW! All I have to say is trust the process. Long post alert. I originally signed up to take the PHR exam just to get a feel for it so I would be able to self-study and take again. Well that was until I came across HRTrainingClasses and Elga. I inboxed a previous participant to make sure this was legit and if she recommends. Well after her high praises I signed up. In the first meeting Elga was like oh you have 3 weeks no problem. Well after Day 2 of the 5 Day session I had bought in to taking it serious to pass in 3 weeks. I listened to all the 1-on-1s and did the Friday study groups along with the questions on site. I did EVERYTHING Elga said because she said if we didn’t we wouldn’t pass haha. I was nervous the night before because on my list was call Elga last before test and first after test but I didn’t have her telephone number. Well when I awoke there was an email waiting. She encourages, calms and guides you right to a passing score! It’s that simple. Do as she says! Everything you need is there, you just have to put in the study time. I am so grateful for her dedication to the process she has come up with. WE PASSED!


Truly Amazing!! It’s the only way to describe Elga’s dedication and willingness to go above and beyond to make her students successful. I passed the SHRM-SCP and SPHR after taking her certification bootcamp, and I could not have done it without her training, support and encouragement! I recommend her HR training classes to all HR professionals! You will also be truly amazed!

Matthew Phillips-English, PHR, SHRM-CP

I cannot speak highly enough of how effective Elga’s class and training methods were for me. After success in achieving my PHR, I felt confident through the use of tools provided by Elga and personal diligence in applying my knowledge that I could attain my SHRM-CP. And to do this a month later is a testament of how connected Elga and her team are to those she trains. Join the HRtrainingclasses family and Elga for a rewarding experience you don’t want to miss out on!

Felicia E. Nelson, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

No where else can you get the specialized training needed to pass BOTH the coveted SPHR and SHRM-SCP exams!! For those of you thinking of furthering your certification, look no further than!! Elga Legarza-Penn and team go above and beyond to teach you the concepts…..not just give you exams to memorize. Thank you Elga!!!

Kathryn Huff

I got so much more than I was expecting with Elga’s aPHR prep course! Know that in addition to quality materials and a truly in-depth dive into the subject, you are getting an advocate who will really take the time to make sure you get the preparation you need to pass – THE FIRST TIME. I really appreciated the one-on-one sessions and encouragement, and every time we “probably didn’t need to know this” for the aPHR! I definitely felt like I was getting a great foundation for my HR knowledge, and would happily recommend Elga’s class to anyone who is looking to get a leg up on the HR certification process!

Roberto Fonseca

I want to thank Elga for her dedication, professionalism, andperseverance. She is an A+ instructor. I highly recommend herclasses, because you will have everything you need to pass yourexam. She will lead you on your way to become a successful professional in HR.

Threasa White

I have been studying under Elga since December 2018. I’ve had sooo much on my plate. My mom has been in & out of the hospital and I have horrible test anxiety. Elga has been there with me every step of the way. My 1st attempt, I did not pass, my 2nd attempt, the computer shut down and today it finally happened. Elga encouraged me not to give up and I’m so happy I did not. She is the best instructor and has become a dear friend. Thank you for being so patient with me. This is the best investment I’ve ever made. Now I’m on to the next certification. #initforthelonghaul #Imnotdone!

Alyssa Quinsay, aPHR

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE HR TRAINING CLASSES TO ANYONE!! — About a year ago, I tried studying for the aPHR exam using an online prep course, but barely made it past the first chapter.. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of information.. The other online prep course did not work for me so I decided to look for a better way to prepare. Thank goodness I found Elga’s aPHR Boot Camp! Elga’s class consists of helpful lectures, powerpoints, study guides, study groups, articles, 1:1 sessions.. she provides everything you need and more! I love how interactive the class is and everyone seems so excited to learn. Elga is just A-MA-ZING! After I took Elga’s aPHR Boot Camp, I studied for a few more weeks, listened to her advice, listened to all of her recordings, and passed the exam with flying colors! I don’t know how I could have done it without Elga’s guidance, knowledge, and support! I also appreciate how much time and dedication Elga puts into ensuring her students have the knowledge and confidence needed to pass the exams. Thank you Elga for everything!! And I look forward to working with you when I decide to go for my PHR!!

Danielle Burge, PHR

I highly recommend Elga’s HR Training Classes in preparation to successfully pass the coveted PHR or SPHR exam! I took the 5-day boot camp and the one-on-one interaction with Elga was exactly what I needed for my learning style. She has a wealth of knowledge in the HR industry, and she shares her real-life experience to help make the material related to all HR professionals. It was evident in the class that Elga has a passion for HR and truly cares for her students by being their champion during the exam preparation process, providing transparent feedback and encouraging us all along the way. Elga’s confidence in me gave me the confidence I needed in myself to pass the exam. Thank you, Elga!

Taylor Phung, SHRM-CP

Such an amazing experience! Elga and HRtrainingclasses provided a great learning experience. She is so knowledgeable on Human Resources and the certification exams. Her dedication to her students’ success is unparalleled from the great live online sessions to the personal one-on-one tutoring sessions to the recorded lectures, she provides everything anyone would need to be successful on their exams. With her help, I was able to successfully attain my SHRM-CP Certification! Thank you so much Elga and HRtrainingclasses!

Kasie Cook, MBA, PHR

Elga takes the time to walk you through pertinent information needed to pass your HR certification exams, I highly recommend her and am glad I found her when I did. I passed my PHR on the first attempt thanks to Elga!!

Megan Hutchison, PHR

Elga and her team have been KEY players in obtaining my PHR certification. From her study groups, need to know topics, lectures, and one on one sessions, Elga is someone you can rely on, trust and get results with. I have never met someone SO incredibly passionate about HR. Elga, thank you for all of your support and encouragement through this entire process! Your patience and commitment is like no other. Attending your 10 week online prep course was THE BEST career investment I have ever made. I have no doubt your program will continue to have a direct effect in making all who attend feel empowered and achieve great results!

Michele Eliopoulos, PHR

Elga and her team are amazing! I had such a wonderful overall experience. The online and recorded classes made the world of a difference. If I was unable to attend a live class it was very easy to catch up on my own time with the recordings. You also have the ability to watch the recordings as many times as you want, repetition is key. I passed my PHR and couldn’t have done it without her support and dedication she puts forward to all of her students.

Randy Aung, M.S., SHRM-CP

I received FMLA/ADA certification from Elga’s HR Education company. Her knowledge is amazing, she is very knowledgeable in everything FMLA and Ada and has strong credibility with her students because of her years managing leaves and many accommodations for reputable employers. She is also very warm and friendly! I recommend to take her classes! Often times these classes you don’t get to speak at all and submit questions via email, but she encourages you to ask your questions to the class and she responds real time…now that is learning at its best!

Suzette Langeland, aPHR

I didn’t know what a hidden gem ‘HR Training Classes’ was going to be. Elga’s passion for HR has spilled over into her lessons, her fierceness is contagious and her expertise is inspiring. The legacy that Elga is creating will stay with all of us throughout our HR careers!

Katelyn Siqueira, aPHR

Elga goes out of her way to be accessible to each and every student. I felt so confident and prepared for the exam. I only used half of the allotted exam time because of Elga’s thorough training and 1-on-1 feedback. Can’t speak highly enough of her personally and professionally!

Cindy Lee, PHR

You are not going to believe my story.

I just took the 5-day HR Bootcamp classes in Burbank from Monday 02/24/20 to Friday 02/28/20 and passed the PHR exam on Monday 03/02/20.

I even had no chance to read the materials because I am a super busy working mom with two babies (5 and 18 month old). I was not able to have my own time to study or read the books and flashcards. On top of that English is not my first language.

All I did was that I strongly concentrated what Elga said during her class and tried to understand and memorize everything on the spot. Elga kept repeating important points over and over again, so they actually got into my brain automatically I believe.

By taking the classes, I could save a lot of time to cover all important things to know. If I studied by myself, it would take forever and couldn’t pass the exam in this super short period time honestly.

I also really appreciated how she treated and cared everyone in class. I highly recommend Elga’s training courses. You can’t go wrong with her teaching. Good luck to everyone who takes her courses.

Big thanks to such a beautiful and wonderful instructor Elga! Thank you Elga, again and again!

Yeon Joo Lee
Human Resources Director, PHR Certified

Lina Graves, PHR

Elga in an amazing educator whose passion for sharing her knowledge shines when she interacts with her students. Not only is she dedicated to teaching everything that she knows but she also ensures that her students are getting the most out of their education.
My success in passing this exam is due to Elga’s patience, dedication and perseverance to make sure that everyone who takes her classes is successful when taking their HR certification exams.
I highly recommend Elga to anyone seeking HR Certifications, not only will you learn a lot, but you will do it while having a lot of fun!

Thank you Elga, I will continue listening to your lessons until I have all of the possible certifications and beyond!

Sarah Saracino, PHR

If you are looking to pass the HR certification exams, attending Elga’s training class is a surefire way to make it happen! I attended one of her 5 day Bootcamp classes and it was the best investment I could have made. Elga is thorough, knowledgeable and most importantly she makes the class fun! Elga cares tremendously and makes it her personal mission that every participant pass the exam.

I know without a doubt that I couldn’t have passed the PHR exam without her help.

Don’t think twice, enroll in her training class. You won’t be disappointed and furthermore you will be a better HR professional because of it!

Thank you Elga!

Kasie Cook, MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP

Elga’s patience and way of explaining the large body material has given me the power to apply the knowledge from her classes and have a seat at the table. I highly recommend her services, she won’t disappoint! I passed both of my exams on the first try thanks to her!

Allison Twyman

Elga was wonderful! She has a great, lively spirit, makes the presentation interesting, and is extremely thorough with any questions you may have. If she had more webinars, I’d absolutely sign up for them and highly recommend her!

Heather Wiersma, PHR

Elga is a phenomenal trainer! She is fully invested in the success of her clients and it truly makes all the difference. Going through was the best decision I could make in making certain that I was prepared to take and pass my exam. Thank you Elga!

Carol Crawford, SHRM-CP, PHR

Today I passed the HRCI-PHR on my first attempt!! When I started classes with Elga in January, my intentions were to get my SHRM-CP…. which I did two weeks ago. With Elga’s training material, her commitment and dedication to her participants and her phenomenal breadth of HR knowledge that she so passionately shares, I was successful with my HRCI-PHR test. I would highly encourage anyone who is looking for a class that offers study groups, online class lectures, and personalized one-on-one sessions to get connected with This group of people are committed to helping others achieve great results and Elga and her team will continue to support you until you do.

Carol Crawford, SHRM-CP, PHR

When I committed to the online evening classes and to taking the SHRM-CP test I had no idea it would take so much time and energy but it was worth it. Elga and her team go above and beyond to provide the support needed to be successful in these classes. Some of the material that I learned were things I do every day at my job, but so much was new and unfamiliar to me. Elga is very energetic, enthusiastic and keeps you engaged in every class. She helps give pointers, tips and stories on fun ways to remember and learn the new material. I am so excited to have had this opportunity to take this test but most importantly to have had such a great instructor who has been by my side the entire time coaching and encouraging me every step of the way….Elga Lejarza Penn…you are the best!

Lindsay Mack, PHR

I joined Elga’s January 2020 class in the pursuit for the PHR certification. I cannot say enough amazing things about Elga. She has a way of teaching tough material (and a lot of it) in a way you can remember and apply it. Her training material, Zoom classes and her study sessions is the perfect formula to have participants over-learn the material (which is what you want, she’ll tell you). She sincerely cares about all of her participants and she will do anything to make sure they pass. I passed the PHR today on my first attempt and I can honestly say I could not have done it without Elga. If you are thinking about taking any type of HR certification (HRCI or SHRM), look no further, HRTrainingClassess is what you need. If I decide to get any more HR certifications, I would only do it with Elga. Thank You Elga and team for making this such a great experience!!

Leslie Harrison, SHRM-CP, PHR was fantastic! Elga is a great teacher who explains concepts in ways that are clear and honestly very easy to retain. I cannot recommend her enough!!!

Ashley Myers-Edwards, MA

As a client of Elga’s PHR/SHRM Exam Prep Boot Camp and 2-day Certification Course in Employee Relations Investigations, I can’t say enough positive things about her and her programs. The knowledge I’ve been able to learn and understand is far beyond any expectations I had. Elga’s dedication to her clients is unparalleled. She’s so well-versed in HR as well as passionate about the information she teaches. If you’re thinking of taking the exams, obtaining continuing education credits, or simply growing in your HR profession, Elga and is the way to go! Thank you as always Elga!

Michele Eliopoulos, PHR, SHRM-CP

Elga and her team are AMAZING!!! Her classes are virtual, everything is recorded, you can watch everything over and over. She’s so passionate!! She, Mike and Henry always go the extra mile to ensure that you personally receive as much one-on-one time or class materials you need. I could have not passed either my PHR, and my SHRM-CP without her. She teaches your techniques for both exams which are really beneficial. I cannot thank her enough!!! Thank you for all of your hard work!!

Gwendolyn Taylor, MHRM

I had the pleasure to be a participant in Elga’s 2-Day Employee Relations Internal Investigation Certificate Program and I must say that Elga is an awesome and passionate instructor! Her delivery is so very Not rehearsed as she is very knowledgeable on the contents of each class that she is teaching. If you’re in need of additional training or if you are preparing for an exam it would be in your very best interest to contact and you will not be disappointed!

Cedric Bray, MSM, SPHR

YES! I passed the SPHR on my first attempt and am planning to take the SHRM-SCP. I joined Elga’s 5-Day Bootcamp in LA in Feb 2020. She has an extreme amount of knowledge on how to prepare for the test; furthermore, she has a lot of real-world HR experience. I appreciated her real-world experiences to tie in with the lessons. It helped me with learning all the information.
After Elga’s 5-Day training, I used resources provided on her website to continue to prepare for the exam. The website provides webinars, presentations, practice tests, one-one one sessions etc.. The evening classes and study sessions were helpful because I could listen in as I traveled to and from work.
If you are looking to pass the PHR, SPHR, etc, please check out®!!! You will have success!

Eva Wooldridge, PHR

Elga, the most beautiful-hearted instructor I have ever met. She stands beside you and doesn’t leave your side until you pass your exam! She is an incredible woman and leader! Elga’s teaching method was right on with my learning style – very thorough. I was the most timid student she may have ever had and this woman has given me so much confidence! I tip my hat to her for helping me advance my career. I COULD NOT have done it without her commitment to my success. And I am just 1 student among the many that she puts her whole heart and passion of teaching into. Those of you that desire obtaining your HR certification and want the best instructor – it’s Elga Lejarza-Penn! Without a doubt!

Smita Atre, PHR

Elga is such a phenomenal mentor! I have no words to express my feelings and gratitude for her caring and supporting nature. She is so involved in your certification journey its just unbeatable. If you want to be successful be with her and she will make sure you SHINE!

Hetal Patel, aPHR

Dear Elga,

Much obliged to you for giving outstanding backing and preparing to set me up for my aPHR test. Your classes are extraordinary, and I couldn’t have done this without your devoted preparing and inspiration. I am so happy I chose Elga with for my HR certification journey, as this would not be possible without her preparation. Elga is an exceptional educator and is devoted to help acquire your pass. Much obliged to you Elga!

Thank you very much,

Heather Wiersma, PHR, SHRM-CP

I trusted Elga’s expertise to prepare me for taking and passing the PHR & SHRM-CP and I was the best decision I could have made. Elga is an expert in all things HR. She makes the content interesting, clear, and relatable. The epitome of the ultimate mentor, her encouragement to pursue the next level of certifications is inspiring! Thank you for all you do Elga!

Jamie Collins, MBA-HR, SPHR

I began Elga’s class about ten weeks ago and thanks to her I passed my SPHR on my first attempt! After taking her Bootcamp classes, I understand Human Resources in a way even my graduate degree didn’t teach me and I feel like a much more effective HR Professional. I have never had an instructor who was so supportive and wanted me to pass as much as I did for myself! She is an amazing instructor and a really kind person. If you are on the edge about whether to go for it or not, you will not be disappointed by signing up for classes with her. Investing in her classes was one of the best things I could have done for my career. Thank you so much, Elga!

Grace Goldensoph, SHRM-CP

I would highly recommend going through HR Training Classes and Elga to prepare for your HR Certification! Elga goes above and beyond to make sure you are ready for your exam. She meets with her students one on one and runs weekly study groups to help supplement and review the course materials. In addition to teaching you the necessary topics and skills she also helps give you the confidence boost needed to pass your exam. I wouldn’t have passed my SHRM-CP exam without Elga!

Dionna Stanford-Trice, MBA, SHRM-CP

I met Elga just one week prior to sitting for the SHRM-CP, and passed on my first try!!! She was like a skilled marksman when it came to assessing my weaknesses. With precision, she filled in the “gaps,” provided clarity and calibrated my focus with pinpoint accuracy. Elga is patient, and caring. Most of all, she is knowledgeable, competent, and won’t let you give up on yourself. Just when I thought I had failed miserably, I could hear Elga’s voice saying, “You’re halfway there. You got this. You can do it!” She was right! Thanks Elga!

Karen Bulf, SPHR

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the continued support from Elga and her team throughout my SPHR certification journey…YAY I PASSED and Elga was with me every step of the way. The blended learning format included: 5 day bootcamp, online lectures, study groups and personalized one on one sessions leading up to the exam. Wait! All that plus Elga’s true passion for each participant’s success, make HRTrainingClasses a first-class learning experience. With the loss of my father last summer, I had a set back which put my exam prep on hold. Elga welcomed me back in later that Fall when I returned dedicated to completing my SPHR journey😊 Upon my return, her insight, compassion and genuine desire to work with each participant shined through. What can I say, she is a gem!! If you are preparing for your HRCI or SHRM certification, please reach out the Elga and the HRTrainingClasses team.
Thank you so very much!

Karen Bulf, SPHR

Sayda Ruiz

I took the Employment Law Certificate Program and really enjoyed it. There are so many laws, but Elga took the time to explain them well, and made sure that we understood them. She asked if we had any questions and also gave interesting activities. I would recommend the class to anyone new to HR or for anyone that wants to review employment laws. 🙂

Maura Joyce, SPHR

I am so pleased I connected with Elga and her team. I passed my SPHR exam after taking her training class. I appreciated her support and encouragement, and highly recommend signing up with her. In addition to the live trainings she provides an extensive library of resources for follow up self study and a couple of personal training sessions. There is a lot of material to cover but Elga is lively and energetic in addition to being knowledgeable, making the class enjoyable! I also enjoyed making connections with other HR professionals in her training class.

Angelica Carter, SHRM-CP, PHR, CMS, CPC

Many agree that results speak for themselves. That being said, without any previous studying or preparation (other than work), I took HR Training Classes’ SHRM-CP/PHR Bootcamp for a week and immediately passed both the SHRM-CP and PHR the very next week. Elga breaks the content areas down in ways that stick with you conceptually and make them easy to understand and apply. She has a genuine, personal interest in each of her student’s success (I think she was more excited than me when I passed!). Her personality keeps the class engaged and she is so grounded. In class I felt like I was working with a coach and not listening to a lecturer. She is a natural mentor and when engaging with her it feels like we’ve known each other for years. Beyond the intensive programming, your initial class fee also grants you access to a wide variety of live-recorded study sessions and e-materials that supplement the class learnings toward your goals. I would highly recommend the HR Training Classes team and curriculum.

Hannah Robinson, SHRM – CP

I have been celebrating all weekend because Elga and her team have made it possible for me to take and pass the SHRM-CP exam! I cannot give enough kudos to Elga and her wonderful team as they truly go above and beyond making sure to give you the resources and knowledge to become a Human Resource expert. Elga strives to get to know each and everyone of her students academically and personally. She identifies quickly your strengths and your weak points, and assists you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Her compassion, vitality, experience and knowledge is second to none, which in turn makes you immediately comfortable learning from her and the material. Elga cuts out the fluff and focuses on the meat of the material, so you can also focus on what is important. THIS PROGRAM IS WORTH EVERY PENNY and more! I cannot thank Elga and her team enough. This SHRM journey has been a wonderful experience, and I cannot wait to join Elga again when I am ready to take the next step in my Human Resources career.

Hetal Patel, aPHR, PHR

Again has successfully prepared me to receive another certification, my PHR. I will continue to study under Elga until I receive the other certifications, I’m that determined. Thank you Elga for your dedication, I really appreciate all that you do for me to pass these difficult exams.

Sandy Lindberg aPHR, PHR

HR Training classes prepare you for the future. You learn at your own pace and have so many resources available. From the first day of class, Elga impressed me with her passion and knowledge to explain difficult concepts. Her caring nature and personality facilitate interactions with all her students. Elga is talented, caring, intuitive, dedicated, and focused on her pursuit to help every student succeed. To individuals that are not familiar with Elga, they might view her as another instructor but to me she is a true Hero for inspiring and motivating me to pursue my career goals. Thank you Elga!

Roberto Fonseca, aPHR, PHR

Passion, dedication, professionalism, responsibility, and immediate availability, just to mention a few, are attributes that characterize Elga. In your classes you will get all the knowledge, skills, and “know-how” to pass your exam on the first try. She will guide you step by step until you reach your goals in the HR field. I recommend her classes and her as your mentor because she will take care of making you a successful professional.

Fred Ingle, SPHR

Thanks so much, Elga. Your tireless instruction and many hours of one-one -sessions with me gave me the knowledge and confidence to pass the SPHR Exam on the first try. Also, the participation of my classmates in practice sessions speaks volumes about the learning community that you have created with From my perspective, you have no equal in the HR exam preparation industry.

Shalini Chawla, SHRM-CP

Thank you are small words compared to the extent of dedication you have for each of your students ELGA ( Erudite-Learned-Gifted and last but not the least truly AMAZING ) ! Your conviction in me helped me pass the SHRM-CP exam in the first go. Listening to you has re-kindled my love with Human Resources and I plan to continue learning more in this field and aspire to make a niche’ for myself. You are an inspiring motivator and I love your teaching style with live examples from the industry and inputs from all your students – it makes your sessions so interesting! The one-on-one sessions with you helped me a lot and so did the study sessions and recordings.

Natalie Gumawid, PHR

Elga’s dedication to teaching others and her passion for HR shines through her classes, study groups, and her one-on-one sessions. I passed my PHR on my first attempt thanks to Elga and the many resources she provided. She is a master at explaining the material so that you not only understand the concepts, but you can also apply the knowledge. If you are thinking about taking any type of HR certification, look no further – Elga and team are outstanding!

Melissa Schild, SHRM-CP

I highly recommend HR Training Classes for your HR certification prep course! Elga’s courses and study groups helped me to not only learn the material but also apply it. I was able to study from the comfort of my home and learn all that I needed to know to successfully pass my SHRM-CP! Thank you Elga for walking me through this process and for teaching me all things HR. I could not have done it without your guidance!

Amy Stevens, MBA, SHRM-CP

Today I passed my #shrmcp SHRM with the expertise training from Elga Lejarza-Penn, aPHR, PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP, SHRM-SCP,®, Going Learning. It has been a wonderful learning journey and I will continue on with the journey and advancing my knowledge, skills, and abilities with Elga to move forward with PHR next. I truly appreciate Elga Lejarza-Penn, aPHR, PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP, SHRM-SCP, Mike Penn, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Henry Lejarza, aPHR and all of those that are in our classes on a weekly basis. I highly recommend joining Elga and the team in our HR classes on a weekly basis. Elga is dedicated to helping those who want to advanced in HR, I dare you to join and try. Thank you again!

Megha Keswani, PHR

Elga’s guidance and encouragement during the last couple of months has been invaluable and profoundly inspiring. I have discovered a passion for learning and exploring, for asking questions that weren’t even on my radar few months ago. Elga’s explanation on topics/concepts made it very easy to comprehend the content she taught in class. She exemplifies what it means to be a hardworking person by conducting innumerable 1:1’s with all her students, tireless preparation and commitment to her work. Elga aspires all her students to work for a single goal and i.e. PASS the certification in the first attempt. I owe my success to Elga, my certification would not have been this easy without her guidance and counseling. Thank you so much Elga!

Laura Villacorta, PHR

I was able to take the PHR exam and pass on my first try!! My success is due to the training I received from Elga. Elga has a special ability that comes from her expert knowledge and passion of all the material to teach you to learn and retain the information. Elga provides training you will not see in any other training option, believe me I tried others. Elga stays by your side every step of the way, literally. Elga cares and will assist you to continue your training for additional certifications. Elga is a beautiful person inside and out, when she works with you she makes you feel like you are her only student. While everyone enrolled is striving for their own certifications, you feel like a key player within an engaging community. Elga educates many levels of Professionals during her training and her humble approach is always custom to your level of knowledge. If you want to pass these exams, do not wait and enroll in her course today!! Thank you Elga and your team for assisting me with my certification, I could not have done this without you!!!

Sharon R Jones, MBA, SHRM-SCP, PMP

I just completed my 6-week SHRM Bootcamp with Elga at The course was excellent and it was instrumental in my passing my SHRM-SCP exam. Elga is extremely knowledgeable and she is committed to helping her students obtain their certification. The classes are engaging and her presentation style makes learning easy. In addition to the Bootcamp, Elga offers tons of support with weekly review sessions and 1-1 Coaching Sessions. It was extremely beneficial for me and the 1-1 attention allowed me to identify and focus on areas that needed extra attention. I highly recommend Elga’s program to any HR Professional looking to obtain their certification. This program was invaluable!

Ryan Stobaugh, SHRM-CP

When you think of an instructor you immediately think of someone who is knowledgeable, motivated and passionate about their area of expertise. Those traits exemplify Elga but there is she is so much more to her. Her clear goal is the success of her students. She carves time out of her personal schedule outside of expected class to create opportunities for everyone to review material and share knowledge. She makes it a point to know each of her participants on a personal basis. She cares. My personal experience shows just how valuable Elga was to my success. I completed the course and the week prior to my exam I was feeling confident but nervous so we scheduled a 1-on-1 call to review. After noticing I was tripping up on some concepts, Elga scheduled an two additional sessions to clear up any confusion I had. These touch points were not planned in her busy schedule but she carved out the time to ensure my success. I genuinely feel that Elga was the secret sauce to my success and am thrilled I had her not only an instructor but as a coach. When you join her classes you get more than what you pay for!

Darren Banks, SPHR

I was at my wit’s end when I first joined the “HR TRAINING CLASS” team. At first encounter, I was nervous and hesitant with this new style of learning. Little did I know, Elga and this class were going to assist me in achieving my SPHR Certification. Thankfully, with Elga’s technique, experience, and patience this course was the instrumental cusp which helped me grow confidence and knowledge to become successful and exceed all my expectations. Additionally, Elga’s course encompassed all types of learning; including discussions, webinars, training materials, and one-on-ones. She just didn’t make room on her schedule for me, she created room in her heart for me too. Thanks again for all your help, compassion, and encouragement. We did it!

Felicia E. Nelson, GPHR

Last summer, I knew I’d be changing jobs in the new year and wanted to pass all three exams (SPHR, GPHR, SHRM-SCP) since I had been putting it off due to all the traveling I was doing. I enrolled in HRTrainingClasses in August 2019 and committed to attending Elga’s classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings… I’d join from India, France, the Netherlands or wherever I was traveling because I loved Elga’s way of combining the Chapter terms along with real-life examples that I could identify with as a Senior HR leader. Elga’s classes aren’t “hard”, but you have to do your part by reading the material, attending/participating in all her classes and taking advantage of all the training materials available on her website. I passed both the SPHR and SHRM-CP exams in December 2019. Then I studied for the GPHR exam using 1) all the knowledge I had gained for the SPHR exam and then utilized HRCI study guides for GPHR-related terms. I passed the exam on February 14, 2020. Even though I was able to use my years of global HR experience for the GPHR exam, having taken Elga’s classes and passing the SPHR exam first aided me in passing the GPHR exam. By far, this is the best training I have received related to Human Resources in my 30-year HR career.

Shalaura Christmas, PHR

Elga and her team are simply amazing! Enrolling in the boot camp was the best decision I could’ve made. She covers all the material you need to know to pass the exams and she’s invests in you. She is very personable, knowledgeable, and helpful. She was with me every step of the way and I truly appreciate her. Thank you Elga for this wonderful program and all the hard work and dedication from you and your team!

Felicia Guidry, aPHR

Thank you Elga for being the best Human Resource instructor. I appreciate your support, dedication, and aspiration of making sure that your students are equipped with the necessary tools in order to pass their exam. I am thankful that you offer HR online training classes, online study materials, group study sessions, and one-one-one sessions to help support students in meeting their goals. I am very grateful to have received my APHR certification and my next objective is to pass the PHR.

Robin Butler, SPHR

Thank You Elga and the HRTrainingClasses team for helping me achieve a personal milestone — passing the SPHR! Yay! Elga is very knowledgeable and passionate about the material and embedded in the success of her participants as is evident in how she presents the material during classes and during the 1:1 so that we understand and are able to apply the concepts. She challenges us to step out of our comfort zones and participate during sessions which creates a sense of community! When I felt overwhelmed by so much material – I can still hear Elga say, “no, no, Robin!” If you are looking for an EXCEPTIONAL experience as you embark on this journey…..I recommend Elga! Elga, thank you again, I could not have done it without you!

Amy Stevens, PHR

The team at HRTrainingClasses is amazing. Elga and the team are dedicated, caring, and highly motivational people. Thank you for the dedication of teaching online, going above and beyond, and helping others succeed. Elga is transformational and I am beyond grateful for being in her classes. I highly recommend her classes and sessions to others that are uncertain of where and how to study. Because of her I have now obtained two HR certs and am looking forward to continuing and obtaining more. Thank you again!

Lakeila Marsh, PHR

Words cant begin to express how over joyed I am!!! I want to give aHuge shout out to the one and only Elga Lejarza-Penn. Thank youso much for sharing your knowledge and holding my hand throughthis entire process. I earned my PHR pass on the first try. I cant thank Elga enough!!!

Ashley Myers-Edwards, SPHR

Elga’s dedication to her clients is unparalleled. I can’t thank her and the team enough for all of their support, encouragement, and attention I received in the preparation towards developing myself as an HR professional. I look forward to continuing my HR certification journey with Elga, as none of this would’ve been possible without her!

Veronica Reveron, SPHR

When I took my first workshop with Elga in 2017 I knew that I was in the best hands to prepare for my PHR Exam. I passed it on the first try. Now in 2020, I went back to her and took another online workshop to prepare for the SPHR and again, I passed on the first try. I would recommend Elga without hesitation to anyone looking for the best classes for the HRCI/SHRM Certifications. Elga and her team always help us by sharing their knowledge, their experiences, and tips so that all of us who participate in their seminars come out well prepared for the exams.

Holly Flaniken, SPHR

LOVE HER! LOVE the CLASS! I had let my SPHR certification expire and was not sure how to go about preparing to take the exam again, and then I found Elga and her team! Not only did they provide excellent information and materials in her training classes – Elga was one of my biggest cheerleaders!! I kept hearing Elga’s voice inside my head that I could do it and I passed the test of my first reattempt! Whatever training she has next – I am in!

Shaneira Harris, PHR

Today I successfully accomplished one of the goals I set for myself 2 years ago. I passed the PHR exam. I would recommend Elga with HRTRAININGCLASSES.COM because she’s passionate about you passing your exams. Elga provided me with the tools I needed to successfully pass. She goes over and beyond the call of duty for ALL her clients. Thank you Elga and the entire staff with HR TRAINING CLASSES.

Annalisa Renovitch, SPHR

Providing top-notch, thorough training is not only Elga’s passion, but it is also a labor of love. I have never known a trainer with more skill, knowledge and charisma who is also completely dedicated to the success of each and every student. Elga went above and beyond to meet with me individually several times to ensure that I was totally prepared for the SPHR exam. I felt very confident and supported thanks to her amazing program and personal touch. The service that I received for the price that I paid was unbelievably beyond my expectations. I would recommend Elga (and I already am!) for any type of HR training and exam preparation. She requested a call from me at 7am for a pep talk before the exam and then again during a training session afterwards to get the news that, of course, I passed! Thank you so much for everything Elga!!! You are absolutely one of a kind!

Marvin Brown, PHR

I would like to recommend Elga as an expert in HR certifications training. Her process and teaching style made it very easy for me to take and “PASS” the PHR exam on my first time. I have always struggled at pressure timed tests; but with Elga’s motivational way and style of teaching the difficult profession of Human Resource made the 3 hours grueling exam more tolerable. I registered for the 10 weeks (Tuesday/Thursday) course, but it was the Friday study group that really gave me the confidence to pass this test. Thank you again Elga and I will recommend your training courses to everyone that I know.

Kevin Wong, PHR

Do you want to pass your HR Certification? Is self studying getting you nowhere? Look no further than with Elga and her team at I spent years trying to self-study and realized that was not for me. I then discovered through a colleague of mine. I passed my PHR on my first attempt. Elga will get you ready because she truly cares about the people she teaches. Thank you as I can now say this certification is mine!

Jessica Gray, PHR

Elga is the best instructor any one could ever ask for. She provides you with the tools you need to pass the exam. I finished her course with the knowledge and confidence needed to pass the test! Thank you Elga!

Shalini Chawla, SHRM-CP, SPHR

Elga Lejarza-Penn is the best HR trainer ! I took the decision to enroll in HRtraining based on reviews and it is the best investment I have made. Within two months of passing the SHRM-CP test , I am an SPHR today; thanks to Elgas’ great instruction style. Elga has in depth HR knowledge, great communication and delivery technique and great patience too ! She forms an instant connection with each of her participants and goes above and beyond to help hem succeed in their chosen test and motivates everyone to try higher. I recommend everyone aspiring to earn the HR credentials to enroll at . Thank you again , ELGA !

Lisa Tharp-Bernard, SPHR

As a learning and development practitioner, I am very attuned to methodologies in how people learn. When I was looking for a training program, I wanted one that would provide a blend of instructor-led and self-learning. Elga’s program not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. She creates a community within a virtual learning environment – where we all learn, grow and celebrate together.

Heather Wiersma, SPHR

Elga’s exam preparation courses are phenomenal! While that would be enough for me to recommend her classes to others, it is what she offers her participants beyond the classes that truly makes all the difference in the world. The commitment, encouragement, and support that she has provided each step of the way has inspired and prepared me to pass the PHR, SHRM-CP and the SPHR exams. She is a mentor and friend. Thank you, Elga – I couldn’t have done it without you!

Ashwini Sankaran, aPHR

Hi Elga, Thank you so much for your guidance and support. I reallyappreciate all your help!! I am speechless!!! I was just able to hearonly your voice throughout my aPHR Exam reminded me of all thatyou taught us in the class, helped me pass the exam.

Rubitha Logan, PHR

Where can I start?? Well, let me start by being grateful to the entire team at for their OUTSTANDING service!!! Now, let me tell you, I could not have passed this exam without the encouragement, selfless support, kindness, and honest compassion from Elga Lejarza-Penn! Elga is one of a kind! She is available to her clients around the clock; it does not matter what time of the day it is, you call her and you do not get sent to an “automated” service! And when you have a question about any of the HR competencies that you just cannot understand, Elga takes her time to break it down for you to understand! Elga makes you feel like you can conquer the world if you just believe! She is committed to her clients to a point that we are treated like her family and have become a “village.” I could go on and on about all the amazing things that Elga does to support her clients:-) If you are looking to obtain your HR certification, or want to learn more about employment laws or “All-Things HR,” go with Elga and you will not regret it! I would recommend her a million times over! Elga, thank you so much for all you do, and for sharing your knowledge with us!!!

Lexi Wittekind, aPHR

I have been working in HR for almost 10 months now. In October I decided I wanted to work on getting some certifications, so I took Elga’s 2 day aPHR bootcamp. Everything she went over, was covered for the exam! I just took my exam this morning and passed! I can’t wait to work for my next certification and work with Elga again! 100% recommend Elga and her HR Training Courses!

Ashley Myers-Edwards, SHRM-CP

Elga is an expert in all things HR. Because of her training, knowledge, and unmatched dedication to her clients, I’ve been able to pass 3 HR certifications within just a few months, and all 3 on the first attempts. None of that would have been possible without Elga’s process, training style, and support. She’s truly passionate about her profession and cares about her clients. I will continue recommending her and her programs for years to come. Thank you, Elga!!

Farren Doumit, PHR

If you are considering obtaining any HR certification, HR Training Classes is the place! Elga is a HR rock star! She is passionate about what she does and her goal is to see you succeed. These exams are difficult regardless of how many years of HR experience or education you have. She is an amazing instructor that is beyond knowledgeable about the HR content she teaches. She is patient and dedicates her time to her students whenever needed. She understands that everyone learns at a different pace and does whatever it takes to help you pass. On top of her diligent dedication, she builds your confidence and self-esteem because she believes in you and your abilities to pass these exams. I am so thankful I came across her site and signed up. Because of her, I passed the PHR on my first try.

Farren Doumit, SHRM-CP

I needed to obtain my SHRM certification as a requirement of my job. After taking this class, I am amazed at how much I have learned and incorporated into my daily work responsibilities. I’ve noticed a difference in my confidence and abilities to take on work and contribute my new knowledge with co-workers on topics I knew nothing about prior to Elga’s training. She is dedicated and passionate about what she does and wants you to be successful. She is with you every step of the way. She makes herself available whenever needed, even if that means a pep talk five minutes before your exam. You won’t get that one on one attention anywhere else. Thank you Elga for your dedication in what you do and for helping me realize the confidence I had all along and for helping me pass the SHRM-CP on the first try.

Jamie Collins, SHRM-SCP

Today I took the SHRM-SCP and passed on my first attempt! It was all thanks to Elga and the care she has shown me for the last few months. She helped me pass my SPHR on my first try and didn’t let me stop there! She believes in the people she is working with and never lets you stop believing in yourself. I would not have been able to do this without her support and kindness. Thank you so much, Elga!!!

Tanya Mota Rojas, PHR

Let me begin by saying thank you Elga and thank you to my HR Training Classes Family. I could not have passed the PHR without this combination of support. If you are looking to certify yourself in Human Resources, look no further! You have arrived and you have found a gem amongst stones. Elga is an amazing and dedicated teacher, facilitator, motivator, and overall a kind and compassionate human being that is hard to find. I was referred to her by a colleague of mine and Elga has been so supportive throughout my time preparing to take the test. She provides you with all the tools that you will not be able to find anywhere else, just a little example she spends 3 days reviewing with you individually or in a group setting just to make sure your ready. Who does that? Her team at are the best as well they are available for you 24 hrs of the day and that’s service that I truly appreciated and will continue to appreciate as I continue my journey and obtain further certifications. Thank you again Elga you have been my gem amongst stones and I feel lucky everyday to have you in my life shaping my career!

Heather Wiersma, SHRM-SCP

Elga prepared me to successfully pass four certification exams in the span of one year; PHR, SHRM-CP, SPHR, and SHRM-SCP. If it is your goal to earn your HR certification, the best decision you can make is to enroll in Elga’s Online Exam Prep Boot Camp. She is an HR expert and her commitment to her participants makes all the difference. I couldn’t have done it without you, Elga!

Sonia Rivera, PHR

I passed my PHR and it is all due to the knowledge, time andcommitment provided by Elga and her amazing training This training has prepared me to succeed.Thanks to her I will continue adding certifications to my credential bucket. Forever grateful! The sky is the limit with Elga by my side!

Mary Gamboa, aPHR

It’s without hesitation that I recommend Elga Lejarza and HRTrainingclasses to prepare you for any of the HR exams. Elga is a brilliant and gifted professor that really understands what we need to pass our exams. I am very fortunate to have chosen Elga for my HR exam preparation. I highly recommend Elga due to her extended knowledge. Don’t look anymore and take your preparation courses with Lejarza and HR Training Classes, you would be successful with her guidance.

Angelica Carter, PHR, SHRM-CP

Many agree that results speak for themselves. That being said, without any previous studying or preparation (other than work), I took HR Training Classes’ SHRM-CP/PHR Bootcamp for a week and immediately passed both the SHRM-CP and PHR the very next week. Elga breaks the content areas down in ways that stick with you conceptually and make them easy to understand and apply. She has a genuine, personal interest in each of her students’ success (I think she was more excited than me when I passed!). Her personality keeps the class engaging and she is so grounded. In class, I felt like I was working with a coach and not listening to a lecturer. She is a natural mentor and when engaging with her it feels like we’ve known each other for years. Beyond the intensive programming, your initial class fee also grants you access to a wide variety of live-recorded study sessions and e-materials that supplement the class learnings toward your goals. I would highly recommend the HR Training Classes team and curriculum.

Sampoorna Ramakrishna, PHR

Elga is super knowledgeable. She is the combination of beauty and brains. Her experience and credentials talk out loud about her knowledge in the field of HR. Her dedication to her clients is amazing and commendable. She makes her training programs very interesting by making them interactive. Elga is the best trainer anyone would ask for and I strongly recommend taking Elga’s training courses. She is my inspiration.

Lisa Tharp-Bernard, SHRM-SCP

I highly recommend any of Elga’s classes to anyone who is looking to attain a certification, or expand their HR knowledge. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has a unique method that is applicable to all learning preferences. When you join, you are welcomed as a client with a name into a community that learns together and celebrates every success.A huge thank you to your entire team – you are making a difference.

Tila Luong, PHR

I passed the PHR exam on my first attempt! Elga is an amazing HR instructor. She is very knowledgeable and well-informed in the HR world. I am so thankful to have crossed paths with Elga and to have been able to take the bootcamp and have her prepare me for the exam. If you are looking to get certified/recertified, LOOK NO FURTHER! @hrtrainingclasses. Thank you, Elga!

Jeffrey Gaston, SPHR

Thank you to Elga and team!! After completing Elga’s certification program I was able to pass the SPHR exam after two previous unsuccessful attempts. I would recommend her program to anyone who wishes to properly prepare for any of the HRCI and SHRM certifications!!

Jeffrey Gaston, SHRM-SCP

I just passed the SHRM-SCP. I do not think I would have been able to pass this certification if it were not for Elga and the team at HRTraining Classes! Elga has a unique way of taking the HR body of content and presenting it in a way to help retain the information. I would highly recommend her course to anyone who wants to obtain their HR certifications. Thanks again Elga and team for helping me achieve this huge professional milestone!!

Ana Privado, SHRM-CP

Elga is not just a teacher , throughout your learning process she becomes your friend and someone who want to make sure you get a full understanding what she is teaching. She puts a special personal touch into her training which makes this more then a classroom virtual training program and more like enhanced learning sessions , introducing techniques such as word associations, special acronyms and stories… she has many stories to help you learn and remember key and important aspects of the training. But you do not only get Elga and all the training tools, you get a group of classmates and “alumni” who are their to help and learn with you. It is very encouraging. I highly recommend HRTRAININGCLASSES to anyone wanting or needing not only to get their certifications but to enhance their HR knowledge. Thank you Elga.

Tila Luong, SHRM-CP

I just passed my SHRM-CP after 2 weeks of obtaining the PHR.  Elga’s expertise and experience can really help you to understand and comprehend the materials instead of just memorization when it comes to obtaining the certification from HRCI and SHRM. If you are looking to get certified/recertified, @hrtrainingclass is the place to go. Thank you, Elga!

Brittany Kleppe, SHRM-CP

I am so happy and excited that I passed the SHRM-CP on my first try! All credit to Elga (and her team) for the thorough content in the HR Training bootcamp prep class! Elga’s ability to craft stories and explain HR concepts in a situational context allowed me to better understand complex HR terms and retain the mass amount of information expected to obtain the certification. I really appreciated Elga’s visuals in her presentation guide and have already recommended her course to my HR colleagues! Thank you Elga and team for your dedication to supporting HR practitioners in further developing their careers!

Fred Ingle, SHRM-SCP

I took the study prep class from Elga ( and passed both the SPHR and the SHRM-SCP exams on the first try. These exams are not easy. Elga’s students have a 96% pass rate which is well above the pass rate for first-time test takers (SPHR is 60% and the SHRM-SCP is 50%). This is hard evidence that her classes are well worth the time and money spent if you are serious about getting HR certifications. Thanks, Elga for putting your knowledge, time, and heart into your students.

Jephelin Carrillos, SHRM-CP

Elga is extremely brilliant and cares about the success of all herstudents. I wouldn’t have been able to pass my HR certification without Elga. I HIGHLY recommend her, she is fantastic!!!!

Andi Lash, SHRM-CP

I highly recommend Elga’s training! It prepares you for the tests in a learning style that’s easy to follow. Will be using her again for future HR testing endeavors!

Karri Panighetti, SHRM-CP

The HRCI and SHRM Boot Camp is one of the best HR professional training courses I have taken. Elga and team are masters of HR, learning, story telling and how to test for the exams. I followed the suggested recipe for success to feel well prepared for the exam, and had fun learning with a great network of people. Thank you!

Jephelin Carrillos, PHR

Elga and her team value every student, the customized learning experience made it so helpful to retain so much information and it’s broken down in a way to enhance learning. She is there for you at all times of the day even RIGHT before your exam and after the exam. I was able to pass my SHRM-CP and PHR exam on my first attempt!!Elga’s stories, experience and wisdom helped me achieve passing these exams and I will be returning to her for my future exam preparations.Do not hesitate to take Elga’s classes/trainings! Tighten your laces for Elga’s boot camp and she will help you pass!I am so lucky to have found HRTrainingcCasses. I could not have done it without Elga- she is inspiring, brilliant, creative and caring. I highly recommend all her sessions.Thank you Elga!!!!

James Thomas, PHR

HRTrainingClasses removes the fluff and gets down what’s important. The personal coaching and insights from Elga and other classmates absolutely gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to pass my exam. Thank you, Elga!

Allison Sedore, PHR

I took the 6 week prep course from Elga with and it was amazing! Elga does a fantastic job of breaking down HR concepts to make them understandable and retainable. She takes the time with each student, no matter how large the class, and ensures you feel prepared and ready for your exam. Highly recommend Elga and her team!

Laura Villacorta, SHRM-CP

I was able to pass my SHRM-CP on my first try!!! Elga offers a course which provides the knowledge so you are able to pass these exams. Elga sticks with you to the end and provides a personal interest in you and your pass.I have never seen this in other courses. She is truly one of a kind!!! Thank you Elga and your team for assisting me in my journey!!

Allison Sedore, PHR

Elga and her team are amazing! I took her online prep course and was able to pass both my SHRM-CP AND my PHR back to back, all because I followed Elga’s teachings and advice. She covers so much material so that you are comfortable come test time. I am a terrible test taker but Elga’s class made me confident and anything I struggled with, Elga took the time in one-on-one sessions to ensure I understood. No need for other study material, just follow Elga!

Cassandra Schmitmeyer, SPHR

The support you receive from Elga and her community of otherprofessionals made the SPHR exam a realistic goal to achieve. Theflexibility and access to learn the content on my time was valuableto me and my family. Thank you for the support and being positive throughout the program!

Octavia Samuels, aPHR

I passed the aPHR today with the help/teaching by Elga and theHRtraining classes Program. They way she taught the class madeit seem so easy and memorable. I really would recommend her toanyone interested in forwarding their career in the HR field of work. Thank you again.

Shalini Chawla, SHRM-SCP

Elga is the best trainer for HR certifications ! Her course material is very structured and geared towards these exams. Her personal commitment towards each of her students is extraordinary. The Saturday study groups and her one on one sessions helped me pass my SHRM – CP, SHRM – SCP and SPHR exams on the first attempt ! Elga explains each concept very well, I love her skill to break down each concept into smaller parts and make it sound simple and easy to understand for her students.

Sharon Stadnik, SHRM-CP

Elga Lejarza-Penn’s 6 week boot camp had me TOTALLY Prepared to successfully pass my SHRM-CP on the first test! Her enthusiasm, her teaching style makes the course fun and the material stick in my brain. She feels responsible to helping each of her students succeed. The goal is not memorization but real understanding of the material. Invaluable – So worth the time/investment. I actually miss the classes and study groups – Elga – she is a treasure.

Jill Razzano-Natalie, PHR

If you’re interested in obtaining your HRCI or SHRM certifications, l strongly encourage you to enroll in a class with Elga Lejarza-Penn. I have never worked with an HR professional that has the amount of expertise that Elga has. In addition, her passion for teaching and dedication to all of her students has been above and beyond my expectations. If you’re considering self-study for the certifications, please re-think your strategy and sign up for a class with Elga. With her methodology you will spend less time studying, learn and retain so much more, and meet great people!

Sarah Van Ginkel, PHR

Elga is the best teacher/instructor ever!! I took her 5-day PHR,SHRM-CP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP course in January and I passed my PHR today!!! The only study materials I used were hers and I am confident that attending her 5-day course is what solidified my knowledge. She has a great way of explaining HR concepts and really breaking them down so you can understand. I have the minimum amount of experience for the PHR exam and she made me feel confident enough to take it.. and pass!! If you’re looking for a training course to prepare you for these exams, look no further- Elga is your gal!!

Chuck Brooks

I have had the pleasure of Elga’s Diversity Certificate course. She is not only extremely knowledgeable but an awesome, energetic facilitator. I would highly recommend attending as many classes with her as you possibly can!

Rubitha Logan

Elga, thank you for the time and effort you put into the Diversity and Inclusion training that I attended this week! I am glad that I signed up with you! Not only was it insightful, but the fact that you went above and beyond to give insight of employment law and what constitutes discrimination, helped to lay the foundation for understanding the importance of embracing diversity, promoting equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Great job, thank you!

Sarah D. Jones, PHR

I HIGHLY recommend Elga Lejarza-Penn for ALL Human Resources Professionals that either need to get a Certification or Recertify for the Human Resources Certifications! Elga has the most welcoming environment to learn and grow. Her style of teaching, including study sessions and one-on-one sessions makes her class number 1! I Passed on the first try just by following her learning materials! She is one of the most giving, caring, and intelligent HR Professionals I have ever met. Elga has a WEALTH of knowledge that she continues to increase; keeping her students up to date with the latest changes in HR. Again, I HIGHLY recommend Elga’s class at!

Gwendolyn Taylor, MHRM

I recently participated in a 2-Day Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program and it was very information. The training included the following topics just to name a few; Unconscious bias training, Preventing Discrimination and Harassment Training, people with Disabilities and many others. Elga is a wonderful instructor and has an extensive amount of knowledge in all areas of human resources. I’ve had the pleasure of being a participant in several seminars and trainings that Elga has instructed and I must say that she makes learning fun, interesting and informative at the same time. She offers a variety of classes and I promise you will not be disappointed!

Laura Villacorta, SPHR

I passed my SPHR! Elga provides and updates her materials to help you pass these tough exams. If you want to pass these exams you need her special programs to provide you with the knowledge and key points necessary to pass. Thank you Elga and your team for assisting me again in accomplishing another certification!!!

Dr. Teddie E. Malangwasira

I recently took a 2-Day Diversity and Inclusion course facilitated by Elga. Not only does she know the content, she also is one of the best facilitators of learning particularly online. Her sessions were full of energy and discussed the relevant D&I issues we face today. I highly recommend her sessions to anyone interested in diversity and inclusion—both in the workplace and in society where we live.

Paulette Honeyghan, PHR

Elga is a professional and a very caring and thoughtful individual. She will go above and beyond in assisting participants in her training classes to be successful. I passed my PHR exam with her training classes and has grown professionally too. I highly recommend Elga’s Training Programs for anyone who is studying for the HR certifications, or credits, or just to improve knowledge and performance in the HR industry. Thanks Elga, you are appreciated!

Angelica Carter, SPHR

In August 2020 I took an HR Training Classes boot camp and passed the PHR and the SHRM-CP the following Monday. Yesterday, I passed the SPHR by synthesizing my HR experience with the insights provided by Elga and the materials provided by HR Training Classes. Thank you HR Training Classes!

Sampoorna Ramakrishna, SHRM-CP

I have taken Diversity & Inclusion, I-9 certification, and HR Certification prep courses offered by Elga is an amazing instructor. Elga is very passionate about her work and very dedicated to her students. Before joining Elga, my goal was to get just one HR certification, but now it is different. She has amazing team members. Thank you Elga for inspiring us to get all the certifications and being with us through our journey. You are the best.

Michael Kucynda, SHRM-CP

I signed up to take the SHRM-CP…AND PASSED… I Highly recommend the 6-week boot camp course that HR-Training provided me. Elga and her entire team will provide you with the resources and knowledge you will need to pass the SHRM-CP. What I think is really neat is they arent the typical education providers. They will make time for you outside of class to make sure all of your questions are answered. Thank you again and on to the PHR….

Chayna McDermott, PHR

I passed my PHR on the first try this weekend! I took the 6-weekboot camp. Elga was so good at explaining everything and making helpful, creative ways to remember. Highly recommended!

Sarah Van Ginkel, SHRM-CP

Elga played such a vital part in my success in passing the SHRM-CP exam. I took her 5-day training course back in January and passed the PHR in April. After sending her over those results, she pushed me to take the SHRM-CP. I’m so glad she gave me that extra boost of confidence and I’m proud to say I’m now SHRM certified. If you’re on the fence about attending one of her courses- DO IT. She explains things in such a great way and in a way you can understand. Elga- thank you!!!

Cassie Martin, SHRM-CP

Today I accomplished one of my career goals by receiving by SHRM-CP. I could not have accomplished this task without the outstanding training, support and help from Elga and her HR Training Classes. I will not hesitate to recommend her classes and training programs to my co-workers. THANK YOU!!

Ross Vettleson, SHRM-CP

Elga’s lessons not only gave me the confidence to pass mySHRM-CP, but also helped me be more effective in my job. Theprogram is excellent and Elga’s study sessions are a valuable toolfor anyone taking one of the certification exams. I heartily recommend this program. Thank you Elga!

Nicole McKinney, PHR

Elga’s story telling and years of wisdom was incredibly valuable inmy journey achieving my PHR. You won’t find an instructor thatwill be as involved in your success as Elga is! Each one of herparticipants gets 100% of her. Her love for teaching and HR was infectious! Thank you for all your support, Elga.

Lori Russelburg, SHRM-CP

Elga’s knowledge is like no other! Her ability to breakdown the information into a simple, easy way to understand helps the overwhelming process of leaving a large amount of information. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity and the professional growth just over the past 2 months. Elga goes above and beyond for her students! She will encourage but push you at the same time!

Dana Titus, PHR

I had a wonderful experience while preparing for the PHR thanks to Elga and her team. She is knowledgeable, very passionate about helping her participants, and her method of teaching helps you understand the concepts behind the material. Her stories and experiences along with the study sessions and listening to the one-on-ones help to retain the massive amount of information you must learn to be successful. I was able to pass on my very first attempt and could not be more grateful. Thank you Elga!

Lillian Mason, PHR

I passed my PHR certification on the first try! I credit this to the amazing training and materials provided by Elga from This test is difficult and about 50% fail on their first try. That is why I sought out a boot camp course and I’m so glad I found Elga. Her students first time passing rate is 97%! I definitely recommend her training courses for SHRM and HRCI certifications. It’s well worth every penny.

Divya Kadappanavar, aPHR

I would like to thank Elga for giving me the confidence that I could do this, she is a very hands on instructor has vested interested in all of her participants, her classes are very engaging and makes them more enjoyable with her stories. She mentioned I had one of the best results for aPHR, all I can say is I just followed her instructions an passed it on the first try! Thank you Elga!! Looking forward to continuing my journey with you.

Gladys Pasols, PHR

I came across Elga’s company and immediately reached out to her. I was looking for help prepping for my PHR exam but what I found with Elga was so much more. Her classes are insightful, enjoyable and you want to be in them. She equipped me with the tools that I needed to pass this exam and beyond. I have found not only a wonderful instructor who I trust deeply, but a friend and a broad community of HR professionals that I greatly admire!

Karely Nunez, PHR

Elga is a phenomenal teacher and HR expert! Not only does she have a vast amount knowledge in the field, but she truly cares about her students’ success by dedicating as much time as possible to ensure that students understand the material and grasp all important HR concepts in a manner that is fun and easy! I am grateful for her coaching and guidance. Thank you!

Alicia Paschal, PHR

I had the pleasure of taking Elga’s HR Bootcamp class, and it was an experience that I will never forget. First, let me start by saying she is EXTREMELY passionate about the content she teaches and is invested in making each student a success. The class was 3 hours long twice per week, and I was never bored…because Elga’s energy is infectious! During the first week of class, I learned enough information to put together a strategic planning binder for the Senior Leadership at my company (big hit). Elga works tirelessly to make sure that you don’t just memorize the concepts but that you really understand the information and apply the knowledge; this is critical for taking the exams. I passed the PHR today, and I am so happy; there is NO WAY I could have passed this exam without Elga’s class and her unwavering support. If you are on the fence about enrolling in her class, stop what you are doing and enroll RIGHT NOW. I promise that this will enhance your career in more ways than one; not only will you pass the exams, you will enrich your knowledge In the subject matter of HR.

Karely Nunez, M.S., PHR, SHRM-CP

Thank you so much, Elga! I was able to pass both my PHR and SHRM-CP tests on my first try! I could not have done it without Elga’s exceptional teaching methods – she is very knowledgeable and provides rips and tricks to help the information stick! 🙂 You are the best!

Tricia Zondervan, PHR

Elga’s 6-week Test Prep Bootcamp helped me be successful on the PHR exam! She is very passionate about the content and cares about ALL of her student’s success! Her knowledge about everything HR, partnered with her real-life experiences made this course interesting and fun to learn. Elga works with her students independently to make sure that everyone grasps the concepts and information. Her one-on-one support helped me be successful and feel confident in my decision to take the PHR exam. Thank You Elga and your team for everything that you do!

Cristina Rocha, SHRM-CP

It is with much enthusiasm that I write to recommend Elga Lejarza-Penn and her services. Her HR knowledge and her HR Training classes, specifically the Live 6-week SHRM-CP Exam Training Boot Camp, highly exceeded my expectations and led to me successfully pass the SHRM-CP Exam this summer. Thank you, Elga and Team!

Alicia Paschal, PHR, SHRM-CP

Today I passed the SHRM-CP, two weeks ago I passed the PHR. Do you want to know my secret to success? I am THRILLED to shout at the top of my lungs that I took a 6 week boot camp class at Elga is a genius, a miracle worker and an overall kind soul. The knowledge she shares is invaluable! Elga uses several modes to educate her students and is personally invested in seeing her students succeed. I am planning to take another course and I cannot wait. Not only are the classes educational, she makes them fun and she builds a community that is also supportive. Sign up now and if you have any doubts feel free to inbox me your questions. I will gladly share my experience with her program!

Christy Scotch, PHR, SPHR

Elga is an amazing teacher. Usually, trainers struggle to teach people over the internet, especially for 3 hours. This is Elga’s forte! She is so engaging and passionate about the material and teaching us, that the time went so quickly. Her quick humor and wit made learning fun. In addition, her training has made me better at my job! I highly recommend taking her classes. She makes it her mission to help everyone attain their goals. She cares about each and every one of her students. Prior to meeting Elga, I was only going to go for one certification. Elga helped me see that I was dreaming small. I can do anything I set my mind to. I am going to follow her advice! On to the SHRM-CP, SPHR, and SHRM-SCP!! And I am grateful to have Elga’s ongoing support through the process. If you want to expand your HR knowledge, improve your job knowledge, skills, and abilities, get your Human Resources certifications, and have fun in the process, Elga’s training is a must.

Marlyn Hodgens, SHRM-CP

Elga is amazing, she cares about everyone that takes her course. She wants everyone to succeed, and will go that extra mile to make it happen. There is no way I would have passed the SHRM-CP without her and the boot camp. The 1 on 1’s are indispensable and a must! Thank you, Elga!!!!

Jennifer Johnson, PHR

I highly recommend enrolling with Elga and her team. She cares about your goals and will partner with you to achieve them. The numbers don’t lie she has a 96% success rate. Enroll and invest in yourself!

Cassie Martin, SHRM-CP, SPHR

Today I accomplished one of my career goals by receiving my SHRM-CP. I could not have accomplished this task without the outstanding training, support and help from Elga and her HR Training Classes. I will not hesitate to recommend her classes and training programs to my co-workers. THANK YOU!!

Ashwini Sankaran MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP

Elga has been a great teacher, mentor and guide throughout my training process. Her unique training structure is designed to set her students up for success. She cares about all her students and works with them independently in her 1-1 sessions to ensure they understand the concepts very well. I had tears of joy when i passed my PHR Exam which is completely a result of her training. I would highly recommend Elga to anyone wanting to not just to ace their HR Certification, but get a well rounded understanding of HR Practices.

Idaly Thompson, SHRM-CP

Thank you Elga Lejarza-Penn for all the knowledge you share with all the parcipants who take your preparation courses! When I participated in Elga’s classes, I felt included as well as encouraged by Elga and her team. Elga is able to work with HR professionals from different backgrounds and experience level. I cannot recommend her classes enough. All HR professionals looking to grow professionally and obtain their certifications need to take her preparation class! Elaga always makes you feel encouraged, supported and she truly cares about you. Thank you Elga and all the HRTrainingClasses team!

Amy Neilson SHRM-CP

I had the pleasure of taking Elga’s 6 Week Exam Prep Boot Camp and passed my SHRM-CP on my first attempt. Not only is Elga extremely knowledgeable but she also connects with every trainee to help support their individual needs. Elga is extremely committed to your success which makes the journey less intimidating, and I could not imagine taking that test without her support.

Caitlyn Schaeffer, MBA, GPHR, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Elga’s HR training classes helped me pass the SHRM-SCP today!! The recorded classes and 1-on-1 sessions made it possible for me to listen while working out or in the car or basically whenever I could fit in a minute between a full-time job and 3 kids under 7! Thank you Elga!

Chisholm Tate, SHRM-CP

Elga is very knowledgeable and I am grateful for meeting her. She pushes her clients to study and listen and use their experience knowledge to achieve success and greatness. I have learned a lot from her direction and will continue to pursue other HR certifications. Thank you Elga for being inspiring and pushing me to think positive and do the best I can do.

Jessie LaJoie, SHRM-CP

I passed my SHRM-CP exclusively using Elga’s Bootcamp series. It was an extremely worthwhile investment! What drew me to Elga’s Bootcamp was her tireless investment in her participant’s understanding of all the wide-ranging HR topics. The focus is not on memorization but rather on developing a full comprehension of the broad range of topics. This comprehension comes in very handy with all the tricky questions you find on the SHRM-CP exam! It can feel overwhelming how many topics the exams cover but Elga’s course is designed in a way where the topics are digestible and well organized! I can’t recommend Elga’s classes enough!

Christy Scotch, PHR, SPHR

I first “happened” on Elga’s classes as a way to get my certifications “out of the way.” I wasn’t looking forward to the time it would take to study and learn, but I was going to suck it up and do it. The first session with Elga changed my attitude completely. She is so engaging, passionate, and caring! She loves the material, and she loves teaching. She takes a personal interest in all of her students. She goes above and beyond in her desire to help everyone accomplish all of their goals and even dream bigger than they had. I LOVE learning with Elga. I look forward to class, and I enjoy her attitude. Thanks to Elga and her whole training system, I not only passed my PHR, but I passed my SPHR” within 2 weeks of each other. I didn’t know to register for my SHRM exams, so I have to wait until December to take those. But you can bet I will be getting Elga’s help preparing for them. She is a rare soul, and I have grown to love and admire her so much!

Dionna Stanford-Trice, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-CP

I finally passed the SPHR–on my second attempt. The first attempt revealed that I hadn’t delved as deeply into the course material as was needed. Empathetic Elga will give you a shoulder to cry on for a few short minutes. Then, she turns into Sergeant Elga–telling you to get back in the saddle, and get this show on the road! She will always be Cheerler Elga, going above and beyond to do whatever it takes to help you succeed. To me, she is Angel Elga because she will pray for you, and give blessings before the exam (only if you want them–which I do)! I highly recommend Elga Lejarza-Penn, and the HRTrainingClasses team!

Julia Palacios, SHRM-CP

I strongly recommend this program. The curriculum discussed in her course allowed me to get a greater grasp on the subject matter required for the SHRM CP exam. Even after our course finished I was able to continue reviewing session recordings and materials. I have no doubt that my passing was in direct relation to this course.

Megha Keswani, PHR®, SHRM-CP®

Elga is an inspiration to students, she activates hunger for knowledge, inspires her students to become true HR Professionals. Elga spends hours preparing her students for the HR Certifications. Elga’s innovative teaching style and bright charisma is something very unique and commendable. The Certification course, weekly study groups and 1:1 sessions are just enough for anyone to clear the exams. If you want to earn a PASS on your first try, don’t even think – just enroll right now.

Cedric Bray, MSM, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

I signed up with® for their 5-Day class in LA last year. Elga was my instructor and effortlessly broke down HRs body of knowledge. She invented clever ways to help you remember the material. I took the SPHR immediately after the class and passed it. Recently, I signed up to take the SHRM-SCP exam. I reviewed her materials and online one-one-one discussions. Well, that was enough. I passed the exam yesterday. Thanks again Elga!

Kathi Elliott, SHRM-CP

Elga is a fantastic teacher! Not only is she an expert on all things HR, her energy motivates you to learn & succeed. Her classes combined with the learning materials she provides make passing a test that has only 50% pass rate achievable. Take these courses, learn from the best!

Ashwini Sankaran MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP

Passing my exam got me happy tears!!! Elga is an excellent instructor. I have learnt a lot from her, She is my true inspiration. She encourages me a lot always and boosts my confidence. Her training classes and her tireless one-on-one sessions ensures that you are well prepared to handle the certification exam with consummate ease.

Tammy John, SHRM-CP

I would recommend taking Elga’s Hr Training classes to anyone that wishes to be certified. Elga’s classes cover a wide knowledge of theoretical concepts and practical based within the HR field and federal laws. I have learned and grown exponentially and am grateful that I decided to take her class. The tips and strategies offered proved beneficial and were key in me passing the SHRM-CP.

Rubitha Logan, MBA, MSM, PHR, SHRM-CP

Elga, thank you so much for ALL your support! Hands down, you are the best!! Your brand is unique and for that I am grateful! Once more, I could not have passed this exam without you! As I was taking the exam (SHRM-CP), all I was hearing was your voice cheering me on, saying, “Ruby, you’ve got this!!” It pulled me through! I encourage anyone reading this and planning on taking the exam to obtain an HR certification to consider going with Elga! Thank you for EVERYTHING you do to help us get certified.

Marlene Allen, MHRM, SHRM-CP

ELGA IS THE REAL DEAL!! I found her complimentary sessions on YouTube 2 days before I was scheduled to take the SHRM exam. I called expecting a machine and she personally called me right back within minutes. Her passion and commitment to her students was obvious!! I explained to her that while I had been studying, my struggle was making the laws and theories applicable to real life situations. Elga crafted a package of videos for me to watch and sent them immediately. WOW she was the answer to my prayers!! I submerged myself in the recorded sessions. The following day she scheduled a 1 on 1 with me. She quizzed me and answered all my questions. The rest is history…Here I am today…a SHRM HR CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL! What a Godsend and worthy investment. If you want to pass call Elga!!

Julia Layton, SHRM-CP

I can’t recommend Elga and HR Training Classes highly enough!!! The training is so good!!! Elga is so knowledgeable!!!! 5 out of 5 stars***** I passed the SHRM-CP on my first attempt and plan to stay with her to obtain my SHRM-SCP!!!! Thank you Elga, I am beyond grateful for your help and support!!!

Danielle Lammi, SHRM-CP

Elga is an amazing instructor; full of knowledge and experience. She truly cares about helping people understand this important material and does a great job explaining the complex concepts and subtle differences between similar topics and vocabulary. I cannot say enough good things about her and her classes! Thanks Elga – you are the best!

Kia Robinson, PHR®

I was researching prep classes to help me prep for my PHR exam. I came across a YouTube video of Elga’s Complimentary SHRM and HRCI Exam Prep Study Group Q&A Session. Her high energy personality pulled me in. I knew this would not be the typical boring prep class. I needed a class that would keep me engaged after putting in a long days work! I immediately enrolled in Elga’s 6 week evening online class. Not only was this a wonderful learning opportunity, this course has given me knowledge that I could bring back to my workplace and use immediately. Elga goes above and beyond to make sure that her participants understand the information. What a great instructor. My thanks for your guidance and support. Kia Robinson, PHR

Paulette Honeyghan, PHR, SHRM-CP

Elga and her team at HR Training Classes are excellent in assisting participants in passing the HR Certification exams, I took the SHRM-CP and passed it. Elga is an inspiration, with an ability to impart her knowledge with clarity and comprehensibility. She spends time with her participants to ensure they are ready for the exams. Thanks Elga for your time, patience and dedication. Paulette Honeyghan, PHR, SHRM-CP

Cassie Martin, SHRM-CP, SPHR

Today I passed my SPHR! This would not have been possible without the teaching and continual support from Elga and her team. If you are looking for a study/prep course Elga’s program is amazing. THANK YOU for everything!

Mariam Amin, PHR®

Today I passed my PHR License” I shouldn’t have make this without Elga Lejarza-Penn aPHR PHR SPHR SHRM-CP SHRM-SCP GPHR a new step in my career that will transform my future” I’ve got all the knowledge from her She is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of efforts into how she presents the material. Her lessons were engaging, useful, and very patient with everyone in class, she always encouraging us to have self-confident and be knowledgeable more than just studying. Thanks Elga for everything.

Alicia Paschal, PHR, SHRM-CP, SPHR

This year I put on my vision board that I wanted to earn my HR Certification. I set my sights on the PHR. I happened to enroll in the HR Training Class 6 week Boot Camp and my life changed. I took the 6-week course and to my surprise it was fun and I learned so much that I was able to immediately make changes at my company. At the end of the course, I took the PHR and passed on the 1st try. Upon Elga’s recommendation, I took the SHRP-CP two weeks later and passed!!! I waited a few more weeks, participated in Elga’s study groups and today took the SPHR and passed. Elga, her team and the community she has built are miracle workers. Everyone in the field of HR should take her classes. She is committed to your success and the results will change your career! Elga made my HR dreams come true!!

A.L. Sanders, PHR

I came to Elga completely stressed out and in panic as my PHR exam was only 3 weeks away. The self-study wasn’t cutting it and I felt as though I was not retaining the information I was reading. Elga took the time to allow me to enroll in her 5-day PHR boot camp at the last minute. This was by far the BEST investment I’d made! I literally purchased books, apps, and audio from different places, but Elga was able to put it all together for me. She made it make sense! She was available for all of my random questions as well as offered study sessions and one on one exam prep. Even when I didn’t feel confident she said to me “You have enough knowledge to pass this exam”. She doesn’t know it, but this is now an affirmation I pass to my children”¦I assure them that they have paid attention in class and they now have enough knowledge to pass their exams. I am forever grateful to Elga. She really CARES about the success of her students. The reviews aren’t lying, she cares and will make sure to get you to the finish line whether is PHR, SPHR, CP whatever! Thank you Elga for the push I needed! Your recordings are pure GOLD! Aytavia Sanders, PHR

Hala Awad, PHR

Elga has so much knowledge. She goes over and above to ensure your success. thank you for your support. So glad I enrolled in this class!

Holly McBride, PHR

If you are looking for the most effective and in-depth training to study for an HR certification, or simply to learn more about your field in a wonderfully supportive environment with excellent resources, look no further and book one of Elga’s Boot Camps right now! After attending the 6 week Boot Camp, I passed the PHR on my first try. And I could not have achieved it without Elga and her team! Elga is incredibly knowledgeable regarding each of the HR certifications and equally passionate about the success of each student. Her method of instruction provides multiple resources to ensure the in-depth comprehension and application required to pass these exams, and her infectious joy and supportive nature make it a pleasure to attend her sessions. The high success rate, follow-up support and resources also make this a great value for your dollar and I know I will return for more. Thank you Elga!

Ruth Nokes, PHR

Elga and her entire team were so great to work with. I was always the student that had to work really hard to earn my grades and I always dreaded tests. Signing up for Elga’s class was the best decision I made, from her teaching instruction to the materials you are provided with, little did I know, I was over-prepared for this exam and the answer came easily. There are a lot of options for exam prep, but HR Training Classes is the best decision! If you want to pass, learn with Elga!!

Raven Williams

I am so grateful to have found Elga and her team with HR Training Classes as I prepared for the aPHR and the PHR. The information taught was very instrumental in helping me to pass my exam. I am looking forward to going further with my certifications, and there’s no better place (in my opinion) to train with than Elga, thank you and your team for your commitment to helping others see and achieve the greatness within them!

Lisa Creager

I just completed the 2-Day Diversity and Inclusion Certification Program with Elga and it was superb! Not only is she a dynamic and relevant instructor, but she was engaging with everyone and made everyone feel included. DEI can be a very touchy and emotional topic for many and Elga made it a safe space to talk and learn. The guest speakers were wonderful as well. I would recommend this class and Elga as a trainer without reservation.

Kristy Edwards, SPHR

I just passed by SPHR today and it’s due to the great preparation I received from Elga! I attended her boot camp in early October and then listened to the 1:1 sessions on her web site. Studying this way enabled me to be so familiar with the concepts that I could discern the correct answers for the exam. Elga’s voice, including her beautiful accent, was in my head helping me to retain what I studied. Thank you, Elga! Now on to study for the SHRM-SCP!!

Fabiola Herrera,aPHR,PHR,SHRM-CP

Under Elga’s guidance , I was able to passed the aPHR within the first attempt. Her expertise and knowledge in the HR field and her remarkable training techniques are genuinely extraordinary.I am looking forward in passing the PHR exam with her guidance and support!!! I recommend Elga ( and her to team) and encourage anyone looking to prepare for any HR Certifications to attend her trainings. Additionally, I recommend her team for facilitation of any HR related trainings.. Elga , thank you very much !!!!

Kourtney Hamrick, MS HRM, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Elga is a 1 in a million instructor/trainer. During COVID in 2020 I decided it would be a good time to try to take my senior HR certifications since I officially qualified. During quaratine I came across a free 1 hour youtube session from her classes. It was that and other testimonials that led me to invest in my future by taking her bootcamp. I could not have passed my exam without Elga’s help and dedication! She is 100% committed to her students and ensures that they are fully prepared and recieve a ton of support! I have worked with many instructors in my career but Elga is extra special in so many ways. Her overall apptitute of HR and business and prior experience in the field is evident. I would highly recommend her classes/trainings and will continue to further my education through her as I prepare for the next exam.

Theresa Nguyen

I had the privilege of starting the HR Certification preparation class with Elga several years ago and then, started my new HR leadership role which delayed my certification exam plan. When I reached out to Elga in July, she enthusiastically welcomed me back to her class. The time/effort and dedication which she and her entire HRTrainingClasses team offer to the students are exemplary. As she stated, her mission is to have everyone pass with flying colors. Her commitment to our success extend beyond the class to study groups and 1:1 Q&A sessions. Thank you, Elga and team for my SPHR certification today. I wholeheartedly recommend any of your classes to everyone. You will not be disappointed, and the results speak for themselves.

Anne Wunsch, aPHR, PHR

Passed my aPHR on 11/12! Enrolled in Elga’s 2 Day Bootcamp on 10/25 & 10/26, then a 1 on 1 session with Elga before the exam! Going all the way with! my PHR next, then SHRM-CP in 2022 – Elga & her team make you feel like the only student in the classes, her dedication and attention to detail shines through everything she does as an incredible instructor!

Fabiola Herrera,aPHR,PHR,SHRM-CP

Elga’s support and exceptional teaching techniques helped me passed my PHR within 10 days of passing my aPHR. Elga is a true testimonial of a great coach !! Definitely, recommend Elga to every HR professional for exceptional trainings and who is thinking of HRCI and SHRM certification. Elga, thank you!!

Aneela Mody MBA, MHRM, PHR

Elga is not only a Trainer but a great motivator. She is the person behind my success. She has taught me how to increase my skill in HR. Her one on one and Saturday review sessions are blessings. Highly recommended HRTRAININGCLASSES.COM to everyone.

Divya Kadappanavar,PHR,MSHRM Candidate

I was introduced to Elga through a friend while I was looking to earn my certifications in HR and what an amazing find Elga was! After I enrolled in her classes I immediately knew I was on the right track, she is a friend, guide and a great instructor!! I passed my PHR on my first try ! Thank you Elga for your support and guidance.

Maria Barone

I recently completed a Diversity Certrification course which was presented by Elga Lejarza-Penn. Elga is truely a wonderful presenter and coach. The two day course was packed with policies and a review of laws along with her having Diversity subject matter experts share their career challenges and accomplishments with the class. This was a virtual format, but I felt as if I were in the room with her. I would definitely recommend anyone who is thinking of initiating a D & I Program to consider taking this certification with Elga. Maria Barone, SPHR, SCP Director, Workforce Planning IEEE

Alicia Paschal

I set a 2021 goal to get my HR certifications. I signed up for a 6-week boot camp class with Httrainingclasses. I met the Queen of HR Elga Lejara-Penn and my life changed! I learned more from a 6-week class than my two years HR Master’s program. Elga is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and committed to the success of her students. I passed the PHR, SHRM-CP, SPHR, and today the SHRM-SCP (in that order). If you want to elevate your career, take the class, If you want to build your self-confidence in the field of HR, take the class. If you want to pass one or all of the exams take the class. I did not use any practice tests or study materials. I joined the class and leveraged all of the amazing materials that Elga offers when you become a participant. Not only does she teach you all the information, but she also builds a community of HR Professionals which is great for networking. I am proud to call some of my fellow participants my friends. Thank you Elga for helping me exceed my dreams and goals. I came for one credential and I am stepping out with all four (in less than a year!) .

Kerri Peterson, PHR

I was able to pass the PHR exam on my first try. That would not have been possible without Elga and HR Training Classes. Elga is committed to the success of each of her students and provides numerous ways for everyone to learn. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to get their HR certification!!

Blake Soileau, PHR, SHRM-CP

There just can’t be a better training program out there. You’re not merely signing up for a class here, you’re signing up for a commitment – a commitment to get you certified! Elga is the difference, and her passion to get you to succeed is certainly what makes her program excel beyond others. You can stick around for many different class offerings, schedule one-on-one question/answer sessions, attend or review study groups, and more all for one cost. Elga is the absolute best. Her support team are quick and helpful as well. Highly, highly recommend!

Fabiola Herrera,aPHR,PHR,SHRM-CP

SHRM – CP ! Third (3) HR certification achieved in less than 2 months with Elga’s exceptional training techniques and remarkable mentoring ! Elga’s dedication, support and encouragement makes the difference. Elga, thank you and looking forward in continuing the journey with your guidance.

Nicole Torres, PHR, SHRM-CP

I took Elga’s 6 week boot camp and passed my PHR the first time! I felt super prepared for the exam with the help of Elga’s teaching style and course material! Also – the team is extremely responsive if ever you need assistance!

Martha Diez, SHRM-CP

I came across Elga’s training class searching on YouTube and from the day I heard her class… I knew this was for me… I am extremely grateful to her and her team for helping me accomplish a goal that I had been wanting to accomplish for years. If your goal is to get certified or expand your knowledge in the HR field… look no further… Thank you Elga and

Laura LaFleur, PHR

Elga and her class are amazing. The help and content she provides to her students is unmatched. I passed the PHR on the first try after taking her 6 week class. There is so much information, but she explains the material in ways that are easy to comprehend. I am very happy with her class and can’t wait to try for my next exam with the knowledge she provided!! Thank you, Elga!!


If your dreams don’t stretch you, you’re not dreaming big enough. Elga taught me to dream big and aim big. I never would have imagined, this time a year ago, that I would have finished taking…and PASSED…(on the first try) my HRCI PHR, SPHR, SHRM CP and SCP exams…in one year. Elga helped me take my HR experience and apply it in a much broader context. She expanded my horizons so much with regard to how I can impact organizations with which I work. And she did it while making it fun and engaging. I can’t recommend her classes enough. No one takes as personal an interest in ALL of her students and our success as Elga does. Are there many learning systems out there for the exams? Yes. Are there any that compare to HR Training Classes? NO!!! Her 96% passing rate is for real, and mine was 100% with her help. It was a daunting task when I first started studying for just one HR Certification knowing the passing rate for the exams are generally just over 50%. And some say the passing rate for first-timers is even lower. But Elga made is doable. And she gave me the confidence to shoot the moon! I couldn’t be more pleased. And I can’t say enough good things about Elga. Take her classes! You won’t regret it. Make it your 2022 goal…to get YOUR HR certifications too! Elga will help you every step of the way.

Lauren Herald, SPHR

I have already referred others to Elga’s PHR/SPHR training class since she helped me to pass my certification a few weeks ago. Her method works!

Arin Ball, PHR, SHRM-CP

Thanks to Elga and HR Training classes, I was able to pass my PHR on my first try! The content of her 6 week boot camp was a bit intimidating at first but Elga explained things in a way that was easy to understand. She is very committed to the success of her students and I highly recommend her class!

Brittany Jones, PHR, SHRM-CP

I cannot say enough about Elga and her team. She is incredibly knowledgeable and extremely dedicated to your success! I tried self-guided study programs before finding, and I promise you that Elga makes all the difference. Her approach is thorough, detailed, easy to understand, and more supportive than any other program that you can find! If you’re serious about obtaining any HR certifications, then this program is for you!

Michele Bohannon, PHR

My test anxiety & second-guessing myself were NO match for Elga. She is knowledgeable, thorough and committed to the success of her students. I highly recommend her for anyone that wants a successful training/learning experience.

Anne Wunsch, aPHR, PHR

EvaElga dives right into the subject material with her students in a caring, high energy & focused tone – the One on One’s are unique & personable, you feel valued – I recently passed the aPHR & PHR – looking forward to attending Elga’s SHRM-CP online training sessions – simply the best!

Yvette Holland, SHRM-CP

Elga’s program is phenomenal. She holds the mastery Human Resources knowledge that is leading the way to success. If the dictionary had a definition for World Class it would be Elga. I am proud to say that her wisdom and guidance was exactly what I needed to become SHRM-CP on the first exam.

Adrienne Llamas, SPHR

What if I told you you could pass the PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP, SHRM-SCP, GPHR on the first try? What are you waiting for? Now is the right time. You must use hrtraining and Elga as your resource. Elga is top notch and the best instructor one could ever dream of. She gives you all the details you need to pass. She guides you to pass! Her delivery of the material is memorable. Her one on one attention to your personal development is her number one priority. What are you waiting for? Elga and is your first step to getting your designations! Go for it!

Yor Bernal, PHR

Elga, thank you again for all of your support in accomplishing my PHR. You went above and beyond to ensure I had all of the resources to pass! You didn’t let me alone through this PHR journey. I know that I have written this a thousand times but this would not have been possible without all your help, dedication, and knowledge. You always believed in me even more than me. Thank you very much I am very thankful for you


Elga is a great motivator and exudes a positive mindset. I took her HR Training classes to help me prepare for two of the hardest HR exams (Shrm -SCP and SPHR). Taking her classes was the best decision ever, as I was able to hone in on my weaknesses through her guidance. I passed both senior level HR exams because of the solid foundation of knowledge I gained through Elga teaching and breaking down of complex topics. I highly recommend HR Training classes with Elga.

Isabel Bailey, PHR

If you are an HR professional looking to get certified, you absolutely have to take Elga’s class! She is an amazing instructor and was with me every step of the way. The course was full of super informational content and there was the perfect balance between individual and group instruction. As an auditory learner, the ability to go back and listen to a previous session was very helpful and the one on one sessions are pure gold. Cannot wait to continue on my certification journey in Elga’s course!

Misti Williams, PHR, SHRM-CP

I started my journey for my PHR certification and I was extremely nervous! The amount of information that you have to know was enormous. I began my class with Elga and she immediately calmed my nerves! Once the class was over she did not leave my side until she knew I was ready to test! She went even further and spent 1 hour asking me questions to prepare me for the exam! I passed the PHR exam on the first try! I could not have done it without Ms. Elga. She is the best instructor and a “champion” of learning and will be there with you every step of the way! I highly recommend for all your certifications in HR.

Gricelda Vallejo, PHR, SHRM-CP, SPHR

I will like to Thank Elga for all of her support and encouragement to pass my PHR, SHRM-CP, and SPHR certifications all within four months and at my first try. I couldn’t have selected a better program for my journey and achieved such great accomplishments!! Thank You HR Training Classes!!

Trent Mathis, PHR

I’m very thankful for Elga’s dedication to helping HR professionals to achieve their goals. The training sessions are great and I love the interaction among the group members as well as how Elga explains all of the concepts and ensures that they are understood and not just remembered for a test. I have already been speaking to a few colleagues about joining Elga’s classes and would highly recommend anyone who wishes to take the next step in their HR career to do so as well! I just passed the PHR exam and I intend to take the SPHR exam soon, so I’ll be tagging along for more training sessions! Thank you for your help and all of the preparation that goes in behind the scenes.

Hezha Guimond, PHR

Elga is absolutely AMAZING!! I can’t recommend her class enough. I love that the class isn’t about how to pass the exam but making sure you understand the concept. Once you understand the concept and how to apply it, this will help with taking the exam and passing it!!! Thank you Elga for everything! 🙂

Robert Tate aPHR, PHR

Words cannot describe what Elga is capable of, and how she helped me become certified. Of the programs, I used on my journey (Rice University Glasscock School of Business, SHRM LMS, Victoria Purser’s HR Bootcamp, and David Siler’s Distinctive HR), Elga’s was hands down the best and most complete. The program that she has developed was live and interactive unlike the aforementioned which are prerecorded or someone just reading to you from a book. Elga genuinely cares about your success and will be your biggest champion throughout the process of prepping for the exam you decide on attaining. Thank you Elga for being the guiding light and showing me the way.

Brett Everill

Elga is an awesome teacher, she has passion for HR and it shows through her teaching methods. The courses and teaching style are great. They really help you learn the information needed for the tests. After the course is over, she will let you continue attending until you feel good and ready for the test. She conducts 1 on 1’s with you and other students, she lets you listen to other 1 on 1’s and I believe that makes all the difference. Her courses helped me get my PHR and SPHR

Deborah Gaspari

Elga has a one of a kind comprehensive global training program that is second to none. She is a passionate instructor who truly knows how to instruct and reach the adult learner. The 6-Week Boot Camp is comprehensive and interactive. During class she regularly takes the time to ask if there are any questions and allows time for the dialogue and interaction. Each Saturday she holds a structured study sessions and study groups on the nights class is not in sessions are available too. All sessions are recorded for listening to later. Elga’s ultimate touch; words of encouragement, a personal 1:1 study session just before taking the exam and a prayer for you just before you take your exam. Elga is the Best!!! She helped me achieve a goal I’ve had for years and was afraid to concur. I was able to make my dreams come true by taking her class. Don’t Wait! Accomplish your Certified Professional Goals in 2022 with Elga Lejarza-Penn

Shari Loepp, SHRM-SCP

I highly recommend Elga and all of her HR training classes!! I was able to pass the SHRM-SCP after attending the 6 week boot camp. Elga provides excellent training and explanations of all areas of HR and goes out of her way to provide extra study time and practice as needed!! She is truly an expert in the field of HR and sets everyone up for success!!

Fernando Gauna

I got the opportunity to take the Diversity Equity and Inclusion course with Elga this week and I all I can say is that this was an amazing class!! Her style of teaching the class is very engaging and the fact that her guest speakers were so open and honest just made it even better. I would highly recommend all HR folks and upper management to take this course.

Mary Manriquez, MBA, PHR

This certificate program was more than what I expected. Typically, seminars are lectures and some dialog; however with Elga, she had the engagement, the true-life guest speakers, and the dedicated commitment to explain each area covered, both the law and the DE&I initiative. You truly walk away with a complete understanding of how important DE&I is to both our organization and to our beliefs. Without this understanding it is difficult to educate ourselves, in order to discuss / reinforce DE&I within our organization. Elga, you have a true passion for the people who attend your certificate programs and your SHRM/HRCI certification classes. I look forward to my continuing education with you.

Lisa Sargent, PHR, CSP

Thank you Elga for helping me pass the PHR exam. Your classes were very helpful and made it easier to pass because it provided the exact material I needed to study around my hectic life schedule. I highly recommend taking Elga’s bootcamp if you are looking for a place to further your education!

Chelsea Hernandez

Elga’s course was crucial for the foundation of my comprehension of all HR related subjects covered on the PHR certification exam. Her explanations and teaching style is relaxed and very thorough! I had a great experience in her course and would not have done as well as I did on my exam! Thank you Elga! It feels great to have taken a big step along my career path! I highly recommend her course to anyone wanting to prepare themselves for any of the HRCI or SHRM certifications.

Cindy Moy, PHR, SHRM-CP

Elga’s enthusiasm for all things HR is contagious. Her love to teach and share with others is demonstrated in the lively conversations held during her training sessions. You can’t help but want to participate and join in to learn. Her passion for DEI, her own experiences and HR knowledge inspires and challenges attendees to think differently, and acknowledge each other’s uniqueness and similarities. Learners also benefit from hearing personal stories from guest speakers whose career background and life experiences are different than our own. Elga has gathered a group of experienced speakers, whose shared stories give attendees opportunities to listen, learn, reflect and apply. If you want to challenge yourself and build your knowledge so that you can continue to inspire others on their DEI journey, you are in for a great and challenging experience!

Saika Begani

Elga is a great instructor. She is really there for her students and really cares! I passed my SPHR Exam with confidence after taking her training sessions and one on ones! This was an amazing experience and I would definitely do it all over again. 100% recommend taking her course for HR certificates. Thank you Elga!

Alex Shuter, PHR

Elga has a unique approach to individual learning style. She explains complex matters in simple terms utilizing visual and auditory material. Elga’s classes are challenging and fun as she engages her population. I’ve learned a lot under her guidance and highly recommend her classes.

Carri Pool, PHR

So helpful getting you ready for the certification tests. Great information and makes the information easy to understand!! Thanks for the help in getting me where I want to go!!

Cristian Zuccarini, PHR

I came across Elga’s company by chance on a Facebook group where a former student was recommending I didn’t know where to start with my PHR as I live outside the US and was not familiar with this kind of tests. From the first time I spoke to Elga, I felt welcomed and supported. I particularly appreciated her personalized touch, including praying for me before my exam! And…during my the exam, I could hear her voice giving me the answers to the questions, a truly amazing experience! Besides being a great way to prepare for your HRCI or SHRM exam, Elga’s course is also a very good way to get to know other enthusiastic HR practitioners. Thank you for everything Elga!

Francesca Hunter, SHRM-CP

Elga is a fantastic instructor; she keeps up to date on the latest trends with the exams, always looks for new ways for students to learn the material and really strives to make sure you’re fully prepared going into the exam. Her pass rate is no joke and her course is worth every penny! If you’re looking for an awesome prep course, look no further–I’m definitely recommending it to my coworkers and colleagues moving forward. Thanks Elga and team!

Careo Wells

I did a lot of research to find the perfect boot camp before taking the SHRM-CP exam. Elga’s boot came up again and again. Elga’s passion, knowledge, and willingness to make HR approachable shine through every session. If you follow her plan, you will pass your exam. Attend the sessions, attend the study groups and participate. Most importantly, listen to the one on sessions to test your knowledge. She is always dropping gems in those sessions. Thank you, Elga!

Stephanie James, B.S., PHR

Elga and her HR training classes has been a life saver for me. She has all the tools necessary for you to pass the exams on your first attempt. I was overwhelmed at first because I am new to HR, but she is so knowledgeable on the material and is always willing to clarify any areas you might be struggling with. I love the passion and enthusiasm she displays in every single training class. She makes learning fun and entertaining. I just passed my PHR exam in my first attempt and I am continuing with her to be able to pass my SPHR and SHRM-CP. Thank you Elga for your guidance and the tools you provide to help me be successful in HR!

Tony J. Dowers, aPHR

I attended Elga’s class to pursue an aPHR certification. Her classes were thorough and she covered a wide range of HR topics. Elga also made herself available for support after the classes and up to the moment of the certification exam. Her support was much appreciated and I would recommend her to anyone pursuing HR knowledge or a career in HR.

Cindy Moy, PHR, SHRM-CP

Elga is not only a wonderful and knowledgeable instructor, she is an enthusiastic coach, mentor and cheerleader. I just received my PHR certification today after attending Elga’s 6 Week Bootcamp. Elga motivated me to continue to study and learn as I attended her classes and study groups. I highly recommend this class as her experience and love of HR helps attendees to apply their knowledge to real work situations. Her classes included lectures, Q & A and lively conversations from class participants. We were able to ask questions and draw upon her deep level of knowledge. Elga also encouraged us to learn from each other. It is adult learning at its best! Elga is not only a wonderful and knowledgeable instructor, she is an enthusiastic coach, mentor and cheerleader. I just received my PHR certification today after attending Elga’s 6 Week Bootcamp. Elga motivated me to continue to study and learn as I attended her classes and study groups. I highly recommend this class as her experience and love of HR helps attendees to apply their knowledge to real work situations. Her classes included lectures, Q & A and lively conversations from class participants. We were able to ask questions and draw upon her deep level of knowledge. Elga also encouraged us to learn from each other. It is adult learning at its best! There is so much to study and yet you walk away with what you need to get certified!

Shakeria Kersey, PHR

After completing Elga’s 6-week boot camp I successfully passed my PHR Certification exam on my first attempt!! Elga is extremely knowledgeable and knows exactly how to prepare you for success on your exams. She presents the information in a way that makes it easy to remember and gives examples on how to apply ‘text book’ knowledge to ‘real life’ situations. Her fun personality made learning and studying far less stressful. I highly recommend taking Elga’s course if you are looking to earn your certification.

Summer Jalil, MS, PHR

Elga is a phenomenal educator! Her PHR 6-week course is the only resource I used to pass the PHR exam on the first try; I felt incredibly well prepared. Aside from having an awesome class, Elga is so great to work with. Her attitude has made this entire experience pleasurable. Thanks Elga & HR Training Classes Team! I am looking forward to learning more with you.

Elga's Favorite Quote

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have!

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Be the energy you want to attract!

What are the benefits of an HR certification?

In today’s competitive world, having a bachelor’s degree or even a master's degree is not always enough to meet your career goals. HR certifications are used to boost qualifications for new jobs and promotions, and to establish a reputation as a competent HR professional. A PayScale study showed that an HR certification can increase your pay by as much as 16%. In addition, according to an HRCI study, companies that place a premium on HR certifications see a difference in the bottom line.

Understanding the differences between HR certifications will help you to determine which one is right for you. Perhaps you may need both an HRCI and a SHRM certification? In our most recent blog, we posed the following question:

What is the primary difference between HRCI and SHRM certifications?

  1. The number of continuing education units required
  2. Industry recognition
  3. The basic components of the test
  4. Eligibility qualifications

The correct answer is c) the basic components of the test. To find out more about what certification is right for you, talk to an professional today!

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