aPHR – Need to Know

Merit pay is given for performance

Service awards are given for Tenure

Individual piece-rate incentives are given to increase productivity

Commission pay is given for sales

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act – what does it do?

Flexible Spending accounts

PDDA treat like any other temporary disability

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – 5 protected classes

Disparate treatment versus Disparate impact


Why are Sabbatical leaves mostly granted – To prevent employee burnout

Job descriptions versus job specifications

Essential Functions of the job versus non-essential functions (marginal)

Job requisitions


Outplacement services

These are all post-offer activities: drug testing, background checks, medical/physical exams

Is drug testing a requirement to be a drug-free workplace? NO

Purpose of HRIS( Human Resources Information Systems) versus ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems)

I-9 Retention

Within how long an employer completes Section 2 of the Form I-9

When in the latest an employee can complete section 1 of the Form I-9

Options to handle Forms I-9 during a merger or acquisition



Core values


Matrix structure

H1-B Visa

Assessment center

In basket activities

Closed shop/open shop/agency shop/union shop

Behavioral/situational. directive/non-directive/stress interview questionnaires



Who established that all assessment/methods need to be reliable and valid?

Reasonable accommodation

Specialization/Division of Labor/Simplification


Span of control

Difference between mergers and acquisitions

Organizations’ objectives of mergers and acquisitions – financial and strategic

Job Analysis/how are they performed/objectives of job analysis

Job Evaluation/methods of job evaluations

Ranking job evaluation, advantages and disadvantages


Affirmative action plans

Goals versus Quotas

Reverse Discrimination

EAP and confidentiality

OSHA General Duty Clause

Liability without fault

When are employees covered by Workers Compensation? since day #1

OSHA 300 Log


OSHA 301

For how long do we retain OSHA logs? 5 years

Within how long do we report to OSHA an employee accident during the course of employment that results in the death of the employee (fatalities)? within 8 hours

Within how long do we report to OSHA an employee accident that results in inpatient hospitalization? within 24 hours

Are telecommuters covered by OSHA?

Business continuity/emergency preparedness plans

Can medical records be filed together with personnel files? NO

Progressive Discipline

Methods to collect employee feedback: employee attitude surveys, focus groups, exit interviews

Aptitude tests versus cognitive tests

Performance appraisal methods: Ranking, Graphic rating scales, MBO, 360-degree feedback

Performance appraisal errors – bias, halo/horn effect, critical incidents

Participative Performance evaluation: MBO

Performance management practices: setting goals, benchmarking, feedback

Most learning occurs on the job or off the job – on the job

Advantage of on the job training – immediate transfer of training

Process of acquiring new knowledge and skills is called transfer of training

Blended Training

Vestibule training

Succession Planning

Dual Career Ladders


RJP – Realistic Job Preview

Insider Trading

Who are “Whistleblowers” – what is HR’s role with whistleblowers- protect them from discrimination

OWBPA – Older Workers Benefit Protection Act

COBRA – Qualifying events – maximum pay is 102%, when the employee can keep COBRA up to 18 months, up to 24 months, up to 29 months and up to 36 months – when COBRA can be terminated

FMLA – employee’s eligibility requirements & who is a “covered employer”?

FMLA timing requirements: How many days to provide the forms to employees, which forms, how many days to have the certification returned to the employer, how many days to have employee/MD “cure deficiencies”, how many days to provide “designation form”.

Compa Ratio and how to calculate it

Salary compression

Total Rewards Statement

Combination of sick days and vacation days: PTO Paid time off

Short term disability requires a waiting period

Difference between an exempt employee, non-exempt employee and independent contractor.

ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolutions

Difference between Mediation and Arbitration

Why are non-compete agreements used? are they indefinitely?

Difference between job posting and job bidding

Difference between job enlargement and job enrichment

Difference between the ZBB – Zero Based Budget and the Incremental Budget

What does “SMART” objectives stand for?

Difference between Balance sheet and Income statement



When do we conduct a credit history check? a motor vehicle check?

Cafeteria Plans

Executive Order 11246


Green Circle Rate versus Red Circle Rate

Intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation

Internal equity versus external equity

Outsourcing – what is it? Why is used? Advantages and disadvantages? Which HR functions can be outsourced and which should not? Steps in the Outsourcing process?


Right to work states versus At-will employment


Required by ERISA to automatically provide to employees: SPD’s Summary Plan Descriptions

Constructive Discharge

Retaliatory Discharge


Negligent hiring – best way to avoid a negligent hiring claim

Vicarious liability

Weingarten rights


100 + ees – WARN ACT, EEO-1 Reports

50 + ees – FMLA, Executive Order 11246, Affordable Care Act

20 + ees – ADEA, Cobra

15 + ees – Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Civil Rights Act of 1991, PDA, ADA, ADAAA, GINA, Rehabilitation Act of 1973