2-Day Compliance and Business Ethics Certificate Programs

2-Day Compliance and Business Ethics Certificate Program
Mike Penn (Admin)

2-Day Compliance and Business Ethics Certificate Programs

HRCI – 13 HR(General) Credits

SHRM – 13 PDC’s

Do you want a workplace culture where it is safe to speak up at work? Is transparency, accountability and continuous improvement important in your organization? Are you still learning to navigate the waters of unconscious bias, diversity and equality and want employees to feel like they can be authentic while at work? This 2-Day Compliance and Business Ethics Certificate Program will guide you on creating ethics and compliance policies, ethics training programs and conducting organizational assessments to make sure you have the right resources in place to improve and evolve as an organization. You’ll learn the difference between morals, values, principles, purpose, ethics, business ethics, ethos, conflict of interest, code of ethics, core values and code of conduct. You’ll also learn the laws surrounding ethics and how you can create an ethical organization. A company’s business ethics will determine its reputation and even the most straightforward situations can have hidden traps that impact both the law and ethics. This course will equip you to identify those hidden traps and prevent them in the future. Implementing these strategies will put you well on your way to becoming an Employer of Choice or Best Places to Work!

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* All of the live sessions are recorded and made available the next day in case you have to miss one or you want to listen to it again.

Learning Objectives:

Define morals, principles, ethics, values, and purpose and how they intersect.
Understand the meaning of ethics, ethos, and business ethics.
Differentiate between a Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, Core Values and Conflict of Interest.
Discuss why some professions require a commitment to uphold a Code of Ethics/Conduct and some don’t.
We’ll review 3 large associations to gain insights into how each association handles business ethics.
Dive into unethical behavior and human nature to better understand why unethical behavior happens.
Engage in an exercise regarding biased behavior to better understand how ethics impacts the treatment of employees.
Review recent survey data capturing the state of ethics and compliance in the workplace.
This includes an extensive review of the top 5 trends that influence ethical behaviors in the workplace as of March 2021.
Identify how ethics define company culture and employee trust.
Define decision-making documents and policies and procedures every organization should have in place to be viewed as an ethical employer by employees.
This includes identifying 40+ suggestions on what to include within the policy.
Discuss strategies for managing employee attitudes, behaviors, and accountabilities regarding business ethics.
Identify common ethical dilemmas in the workplace and “red flags” that unethical behavior might be approaching.
Capture the competitive advantage of being an ethical organization.
Outline strategies to implement to ensure you’re hiring ethical people.
Realize the role ethics plays in authentic diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.
Review business cases and the cost of unethical behavior.
Understand the importance and frequency of ethics training as well as how to get started in creating a meaningful and impactful training program.
Distinguish between the roles of an Ethics & Compliance Officer, Ombudsman, Human Resources, Ethics Hotline, and Helpline.
Highlight common Ethical Theories.
Identify how communication can impact ethics and the perception of ethical or unethical behavior displayed by a coworker.
Identify how you can enhance performance evaluations and employee engagement surveys to capture ethical gaps and opportunities for improvement.
Discuss Emotional Intelligence and what impact it has on displaying ethical behaviors.
Understand how ethics can impact employee safety and programs.
Review 20+ Federal laws and discuss how many of them, if any, were created specifically with ethics in mind.
Review Constructive Discharge meaning and lawsuit landmines.
Understand Employment-at-Will across states and organizations as well as advantages to both employees and employers.

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