Elga is a phenomenal educator! Her PHR 6-week course is the only resource I used to pass the PHR exam on the first try; I felt incredibly well prepared. Aside from having an awesome class, Elga is so great to work with. Her attitude has made this entire experience pleasurable. Thanks Elga & HR Training Classes Team! I am looking forward to learning more with you.

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  1. I took Elga’s 2 day class on Investigations. I took the pre-text thinking I was knowledgeable and could pass without looking at the book. Nope! 53.3% Yikes! Elga’s classes are engaging, informative, interactive and fun! Although the classes are via zoom, it was inviting and comforting to be in a class with many other HR professionals experiencing the same HR crazy. Fast forward to the end of day 2 – Post Test. 98.3% And that was because I second guessed myself. I had the answer right then changed it due to overthinking. I have reached out to Elga many times with off- the- wall scenarios (we all have those) and she took the time to take a phone call. Elga, you are a rare gem and a blessing the the HR field!

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