I came to Elga completely stressed out and in panic as my PHR exam was only 3 weeks away. The self-study wasn’t cutting it and I felt as though I was not retaining the information I was reading. Elga took the time to allow me to enroll in her 5-day PHR boot camp at the last minute. This was by far the BEST investment I’d made! I literally purchased books, apps, and audio from different places, but Elga was able to put it all together for me. She made it make sense! She was available for all of my random questions as well as offered study sessions and one on one exam prep. Even when I didn’t feel confident she said to me “You have enough knowledge to pass this exam”. She doesn’t know it, but this is now an affirmation I pass to my children”¦I assure them that they have paid attention in class and they now have enough knowledge to pass their exams. I am forever grateful to Elga. She really CARES about the success of her students. The reviews aren’t lying, she cares and will make sure to get you to the finish line whether is PHR, SPHR, CP whatever! Thank you Elga for the push I needed! Your recordings are pure GOLD! Aytavia Sanders, PHR

A.L. Sanders, PHR

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