Cedric Bray, MSM, SPHR

Cedric Bray, MSM, SPHR

YES! I passed the SPHR on my first attempt and am planning to take the SHRM-SCP. I joined Elga’s 5-Day Bootcamp in LA in Feb 2020. She has an extreme amount of knowledge on how to prepare for the test; furthermore, she has a lot of real-world HR experience. I appreciated her real-world experiences to tie in with the lessons. It helped me with learning all the information.
After Elga’s 5-Day training, I used resources provided on her website to continue to prepare for the exam. The website provides webinars, presentations, practice tests, one-one one sessions etc.. The evening classes and study sessions were helpful because I could listen in as I traveled to and from work.
If you are looking to pass the PHR, SPHR, etc, please check out HRTrainingClasses.com®!!! You will have success!



Truly Amazing!! It’s the only way to describe Elga’s dedication and willingness to go above and beyond to make her students successful. I passed the SHRM-SCP and SPHR after taking her certification bootcamp, and I could not have done it without her training, support and encouragement! I recommend her HR training classes to all HR professionals! You will also be truly amazed!

Felicia E. Nelson, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Felicia E. Nelson, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

I just passed my SPHR exam and will take the SHRM-SCP later on this month. If you are considering taking one of Elga Lejarza-Penn’s classes, stop procrastinating and DO IT NOW! Unlike many courses which get you to memorize test answers, Elga shares real-life stories so you understand the concepts. That’s what you need to understand the material and pass the exams. Elga is there with you from beginning to end…..she’s the last one you speak with before the taking the exam and is the first you speak with when sharing your great news! Elga gives you the empowerment to be confident. I highly recommend Elga Lejarza-Penn and her HR training curriculum!

Stephanie Major

Stephanie Major, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

Wow, is an understatement in describing Elga and her company HR Training Classes. I recently attended the 5-DAY SHRM-CP, SHRM-SCP, PHR/SPHR Exam Prep that took place in Atlanta and was amazed at how engaging Elga can be. There is a lot of information to learn and she broke it all down in a way that was relatable to real life work situations which was extremely helpful when it came time to take the SHRM-SCP exam. Not only is she supportive in class, she is there for you after hours as well. She is honest, knowledgeable and compassionate. You can feel her sincerity when she says her success is helping others achieve their certifications. The test was challenging in every way imaginable and with the help of the exam prep and her study materials I was able to pass the test on my first attempt. I can only assume that the other courses that are offered are just as engaging. I highly recommend Elga and encourage others to at least reach out to her if interested in getting certified.

Demi Botonis

Demi Bohr, SPHR

I would highly recommend ANYONE to use Elga (HR Training Classes) for HR Prep! Elga was truly amazing to work with and exceeded all of my expectations. Thanks to her, I passed the SPHR on the first try which is very difficult to do! She knows her stuff and shares everything she can to help you succeed. In addition, Elga is there for you every step of the way including as many 1:1 sessions you need to prepare, sharing other sessions, and giving you any and all prep materials you could ask for. I have never experienced anyone so dedicated and passionate to ensuring her students succeed. THANK YOU ELGA!

Judith Griffin, SPHR

Judith Griffin, SPHR

Elga, I am so happy I took the 10-week online class with you! I felt like I was not only preparing for the SPHR exam, but receiving information that was relevant to my everyday responsibilities. Your tips and ways of instruction were very helpful. Both you and Mike were accessible to help anytime. I highly recommend your course to anyone interested in pursuing their HR certification. Thank you!

Wendy Jaros SPHR

Wendy Jaros, SPHR

Today I passed the SPHR on my first attempt!! I can not recommend Elga and her training program enough. Elga provided comprehensive training to ensure that her students fully understand all aspects of HR in order to pass the test – and to apply these tools to be better in our everyday jobs as HR professionals. With a full-time job and as a mother of two, the evening online courses provided me with the flexibility I needed. Elga is extremely dedicated to her students’ success and provided personalized one-on-one sessions to ensure I was ready, and confident to pass the test on my first attempt. Elga, I am forever grateful not just for your training and expertise, but also for your patience, support, and encouragement! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Renee McDaniel

Renee McDaniel, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Renee McDaniel, SPHR, SHRM-SCP – I Can’t thank the entire team at HRTraining Classes for all the ongoing support during my journey in passing both the SHRM SCP and SPHR. Their program is amazing THANK YOU!

Alisa Hoskins, SPHR

Alisa Hoskins, SPHR

Wow! I Passed my SPHR on the first try… Thank You Elga, for all your hard work, dedication. and for making it your mission to make sure I passed the SPHR. I am forever grateful, I have never met a training instructor that is this passionate about their work and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you understand the content and pass. You are amazing! I will definitely be recommending you and taking all my follow up certification classes from you. Again, Thanks!! Oh and a huge shout out to Mike for the awesome IT work because without him I would not have been able to take the class live from my own home. It went great without interruptions I felt like I was right there with everyone else..

Catherine Chapmin, SPHR

Catherine Chapmin, SPHR

Thank you Elga so much for your support and guidance in preparing me for my SPHR exam. I could not have done it without you! If you are looking for preparation for any of your HR certification exams, I highly recommend Elga at HR Training Classes. She is an expert in her field and helps you understand concepts that you cannot get from studying alone. She is so invested in seeing everyone in her class succeed, I never felt like I was alone on this journey. Both Elga and Mike are responsive, gave me the tools I needed, answered all my questions and gave me the encouragement & knowledge I needed to pass this exam. It is true, if you want to pass, take this class! Thank you Elga!

Bettye J Hill, SHRM-SCP


Elga, thank you for the excellent certification training. The 5 day boot camp was extremely helpful and all the other extensive tools you provided. I successfully passed on my first attempt both the SPHR and SHRM-SCP.

Thank you!

Amy Mikan SPHR

Amy Mikan, SPHR

Elga’s 5-day Training In-Person class was incredibly comprehensive, informative and fun! We had the perfect class size and were able to bounce questions off of each other. I wouldn’t have been able to pass the SPHR for the first time without Elga! Thank you, Elga! You’re truly an inspiration and I would highly recommend taking the course to anyone that is thinking about taking any of the HR certifications.

dominique fruchtman, DTM, Lean Six Sigma, SPHR

Dominique Fruchtman, SPHR, DTM, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

With only three years experience in HR, I knew I needed a sure fire way to pass my SPHR exam on the first try. I was so fortunate to discover Elga at HRTrainingClasses.com. I took the 5-day boot camp in person. Now in July 2019, I have my certification and I’m elated! Elga takes a personal interest in all of her students. She boosted me up when I got discouraged, gave me the tools I needed to succeed and told me the exact steps to make it easy to succeed in one of the biggest challenges of my life. If you really want to pass, don’t wait – take the leap now and join Elga’s family of successful graduates.

Maribel (Florez) Manos, SPHR Testimonial Passed SPHR Certification Exam

Maribel Manos, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

If you have been in HR for a while and would like to get your SPHR or your SHRM-SCP Certification, and pass it on your first try, I recommend taking the exam prep course through HRTrainingClasses.com. Elga and her team do a top-notch job in providing you with everything you need to pass the course including, comprehensive materials, fun training sessions and personalized one-on-one sessions. I couldn’t be more pleased with the training provided. Thank you Elga and everyone at HRTrainingClasses.com!

Maribel (Florez) Manos, SPHR Testimonial Passed SPHR Certification Exam

Maribel Manos, SPHR

I can’t say enough great things about Elga and her team at Lejarza HR Consulting. Elga is so much more then just a facilitator of an HR certification training class. […]

Delaney (Chenault) Hedrick

Delaney Hedrick, SPHR

I cannot say enough positive things about the expertise of Elga as my mentor!! For the last few months she has helped me prepare for the SPHR exam. I passed my exam today and am ecstatic!! I’ve been in human resources over 15 years, but without the tools and resources provided by her and her team I really do not believe this would’ve been the reality. Her vast knowledge, supportive style, and motivation to succeed and help others to succeed are priceless! Thank you so much Elga!! I will never forget it!!

Daniel Duckworth SPHR

Daniel Duckworth, SPHR, M.A.

Elga is AMAZING! I truly cannot say enough good things about her, and her unique approach to teaching human resource professionals. I took Elga’s 10-week Online Exam Prep to prepare for the SPHR certification, and I passed it on the first time! Beyond receiving the meat and potatoes, Elga provided me with scores of helpful hints to retain information, and more importantly, synthesize it. I cannot thank her enough, and I offer up my highest endorsement.

mike penn aphr phr


Update:  As of March 21st I’ve passed my SPHR too!

Wow!!! We always joke around that I’m ‘Just an IT Guy’ but today I’ve become a ‘PHR® Certified IT Guy’! There is no doubt in my mind that you ARE the best HR instructor especially when it comes to preparing people for their HR Certification Exams! I’ve listened to many other speakers, both in the HR field and in many other fields and without a doubt, you will not find a more dynamic, charismatic, engaging, intelligent, effective and passionate speaker as you Elga! Thank you for all that you do and thank you for all of the knowledge that you have imparted on me that has enabled me to pass this ‘monster exam’ called PHR!!!

Romaine Scott, SPHR

Romaine Scott, SPHR

Elga is a true subject matter expert! With her unique gift of personality and presentation, one is sure to leave her session elevated in knowledge as well as confidence to not just pass the exam, but be a better HR practitioner!!

Franki Coulter SPHR

Franki Coulter, SPHR

Elga is an amazing trainer. She is passionate about learning and ensuring that her clients have everything they need to be successful. She sincerely cares about each of her clients and is proud of their achievements. I took Elga’s 5-day course to prepare for the SPHR Exam. As someone with a demanding job, I appreciated the compact days and the study tools to utilize after the course. I had everything I needed to be successful, and most importantly I passed on the first try! Thank you. Elga!

Diana Darty SHRM-CP

Diana Darty, SHRM-CP, SPHR

Elga, I cannot thank you and your team enough for the magnanimous manner in which you supported my success on both the SPHR and the SHRM-CP. The materials were delivered quite proficiently. I was impressed with the registration process, materials, and follow-up from start to finish. I would also like to reiterate the importance of the one-on-one sessions. The personalized coaching is unheard of in most industries. Your passion, knowledge and follow through were greatly appreciated. Although, I am a veteran HR professional, your “associations” and the manner in which you presented the materials resonated with me throughout the testing process. Appreciatively, Diana Darty, Director of Support Services, UTLA

Dan Perkins SPHR

Dan Perkins, SPHR

I took Elga’s 5 day prep course for the SHRM exam in mid December 2018. I felt it was especially helpful to drill down in the specifics of union regulations and laws that were unfamiliar to me while also revisiting general employment law as a refresher among other topics. I also appreciated her insight into how the exam was structured and some tips on how to successfully anticipate the exam’s approach to evaluating knowledge. Elga’s training style also helps a participant remember the material because she interlaces humorous stories from her HR experience and provides memory cues, that combined with repetition, was helpful to me. She has an amazing energy level and she exhibits care for participant learning and mastery. I give her credit for helping me thoroughly prepare for (and helping me pass) my exam utilizing her study materials and classroom instruction. I highly recommend her to you if this is your objective.

Diana Darty SHRM-CP

Diana Darty, SHRM-CP

Elga, I want to thank you once again for the fantastic preparatory course that assisted me with successfully passing the SHRM-CP examination today. Your workshop materials, coursework, one-on-one sessions, skills, knowledge and expertise were noteworthy contributions to my success! Kudos to you and your entire team! Diana Darty, Director of Support Services, UTLA


Michelle Vidal SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Just a few days after wrapping up Elga’s on-line course, I passed my SHRM-SCP on the first try and 5 days later, I also passed my SPHR on the first try! I cannot thank Elga enough for her support and guidance. I learned so much from her on-line classes but in addition, she also spent several hours on one-on-one sessions with me in order to ensure my success. I’m very grateful for her dedication and again would highly recommend her courses for anyone seeking a professional certification in HR!

Rachel Cantrell SPHR

Rachel Cantrell, SPHR

Today I passed the SPHR certification exam on the FIRST time to take the exam. I could not have done this without Elga’s workshop, instructions, and continual care that she gives each one of her students.

Thank you so much Elga!!!! You are the best!

Jill Alarcon SPHR

Jill Alarcon, SPHR

I attended Elga’s PHR/SPHR workshop in DC this past August 2018. She is not only extremely thorough in helping her students prepare for this certification exam, but she goes above and beyond to ensure you are prepared. She was personally invested in my success, providing me with video recordings, practice exams and even taking time out of her busy day to prep me by phone. I would recommend Elga 1000 times over to ANYONE interested in obtaining their HR certification or attending any of her other training offerings in the field. Outside of the course and preparation for my exam, I have found Elga to be an incredible mentor in the HR industry. Aside from her insane expertise, she is a captivating story-teller. Her path to success one I’ll take with me and I plan to stay in touch with Elga on her journey, both professionally and personally.

Thank you, Elga, for being my instructor, cheerleader, supporter and (hopefully) forever mentor!

Laura (Whittaker) Didonna SPHR

Laura (Whittaker) Didonna, SPHR

Elga is a top notch instructor! She not only teaches the material but she has no problem pausing her lecture and answering specific questions to make sure you are comprehending what she is teaching. She is a great source of encouragement and support prior to your test and one of the first to Congratulate you when you pass.

Christina Reising, PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP

If you have attempted the PHR and/or SPHR and did not pass, you know that painful feeling—the one that knocks you down and basically paralyzes you with fear of failing again—I experienced that in 2015. I finally decided to try again so I attended Elga’s 5-day workshop in Nashville in March 2018. I could tell very quickly that Elga knew the material, was invested in seeing all participants pass and was committed to boosting our confidence. Elga achieved this by explaining the concepts behind the material and by providing great test taking tips. After the workshop, I submitted my SPHR application. However, I waited until September 2018 to test because I was still scared. A week before my test date, I reviewed all the materials that Elga provided during class and it was as though I could hear Elga right there reviewing the material, giving the tips and cheering me on. Not only did I pass, but I received very high marks on each area. I remember thinking during my test, “this is easy,” and “this wasn’t like the last time.” I believe that Elga’s training and support played a huge role in what I was feeling and why I passed. So, if you’ve taken either test and did not pass—connect with Elga. If you haven’t taken either test and want to pass–connect with Elga. Thanks, Elga!

Tamara Lawrence, SPHR

Tamara Lawrence, SPHR

Elga, Great news! I am so excited… I passed the SPHR exam on Friday! Your webinars were very instrumental! Your dedication to preparing others for this exam, as well as having a keen interest in our professional development, is outstanding! I will be sure to recommend my colleagues! Thanks again!

David Guess PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

Dr. David W. Guess, CDS, SPHR

Rarely would one find a formal written endorsement from me regarding testimonials. I try and only do this when I feel the person is clearly above and beyond in their professionalism and ability to influence others through their leadership.

One such person, Elga Lejarza of Lejarza HR Consulting is a person of influence in the field of human resources. In May of 2017, I attended the SPHR preparatory course led by Elga. I routinely refer to this course as a “Total Emersion Course.”

The course is designed with one primary goal: to successfully navigate and pass the rigorous SPHR exam. You will not have a single wasted moment with Elga, every minute of her workshops is spent with you, the client, and your success. Upon completion of this “emersion experience,” I sat for the SPHR exam in Lexington, KY. one week later. Result: PASS! It is with great pleasure and deserved distinction that I personally recommend Lejarza HR Consulting.

In my opinion, Elga has no competition at her level; there are just other people teaching PHR/SPHR courses.

Thank you, Elga. You represent our profession in a mighty way.
Dr. David W. Guess, SPHR.

Crystal McBride PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

Crystal L.B. (Bagnardi) McBride, SPHR

I highly recommend Elga’s PHR/SPHR course to all HR professionals aspiring to achieve their certifications. Elga’s passion for HR and her ability to relate study material topics to real world HR situations was instrumental in my preparation for the SPHR exam. She has helpful and mindful tips and learning tricks to help students grasp and retain the information presented in her seminar. Because of Elga’s effective teaching methods I was able to pass the SPHR exam (my first attempt) 3 days after completing her course. Thank you, Elga!

Lauren Ryerson PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

Lauren Ryerson, SPHR

I took Elga’s PHR/SPHR course in October 2017 and it was incredible! Not only did I learn a ton, but I felt really confident in taking the SPHR exam after the course. I am usually not a good test taker, but Elga is a wonderful instructor and so knowledgeable in the HR world that she really helped calm my nerves. She will help you in any way that she can and can answer any question. She gives you great tips on what to watch for in the exam, what material will most likely be on the exam that you should focus on, and a TON of study materials to use and review after the course. I had a wonderful experience and I really and truly think anyone who is going for their PHR or SPHR should spend the time and money and take Elga’s course. You will not regret it! I am also happy to say that I passed the SPHR exam in November 2017! THANK YOU ELGA!!!

Melinda Tipton PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

Melinda Tipton, SPHR

I would recommend attending Elga’s 1-week PHR/SPHR prep course. It was the perfect way for me to prepare for the test. I was able to escape my normally hectic life and focus my attention on my career goals for five days. Elga was very knowledgeable as well as entertaining. I scheduled my test date for shortly after the class and I PASSED the test!

Robert Parker Jr PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

Robert Parker Jr., MPS, SPHR

Elga’s knowledge and guidance throughout the SPHR preparation process was invaluable. Her understanding of the body of knowledge and her instructional skills enable her clients to learn the material and more importantly, apply the concepts to human resource situations. I would recommend Elga to anyone who is preparing for the PHR or SPHR certification.