Elga is a phenomenal educator! Her PHR 6-week course is the only resource I used to pass the PHR exam on the first try; I felt incredibly well prepared. Aside from having an awesome class, Elga is so great to work with. Her attitude has made this entire experience pleasurable.
Summer Jalil, MS, PHR
Elga and her entire team were so great to work with. I was always the student that had to work really hard to earn my grades and I always dreaded tests. Signing up for Elga's class was the best decision I made, from her teaching instruction to the materials you
Ruth Nokes, PHR
If you are looking for the most effective and in-depth training to study for an HR certification, or simply to learn more about your field in a wonderfully supportive environment with excellent resources, look no further and book one of Elga's Boot Camps right now! After attending the 6 week
Holly McBride, PHR
Elga has so much knowledge. She goes over and above to ensure your success. thank you for your support. So glad I enrolled in this class!
Hala Awad, PHR
I came to Elga completely stressed out and in panic as my PHR exam was only 3 weeks away. The self-study wasn't cutting it and I felt as though I was not retaining the information I was reading. Elga took the time to allow me to enroll in her 5-day
A.L. Sanders, PHR
This year I put on my vision board that I wanted to earn my HR Certification. I set my sights on the PHR. I happened to enroll in the HR Training Class 6 week Boot Camp and my life changed. I took the 6-week course and to my surprise it
Alicia Paschal, PHR, SHRM-CP, SPHR
Today I passed my PHR License" I shouldn't have make this without Elga Lejarza-Penn aPHR PHR SPHR SHRM-CP SHRM-SCP GPHR a new step in my career that will transform my future" I've got all the knowledge from her She is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of efforts
Mariam Amin, PHR®
Today I passed my SPHR! This would not have been possible without the teaching and continual support from Elga and her team. If you are looking for a study/prep course Elga's program is amazing. THANK YOU for everything!
Cassie Martin, SHRM-CP, SPHR
Elga and her team at HR Training Classes are excellent in assisting participants in passing the HR Certification exams, I took the SHRM-CP and passed it. Elga is an inspiration, with an ability to impart her knowledge with clarity and comprehensibility. She spends time with her participants to ensure they
Paulette Honeyghan, PHR, SHRM-CP
I was researching prep classes to help me prep for my PHR exam. I came across a YouTube video of Elga's Complimentary SHRM and HRCI Exam Prep Study Group Q&A Session. Her high energy personality pulled me in. I knew this would not be the typical boring prep class. I
Kia Robinson, PHR®
Elga is an amazing instructor; full of knowledge and experience. She truly cares about helping people understand this important material and does a great job explaining the complex concepts and subtle differences between similar topics and vocabulary. I cannot say enough good things about her and her classes! Thanks Elga
Danielle Lammi, SHRM-CP
I can't recommend Elga and HR Training Classes highly enough!!! The training is so good!!! Elga is so knowledgeable!!!! 5 out of 5 stars***** I passed the SHRM-CP on my first attempt and plan to stay with her to obtain my SHRM-SCP!!!! Thank you Elga, I am beyond grateful for
Julia Layton, SHRM-CP
ELGA IS THE REAL DEAL!! I found her complimentary sessions on YouTube 2 days before I was scheduled to take the SHRM exam. I called expecting a machine and she personally called me right back within minutes. Her passion and commitment to her students was obvious!! I explained to her
Marlene Allen, MHRM, SHRM-CP
Elga, thank you so much for ALL your support! Hands down, you are the best!! Your brand is unique and for that I am grateful! Once more, I could not have passed this exam without you! As I was taking the exam (SHRM-CP), all I was hearing was your voice
Rubitha Logan, MBA, MSM, PHR, SHRM-CP
I would recommend taking Elga's Hr Training classes to anyone that wishes to be certified. Elga's classes cover a wide knowledge of theoretical concepts and practical based within the HR field and federal laws. I have learned and grown exponentially and am grateful that I decided to take her class.
Tammy John, SHRM-CP
Passing my exam got me happy tears!!! Elga is an excellent instructor. I have learnt a lot from her, She is my true inspiration. She encourages me a lot always and boosts my confidence. Her training classes and her tireless one-on-one sessions ensures that you are well prepared to handle
Ashwini Sankaran MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP
Elga is a fantastic teacher! Not only is she an expert on all things HR, her energy motivates you to learn & succeed. Her classes combined with the learning materials she provides make passing a test that has only 50% pass rate achievable. Take these courses, learn from the best!
Kathi Elliott, SHRM-CP
I signed up with® for their 5-Day class in LA last year. Elga was my instructor and effortlessly broke down HRs body of knowledge. She invented clever ways to help you remember the material. I took the SPHR immediately after the class and passed it. Recently, I signed up
Cedric Bray, MSM, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Elga is an inspiration to students, she activates hunger for knowledge, inspires her students to become true HR Professionals. Elga spends hours preparing her students for the HR Certifications. Elga's innovative teaching style and bright charisma is something very unique and commendable. The Certification course, weekly study groups and 1:1
Megha Keswani, PHR®, SHRM-CP®
I strongly recommend this program. The curriculum discussed in her course allowed me to get a greater grasp on the subject matter required for the SHRM CP exam. Even after our course finished I was able to continue reviewing session recordings and materials. I have no doubt that my passing
Julia Palacios, SHRM-CP
I finally passed the SPHR--on my second attempt. The first attempt revealed that I hadn't delved as deeply into the course material as was needed. Empathetic Elga will give you a shoulder to cry on for a few short minutes. Then, she turns into Sergeant Elga--telling you to get back
Dionna Stanford-Trice, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-CP
I first "happened" on Elga's classes as a way to get my certifications "out of the way." I wasn't looking forward to the time it would take to study and learn, but I was going to suck it up and do it. The first session with Elga changed my attitude
Christy Scotch, PHR, SPHR
I passed my SHRM-CP exclusively using Elga's Bootcamp series. It was an extremely worthwhile investment! What drew me to Elga's Bootcamp was her tireless investment in her participant's understanding of all the wide-ranging HR topics. The focus is not on memorization but rather on developing a full comprehension of the
Jessie LaJoie, SHRM-CP
Elga is very knowledgeable and I am grateful for meeting her. She pushes her clients to study and listen and use their experience knowledge to achieve success and greatness. I have learned a lot from her direction and will continue to pursue other HR certifications. Thank you Elga for being
Chisholm Tate, SHRM-CP
Elga's HR training classes helped me pass the SHRM-SCP today!! The recorded classes and 1-on-1 sessions made it possible for me to listen while working out or in the car or basically whenever I could fit in a minute between a full-time job and 3 kids under 7! Thank you
Caitlyn Schaeffer, MBA, GPHR, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
I had the pleasure of taking Elga's 6 Week Exam Prep Boot Camp and passed my SHRM-CP on my first attempt. Not only is Elga extremely knowledgeable but she also connects with every trainee to help support their individual needs. Elga is extremely committed to your success which makes the
Amy Neilson SHRM-CP
Thank you Elga Lejarza-Penn for all the knowledge you share with all the parcipants who take your preparation courses! When I participated in Elga's classes, I felt included as well as encouraged by Elga and her team. Elga is able to work with HR professionals from different backgrounds and experience
Idaly Thompson, SHRM-CP
Elga has been a great teacher, mentor and guide throughout my training process. Her unique training structure is designed to set her students up for success. She cares about all her students and works with them independently in her 1-1 sessions to ensure they understand the concepts very well. I
Ashwini Sankaran MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP
Today I accomplished one of my career goals by receiving my SHRM-CP. I could not have accomplished this task without the outstanding training, support and help from Elga and her HR Training Classes. I will not hesitate to recommend her classes and training programs to my co-workers. THANK YOU!!
Cassie Martin, SHRM-CP, SPHR
I highly recommend enrolling with Elga and her team. She cares about your goals and will partner with you to achieve them. The numbers don't lie she has a 96% success rate. Enroll and invest in yourself!
Jennifer Johnson, PHR
Elga is amazing, she cares about everyone that takes her course. She wants everyone to succeed, and will go that extra mile to make it happen. There is no way I would have passed the SHRM-CP without her and the boot camp. The 1 on 1's are indispensable and a
Marlyn Hodgens, SHRM-CP
Elga is an amazing teacher. Usually, trainers struggle to teach people over the internet, especially for 3 hours. This is Elga's forte! She is so engaging and passionate about the material and teaching us, that the time went so quickly. Her quick humor and wit made learning fun. In addition,
Christy Scotch, PHR, SPHR
Today I passed the SHRM-CP, two weeks ago I passed the PHR. Do you want to know my secret to success? I am THRILLED to shout at the top of my lungs that I took a 6 week boot camp class at Elga is a genius, a miracle worker
Alicia Paschal, PHR, SHRM-CP
Elga's 6-week Test Prep Bootcamp helped me be successful on the PHR exam! She is very passionate about the content and cares about ALL of her student's success! Her knowledge about everything HR, partnered with her real-life experiences made this course interesting and fun to learn. Elga works with her
Tricia Zondervan, PHR
It is with much enthusiasm that I write to recommend Elga Lejarza-Penn and her services. Her HR knowledge and her HR Training classes, specifically the Live 6-week SHRM-CP Exam Training Boot Camp, highly exceeded my expectations and led to me successfully pass the SHRM-CP Exam this summer. Thank you, Elga
Cristina Rocha, SHRM-CP
Thank you so much, Elga! I was able to pass both my PHR and SHRM-CP tests on my first try! I could not have done it without Elga's exceptional teaching methods - she is very knowledgeable and provides rips and tricks to help the information stick! 🙂 You are the
Karely Nunez, M.S., PHR, SHRM-CP