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5 Day PHR / SPHR Exam Preparation Workshop – in Chicago, Illinois

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5 Day PHR / SPHR Exam Preparation Workshop – in Chicago, Illinois

August 27, 2018 - August 31, 2018

2018 Chicago Illinois PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Workshop (8-27-2018)


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.

Why You Should Attend This Workshop

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out on your HR journey, a PHR or SPHR Certification is the perfect way to be distinguished and position yourself as a credible and knowledgeable HR Professional. With a certification, you will increase your marketability by being recognized for your skills. You will build your competencies, you will assist your organization by reducing risks and driving business results and you will definitely outperform the competition!

Holding a PHR or SPHR will not only help improve your work performance, but it provides a powerful boost to career momentum.  The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the demand for HR professionals to continue growing by an average of 15% through 2025, and that HR professionals who hold the PHR or SPHR certification generally tend to make more money than peers who do not. So what are you waiting for? Enroll today to start earning your HR certification!

What’s Covered

Your Exam Prep Workshop includes six modules that align with, and are designed to help you pass, the exam. The modules are:

  • Strategic Business Management
  • Workforce Planning and Employment
  • Human Resources Development
  • Total Rewards
  • Employee and Labor Relations
  • Risk Management

You Receive the Following Training Materials:

We also give you instructions for applying and registering for the PHR/SPHR exam!

Bonus Re-Sit Policy: Any participant is welcome to attend a future PHR/SPHR Exam Prep Workshop program free of charge within 12 months of the original program date. Training materials not included.

Agenda  (We Meet Each Day from 8am to 5pm Local Time)


Strategic Business Management/Leadership and Strategy (PHR 20% / SPHR 40%) Developing, contributing to, and supporting the organization’s mission, vision, values, strategic goals and objectives; formulating policies; guiding and leading the change process; and evaluating organizational effectiveness as an organizational leader.

  • Introductions
  • About the Exam, PHR/SPHR
  • Strategic Human Resources Management
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Control and Evaluation
  • Organizational Environments
  • Organizational Culture
  • HR and International Business
  • Ethics and Research
  • OSHA
  • Health and Security
  • Module 1 Post Test


Talent Planning and Acquisition (PHR 16% / SPHR 16%) Developing, implementing, and evaluating sourcing, recruitment, hiring, orientation, succession planning, retention, and organizational exit programs necessary to ensure the workforce’s ability to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives.

  • Employee Rights Legislation
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Human Resources Planning
  • Job Analysis, Job Description
  • Recruitment
  • International HR Management
  • Module 2 Post Test


Learning and Development (PHR 10% / SPHR 12%) Developing, implementing, and evaluating activities and programs that address employee training and development, performance appraisal, and talent and performance management to ensure that the knowledge, skill, abilities, and performance of the workforce meet current and future organizational and individual needs.

  • Legislation affecting Human Resources Development
  • Principles of Training and Development in the Organization
  • Training and Development Techniques
  • Training Delivery
  • Training Evaluation Effectiveness
  • Talent Management Programs
  • Performance Management
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Development Interventions
  • Module 3 Post Test


Total Rewards (PHR 15% / SPHR 12%) Developing/selecting, implementing/administering, and evaluating compensation and benefits programs for all employee groups to support the organization’s goals, objectives, and values.

  • Key Compensation Legislation
  • Total Rewards
  • Wage Level Decisions
  • Job Evaluation Methods
  • Job Pricing and Rate Decisions
  • Economic Factors and Compensation
  • Compensation Systems
  • Executive Compensation
  • Employee Benefit Program
  • Compensation Laws and Regulations
  • Module 4 Post Test


Part 1: Employee and Labor Relations (PHR 39% / SPHR 20%) Developing, implementing/administering, and evaluating the workplace to maintain relationships and working conditions that balance employer/employee needs and rights in support of the organization’s goals and objectives.

  • History of Labor Movement
  • Laws affecting Employee and Labor Relations
  • Union Representation
  • Employer Unfair Labor Practices
  • Union Unfair Labor Practices
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Employee Discipline
  • Workforce Behavior Problems and Organizational Exit
  • Employee Involvement Strategies
  • Module 5 and Module 6 Post Test
  • 5:00 PM: End of Class. Certificates of Completion handed out


August 27, 2018
August 31, 2018
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