4-Day Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR®) Exam Prep Boot Camp

4-Day Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR®) Exam Prep Boot Camps

Did you know 96% of the world’s population and 76% of consumers are outside the US? The Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR®) certification will let the business world know you have the proficiency, knowledge and skills needed to manage HR challenges in a global marketplace. The GPHR demonstrates your expertise in multinational HR responsibilities, including strategies of globalization development of HR policies and initiatives that support organizational global growth. This certification is a key program for HR professionals responsible for employees in more than one country.

Earning the GPHR credential has a significant impact on global HR career trajectories. The GPHR is the only certification on the market specifically for cross-border HR professionals. This credential can distinguish your career as organizations continue to expand globally, consequently increasing your career potential. The GPHR will give you confidence and significantly help you grow your global HR career.

* In 2020 HRCI removed the global experience requirement to allow HR practitioners to experience and learn while engaging in cross-border HR practices.

Class Times

  • 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Eastern Time on Monday thru Thursday

* All of the live sessions are recorded and made available the next day in case you have to miss one or you want to listen to it again.