Judith Griffin, SPHR
Judith Griffin, SPHR

Elga, I am so happy I took the 10-week online class with you! I felt like I was not only preparing for the SPHR exam,… Read more “Judith Griffin, SPHR”

Amy Trujillo, PHR
Amy Trujillo, PHR

If you are looking to expand your knowledge in Human Resources and get you aPHR, PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP, SHRM-SCP contact HRTrainingClasses.com. Elga will take you… Read more “Amy Trujillo, PHR”

Lynn Flanagan, aPHR
Lynn Flanagan aPHR

I started preparing for the aPHR Exam on my own at first and quickly realized I needed something more to keep me focused. I found… Read more “Lynn Flanagan, aPHR”

Wendy Jaros, SPHR
Wendy Jaros SPHR

Today I passed the SPHR on my first attempt!! I can not recommend Elga and her training program enough. Elga provided comprehensive training to ensure… Read more “Wendy Jaros, SPHR”

Christine Wilson, PHR
Christine Wilson, PHR

I’m so thankful to have crossed paths with Elga and HRtrainingclasses.com! Elga helped me to find the confidence I’ve been lacking and helped me in… Read more “Christine Wilson, PHR”

Renee McDaniel, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Renee McDaniel

I Can’t thank the entire team at HRTraining Classes for all the ongoing support during my journey in passing both the SHRM SCP and SPHR. Their program… Read more “Renee McDaniel, SPHR, SHRM-SCP”

Colleen Coco, PHR

Today I passed my PHR exam on my first attempt! Elga’s program works!! She creates an incredibly encouraging atmosphere and is very thorough in her… Read more “Colleen Coco, PHR”

Dennis Himes, SHRM-CP
Dennis Himes, SHRM-CP

I had an opportunity to attend one of Elga Lejarza-Penn Employment Laws certification programs. Going into the program, you are never sure what to expect.… Read more “Dennis Himes, SHRM-CP”

Kandice McFadden, PHR
Kandice McFadden, PHR

Elga’s class was great! I took my PHR test one week after finishing the class and I passed on my first try! I highly recommend… Read more “Kandice McFadden, PHR”

Karsen Kincer, aPHR
Karsen Kincer, aPHR

Elga is an expert in the HR field and is dedicated to helping her students pass their exams. She truly takes the time to understand… Read more “Karsen Kincer, aPHR”

Tyler A. Baldonado, PHR
Tyler A. Baldonado, PHR

Words can not describe how thankful I am for you and all you have done for me ! From the minute I signed up for… Read more “Tyler A. Baldonado, PHR”

Edward Nunn, PHR
Edward Nunn, PHR

I passed the PHR exam today!!! I couldn’t have done it without the tools, dedication and resources provide by Elga and her team. I took… Read more “Edward Nunn, PHR”

Garima Parikh, PHR
Garima Parikh

Elga , I am so thankful for your commitment and willingness to help me pass my PHR certification in first attempt. Your motivation, encouragement, and… Read more “Garima Parikh, PHR”

Heather Cope-Borger, PHR
Heather Cope-Borger, PHR

I’m so thankful to have worked with Elga to prepare for my PHR exam. Not only is Elga a master in the knowledge base necessary… Read more “Heather Cope-Borger, PHR”

Alisa Hoskins, SPHR
Alisa Hoskins, SPHR

Wow! I Passed my SPHR on the first try… Thank You Elga, for all your hard work, dedication. and for making it your mission to… Read more “Alisa Hoskins, SPHR”

Catherine Chapmin, SPHR
Catherine Chapmin, SPHR

Thank you Elga so much for your support and guidance in preparing me for my SPHR exam. I could not have done it without you!… Read more “Catherine Chapmin, SPHR”

Bettye J Hill, SHRM-SCP

Elga, thank you for the excellent certification training. The 5 day boot camp was extremely helpful and all the other extensive tools you provided. I… Read more “Bettye J Hill, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CCEP”

Gabriel Bolinsky, aPHR
Gabriel Bolinsky

Elga is a true professional and expert in her field. I would highly encourage anyone interested in HR certifications to attend one of her many… Read more “Gabriel Bolinsky, aPHR”

Renee McDaniel, SHRM-SCP
Renee McDaniel

With the guidance and limitless support from Elga during her 5 day workshop I was able to pass the SHRM-SCP on the first try. However,… Read more “Renee McDaniel, SHRM-SCP”

Cornelius Bryant
Cornelius Bryant

I would highly recommend taking the 5 Day Boot Camp course with Elga! It was an intense, fully packed 5 days but was completely worth… Read more “Cornelius Bryant”

Amy Mikan, SPHR
Amy Mikan SPHR

Elga’s 5-day Training In-Person class was incredibly comprehensive, informative and fun! We had the perfect class size and were able to bounce questions off of… Read more “Amy Mikan, SPHR”

Jeremy Tyler, PHR
Jeremy Tyler, PHR

I could not have achieved the PHR without Elga’s help. My background is in Talent Acquisition/Recruiting so I had a steep learning curve for several… Read more “Jeremy Tyler, PHR”

Manica Jain, PHR, MBA(HR)
Manica Jain, PHR

Elga is a very passionate HR professional. I took her training course for the HR certification and no surprise she effective training skills helped me… Read more “Manica Jain, PHR, MBA(HR)”

Bettye J Hill, SHRM-SCP
Bettye J Hill, SHRM-SCP

Elga thank you for all the study information you provide for taking the HR certification tests. It is extremely helpful. I got so much great… Read more “Bettye J Hill, SHRM-SCP”

Dominique Fruchtman, SPHR, DTM, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
dominique fruchtman, DTM, Lean Six Sigma, SPHR

With only three years experience in HR, I knew I needed a sure fire way to pass my SPHR exam on the first try. I… Read more “Dominique Fruchtman, SPHR, DTM, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt”

Maribel Manos, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Maribel (Florez) Manos, SPHR Testimonial Passed SPHR Certification Exam

If you have been in HR for a while and would like to get your SPHR or your SHRM-SCP Certification, and pass it on your… Read more “Maribel Manos, SPHR, SHRM-SCP”

Gianna Haughton, PHR

Took my PHR and passed! Highly recommend the entire training process with Elga, very comprehensive and exceeded all expectations. Wonderful and well rounded teaching style,… Read more “Gianna Haughton, PHR”

Emily Linch, SPHR
Emily Linch, SPHR passed SPHR Certification Exam

Elga did an excellent job providing a comprehensive overview ofeverything HR in 5 days. This is a knowledge base that I will nowhave for the… Read more “Emily Linch, SPHR”

Maribel Manos, SPHR
Maribel (Florez) Manos, SPHR Testimonial Passed SPHR Certification Exam

I can’t say enough great things about Elga and her team at Lejarza HR Consulting. Elga is so much more then just a facilitator of… Read more “Maribel Manos, SPHR”

Tiffani Japec, PHR
Tiffani Japec PHR

Great training program! This class covered everything needed to pass the PHR. The classes were perfect, efficient and affordable.  Elga made the classes entertaining and… Read more “Tiffani Japec, PHR”

Kassy Franz (Buccilla), PHR
Kassy Franz (Buccilla), PHR

I recently was lucky enough to attend Elga’s PHR/SPHR Training Class in Columbus, OH. I went into the class not really knowing what to expect… Read more “Kassy Franz (Buccilla), PHR”

Delaney Hedrick, SPHR
Delaney (Chenault) Hedrick

I cannot say enough positive things about the expertise of Elga as my mentor!! For the last few months she has helped me prepare for… Read more “Delaney Hedrick, SPHR”

Daniel Duckworth, SPHR, M.A.
Daniel Duckworth SPHR

Elga is AMAZING! I truly cannot say enough good things about her, and her unique approach to teaching human resource professionals. I took Elga’s 10-week… Read more “Daniel Duckworth, SPHR, M.A.”

Matthew Kong, PHR
Matt Kong PHR

I had the privilege of enrolling in Elga’s five day PHR exam prep course in Washington DC. Elga went over all of the important topics… Read more “Matthew Kong, PHR”

Stephanie Kohler, PHR, SHRM-CP
Stephanie Kohler PHR SHRM-CP

Elga’s dedication and commitment to her student’s success is beyond measure! The entire team at HRTrainingClasses.com was always available and helpful. The classes were thorough… Read more “Stephanie Kohler, PHR, SHRM-CP”

Char Spring, MBA, PHR
Char Spring, MBA, PHR

I cannot say enough good things about Elga and her Team. I found HRTraining classes and attended a free seminar on preparing for my HR… Read more “Char Spring, MBA, PHR”

Toni Garrett, BA, PHR
Toni Garrett, PHR

If you are seeking your HR certification, I would highly recommend Elga and her team. Elga is very very knowledgeable in all aspects of Human… Read more “Toni Garrett, BA, PHR”

Khoi Evans Luevano, PHR
Khoi Evans Luevano PHR

I’m excited to announce that I passed the PHR today and it would not have been possible without HRtrainingclasses.com! Elga has a wealth of practical… Read more “Khoi Evans Luevano, PHR”

Tanuka Mustafi, PHR
tanuka mustafi phr

I met Elga on Linkedin when I was anticipating taking HR certification. I was particularly impressed by some of the very genuine recommendations she had… Read more “Tanuka Mustafi, PHR”

Taren Hall, PHR
Taren Hall PHR

The PHR exam seemed incredibly intimidating, but Elga’s training made it easily attainable. The training Elga provided was spot-on to the questions and subjects of… Read more “Taren Hall, PHR”

Nancy Zapata, PHR
Nancy Zapata PHR

Hello everyone just wanted to highly recommend Elga for her amazing services and expertise on Human Resources. I have attended several of her training’s and… Read more “Nancy Zapata, PHR”

Brandy Jinks, PHR
Brandy Jinks, PHR

I attended Elga’s 5 day PHR certification class in Miami and her expertise and knowledge is top notch! She makes learning fun and I remembered… Read more “Brandy Jinks, PHR”

Celita Boursiquot, PHR
Celita Boursiquot, PHR

Elga, You told me that you want to make people the best version of themselves by passing the exam. I’m happy to say I passed… Read more “Celita Boursiquot, PHR”

Shane Sixsmith, PHR
Shane Sixsmith, PHR testimonial success story

I was told while working in the HR Department that it was time to go out and get my PHR certification. At first I was… Read more “Shane Sixsmith, PHR”

mike penn aphr phr

Update:  As of May 14th I’ve also passed my SHRM-CP! Update:  As of March 21st I’ve passed my SPHR too! Wow!!! We always joke around… Read more “Mike Penn, aPHR, PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP”

Romaine Scott, SPHR
Romaine Scott, SPHR

Elga is a true subject matter expert! With her unique gift of personality and presentation, one is sure to leave her session elevated in knowledge… Read more “Romaine Scott, SPHR”

Sandra Medina, PHR
Sandra Medina, PHR

Today, I passed my PHR Test. It would not have been possible without the help and dedication of Elga Lejarza of HR Training Classes.com. Sometimes… Read more “Sandra Medina, PHR”

Brandy Lee, PHR
Brandy Lee, PHR

Elga, thank you again for all of your support in accomplishing myPHR. You went above and beyond to ensure I had all of the resources to… Read more “Brandy Lee, PHR”

Lydia Cruz, PHR
Lydia Cruz, PHR

I can not find enough words to express my gratitude to Elga and her team for preparing me take and pass the PHR exam. Elga… Read more “Lydia Cruz, PHR”

Franki Coulter, SPHR
Franki Coulter SPHR

Elga is an amazing trainer. She is passionate about learning and ensuring that her clients have everything they need to be successful. She sincerely cares… Read more “Franki Coulter, SPHR”

Jordan Phillips, SHRM-CP
Jordon Phillips

Elga took the time on a Friday evening to call me right before my SHRM-CP exam. Several of the items that we discussed at a… Read more “Jordan Phillips, SHRM-CP”

Diana Darty, SHRM-CP, SPHR
Diana Darty SHRM-CP

Elga, I cannot thank you and your team enough for the magnanimous manner in which you supported my success on both the SPHR and the… Read more “Diana Darty, SHRM-CP, SPHR”

Tawnya Hall, PHR
Tawnya Hall PHR

If you are looking for a comprehensive, knowledgeable, in depth trainer with a personal touch, look no more, Elga & HRTrainingClasses.com is for you. Elga… Read more “Tawnya Hall, PHR”

Dan Perkins, SPHR
Dan Perkins SPHR

I took Elga’s 5 day prep course for the SHRM exam in mid December 2018. I felt it was especially helpful to drill down in… Read more “Dan Perkins, SPHR”

Diana Darty, SHRM-CP
Diana Darty SHRM-CP

Elga, I want to thank you once again for the fantastic preparatory course that assisted me with successfully passing the SHRM-CP examination today. Your workshop… Read more “Diana Darty, SHRM-CP”

Michelle Vidal SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Just a few days after wrapping up Elga’s on-line course, I passed my SHRM-SCP on the first try and 5 days later, I also passed… Read more “Michelle Vidal SPHR, SHRM-SCP”

Michelle Vidal, SHRM-SCP

Today I passed my SHRM-SCP certification on my first try. I have been taking Elga’s on-line courses for the last 10 weeks and she did… Read more “Michelle Vidal, SHRM-SCP”

Rachel Cantrell, SPHR
Rachel Cantrell SPHR

Today I passed the SPHR certification exam on the FIRST time to take the exam. I could not have done this without Elga’s workshop, instructions,… Read more “Rachel Cantrell, SPHR”

Marybeth (Wittekind) Sharpe, PhD
Marybeth (Wittekind) Sharpe, PhD, PHR

There is no better teacher and coach of the HR Body of Knowledge than Elga. Elga has an unbelievable understanding of HR and how to… Read more “Marybeth (Wittekind) Sharpe, PhD”

Jill Alarcon, SPHR
Jill Alarcon SPHR

I attended Elga’s PHR/SPHR workshop in DC this past August 2018. She is not only extremely thorough in helping her students prepare for this certification… Read more “Jill Alarcon, SPHR”

Shawn Marie Irula, PHR
Shawn Marie Irula PHR

I took Elga’s prep class the beginning of August. I took what I learned and the study materials she provided and studied for the next… Read more “Shawn Marie Irula, PHR”

Anabel Saunders, PHR
Anabel Saunders, PHR

I have so much to say about Elga. Saying how knowledgeable she is in her field and how wonderful she is might be repetitive (which… Read more “Anabel Saunders, PHR”

Mike Penn, aPHR
Mike Penn, aPHR, PHR, SPHR

How fortunate am I to be married to the best HR Instructor in the industry?!?!  I’m just an ‘IT Guy’ but after sitting through some… Read more “Mike Penn, aPHR”

Katherine Rinaldi, PHR
Katherine Rinaldi PHR

I took Elga’s PHR/SPHR training class at the end of July 2018 and sat for my exam two weeks later. Thanks to Elga’s teachings and… Read more “Katherine Rinaldi, PHR”

Laura (Whittaker) Didonna, SPHR
Laura (Whittaker) Didonna SPHR

Elga is a top notch instructor! She not only teaches the material but she has no problem pausing her lecture and answering specific questions to… Read more “Laura (Whittaker) Didonna, SPHR”

Christina Reising, PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP

If you have attempted the PHR and/or SPHR and did not pass, you know that painful feeling—the one that knocks you down and basically paralyzes… Read more “Christina Reising, PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP”

Tamara Lawrence, SPHR
Tamara Lawrence, SPHR

Elga, Great news! I am so excited… I passed the SPHR exam on Friday! Your webinars were very instrumental! Your dedication to preparing others for… Read more “Tamara Lawrence, SPHR”

Ray Brewster, SPHR

I recently completed the SPHR certification process, and truly believe the training Elga gave me was the primary reason I was able to pass the… Read more “Ray Brewster, SPHR”

Patricia Jacobson, PHR
Patricia Jacobson, PHR

Thank you Elga for hosting the 5 day PHR/SPHR prep class. The training and materials you supply were so helpful in passing my exam. You… Read more “Patricia Jacobson, PHR”

Coleen Stelter, SHRM-CP
Coleen Stelter PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

I took Elga’s 5 day SHPR/PHR Certification prep class in March 2016. Elga is extremely knowledgeable and communicates very well – her method of teaching… Read more “Coleen Stelter, SHRM-CP”

Dr. David W. Guess, CDS, SPHR
David Guess PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

Rarely would one find a formal written endorsement from me regarding testimonials. I try and only do this when I feel the person is clearly… Read more “Dr. David W. Guess, CDS, SPHR”

Crystal L.B. (Bagnardi) McBride, SPHR
Crystal McBride PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

I highly recommend Elga’s PHR/SPHR course to all HR professionals aspiring to achieve their certifications. Elga’s passion for HR and her ability to relate study… Read more “Crystal L.B. (Bagnardi) McBride, SPHR”

Melissa Evans, PHR
Melissa Evans PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

Elga creates a learning experience that is for all types of learners. Her positive upbeat energy is contagious and you will remember information she presents.… Read more “Melissa Evans, PHR”

David Lilly
David Lilly PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

I have just about completed Elga’s training on employment law. I must say this may be the best training I’ve ever attended. Elga is such… Read more “David Lilly”

Audra Augustin, PHR
Audra Augustin PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

I’m happy to say after attending Elga’s PHR/SPHR 5-day workshop, and receiving the training materials to study for my PHR exam, I passed on my… Read more “Audra Augustin, PHR”

Veronica Reveron, PHR
Veronica Reveron PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

Elga is the best on what she does. I participated in one of her 5 days workshop to get ready for my PHR Exam. She… Read more “Veronica Reveron, PHR”

Lauren Ryerson, SPHR
Lauren Ryerson PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

I took Elga’s PHR/SPHR course in October 2017 and it was incredible! Not only did I learn a ton, but I felt really confident in… Read more “Lauren Ryerson, SPHR”

Nicola White, PHR
Nicola White PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

Elga, I just took the PHR exam and passed!!! I attended your workshop in Nashville at the end of August and finally felt confident enough… Read more “Nicola White, PHR”

Amber Evaro, PHR
Amber Evaro PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

I took my PHR Exam just 4 short days after I attended Elga’s Exam Prep Workshop and passed! Elga is an amazing instructor and all… Read more “Amber Evaro, PHR”

Shari (Kroningold) Hahn, PHR
Shari Hahn PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

I recently attended Elga’s PHR/SPHR exam and recently passed the exam. I would without a doubt recommend her class to anyone looking to take one… Read more “Shari (Kroningold) Hahn, PHR”

Gina Lopez PHR, FPC
Gina Lopez PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

I attended Elga’s class in Los Angeles at the end of January 2018. So excited to say I passed the PHR test! Her class provided… Read more “Gina Lopez PHR, FPC”

Blake Brown, FPC, PHR
Blake Brown PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

I took Elga’s week long PHR/SPHR certification prep class and a week later passed my test!!! She is very high energy and gives you a… Read more “Blake Brown, FPC, PHR”

Melinda Tipton, SPHR
Melinda Tipton PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

I would recommend attending Elga’s 1-week PHR/SPHR prep course. It was the perfect way for me to prepare for the test. I was able to… Read more “Melinda Tipton, SPHR”

Robert Parker Jr., MPS, SPHR
Robert Parker Jr PHR / SPHR Exam Prep Testimonial

Elga’s knowledge and guidance throughout the SPHR preparation process was invaluable. Her understanding of the body of knowledge and her instructional skills enable her clients… Read more “Robert Parker Jr., MPS, SPHR”