2-Day Succession Planning Certificate Program – A Strategy for Business Continuity

2-Day Succession Planning Certificate Program - A Strategy for Business Continuity
Mike Penn (Admin)

2-Day Succession Planning Certificate Program – A Strategy for Business Continuity

HRCI – 13 HR(General) Credits

SHRM – 13 PDC’s

During these uncertain times, many of our businesses are facing particularly tough challenges with both a decreasing talented workforce and a constant evolution of our business strategy and technology.  These two trends combine to create critical challenges to ensure business continuity.  If not prepared, owners can lose everything they worked hard for.

Most business owners are so focused on the success of their day-to-day business, that they do not implement a long-term strategy until an unforeseen event occurs, such as an illness or death of a CEO or when a person in a key position gives notice.

By enrolling in this course, you will learn the importance of Succession Planning to your organization, you will obtain the knowledge to conduct this critical business activity and how to become the person to potentially save the company.

Upcoming Start Dates (Click a link below for more info and to register): 

* All of the live sessions are recorded and made available the next day in case you have to miss one or you want to listen to it again.

Succession Planning is an ongoing process of strengthening a company’s current and future workforce by developing and reinforcing the skills, knowledge, and talents needed for business continuity.  During this course you will learn the following:

How Succession Planning carefully defines management, leadership, and other critical positions which ensure continuity for the business
How Succession Planning is an organizational process that develops the talents and competencies of their employees
How Succession Planning becomes an active goal of identifying and developing multiple potential candidates for specific leadership positions well before these positions become vacant
How Succession Planning creates and constantly develops an organization-wide talent pool and changes the company culture to a learning culture
How Succession Planning will manage and navigate inevitable organizational transitions more smoothly

Be the person who helps bring a great Succession Plan process to your company, so you can be responsible for increasing employee retention, increasing your company’s profits, and creating stability amongst your co-workers.

This course uses a combination of interactive training techniques such as lectures, case studies, and group activities.  Additionally, this course presents best practices in the areas of career development and Succession Planning while inviting participants to share their own experiences.

Be the person to learn the following about Succession Planning:

The Purpose
The Benefits
The Risks
The Myths
The Objectives
The Process

Remember, if you are new to Succession Planning, need to refresh your knowledge on your skills, or need to create a process that ensures business continuity, this course is for you.

This is a perfect time for business leaders to take steps to implement a strategy for Succession Planning. Your customers, vendors, employees, and your family will thank you.

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