2-Day HR Manager Certificate Programs

(HRTrainingClasses) 2-Day HR Manager Certificate Program
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2-Day HR Manager Certificate Programs

HRCI – 14 HR(General) Credits

SHRM – 14 PDC’s

The HR Manager Certificate Program is a comprehensive two-day course designed to equip new and experienced HR professionals with the practical knowledge and skills needed to excel in today’s challenging business landscape. From managing employee relations and performance appraisals to understanding compensation and benefits, our program delivers insightful learning on crucial HR functions. Our program also emphasizes the importance of compliance with laws and regulations, including the implementation of Affirmative Action Plans, ensuring you are well-prepared to safeguard your organization against potential legal liability.

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* All of the live sessions are recorded and made available the next day in case you have to miss one or you want to listen to it again.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive curriculum covering a broad range of key HR functions.
  • Delivered over two interactive days for optimal understanding and retention.
  • Course materials designed by leading HR experts.
  • Addresses current HR issues and potential legal pitfalls.
  • Provides a certificate upon completion to enhance your professional profile.

Program Objectives:

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand and manage the complexities of HR functions.
  2. Protect their organization from potential legal liability.
  3. Demonstrate mastery of best HR practices.
  4. Bolster their career by earning a prestigious HR Manager Certificate.

Topics Covered

  • Understanding HR Management: This module begins by exploring the strategic importance of HR management within an organization. We delve into the history, key terms, and pivotal roles and responsibilities in the HR realm, providing participants with a solid foundation in human resources.
  • Employee Relations and Performance Management: Participants will learn the ins and outs of effective employee relationship management and performance appraisals. We delve into the various types of performance management systems, their benefits, how to set effective goals, and how to provide feedback and coaching.
  • Compensation and Benefits: This module dissects pay policy decisions, compensation strategies, and their impact on employee motivation. Participants will learn about different types of compensation, benefits packages, and the role of healthcare and retirement plans.
  • Data and HR Management: An introduction to the role of big data and analytics in HR functions is provided, focusing on the value and types of data HR professionals should pay attention to. Participants will learn effective data collection, analysis, and presentation techniques to drive decision-making.
  • Employee Selection and Hiring: This section focuses on the crucial stages of employee selection, including performing a job analysis, conducting effective interviews, background checks, and the legal compliance issues that arise in the process.
  • Compliance with FMLA and ADA: Here, participants gain a thorough understanding of HR responsibilities under the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. We explain FMLA definitions, timing requirements, leave options, and employer obligations for job reinstatement. We also explore the ADA interactive process and its interplay with workers’ compensation.
  • Preventing Sexual and Unlawful Harassment: In this module, we discuss the essential aspects of anti-harassment policies, the legal implications, and the importance of training. We walk participants through conducting effective investigations, maintaining confidentiality, and implementing appropriate corrective action.
  • FLSA and Wage and Hour Issues: Participants will understand how to avoid misclassification of employees, define compensable time, and determine obligations for payment of overtime. We also delve into areas like the compensability of after-hours smartphone use and preliminary and postliminary activities.
  • Affirmative Action Plans: This section covers the key aspects of creating, implementing, and maintaining Affirmative Action Plans. It addresses self-audits, the principle of good faith efforts, handling audits by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, and the role of Affirmative Action in hiring, promotion, and termination.
  • Policy-Making and Talent Management: In this final module, participants will learn about effective HR policy-making, the role of HR policies in organizational success, and how they shape company culture. We also delve into the realm of talent management and career development, discussing talent acquisition, retention strategies, career paths, and succession planning.

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